teacher responds to jake paul diss (official music video)
teacher responds to jake pauls song dissing teachers

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Sophi Liv : *sharp inhale*......... BARS

Jake Tusing : Teacher of the century

r x a n n a s t x t t : Wig? Snatched Weave? Flying Tea? Spilled Hotel? Trivago

Jackson Fowler : why did this low paid teacher make a completely better diss than a millionaire with his own team and manager?

the cupcake whisperer : Jake made a bad song dissing a fake teacher, and a REAL teacher can turn around and make a better song by FAR.

Nico Lauer : ......... *BARS*

gretchen day : jake paul: My teachers never taught me that How to deal with this or that How to make my paper stack How to get a DM back How to buy a Lambo cash this legend: My students know I got they back So don't be dissin me just cause your teacher was wack I may not be making stacks or driving a Cadillac But I do it for the kids and they know that's a fact I think we can tell who has more straight *bars* here so...

Tori Geschrey : This ain't just bars this is BARS

im panicking : "i just wanna be in it and just say word" mood

Wondering Supernova : But he has a better flow than Jake Paul

CoCo : this dude rap career needs to happen

DaIndian Legend : Wait seriously, did he just say those teachers only mage $35k yearly👎! Someone needs to give this man a raise

JasonHibono : Jake Paul is so toxic to this upcoming generation, it hurts

Ellie C. : B A R S

Aleida Espinoza V. : *_Jake Paul has left the chat..._*

Hannah A : I hope Jake Paul sees this and realizes how wrong he is And how his “disney channel flow” is trash BARS

Hisiwhisns Giwlshdhdjfbd : all I have to say is ... BARS

Hanah Celestial : I'm disappointed that this doesn't have over a million views

Kenya Rodrigues : I still don't get why so many people liked Jake Paul's video it's terrifying how people are falling into that mindset . Loved this video finally someone said something 👏 so so so creative and great for speaking up ! From a TEACHER!!! Great work!!

Mathieu Nunu : I regret the way I acted towards my teachers in high school everyday of my life. I was a terrible student for no reason and I wish I could do it all over again. And I didn't even have teachers like this guy; super committed and involved. They were just people doing a job and trying to help people like doctors and mechanics. Kids should respect their teachers way more for less than murdering Jake Paul on the track. They should respect their teachers for being there for them and trying to help them get a leg up in the world.

G : Jake Paul can’t rap and a teacher can 😂

Via Mendes : Underrated video! Makes me more excited to be a teacher! Love the vid haha ☺️

Lovely Chavez : why is this legit fire lol

choco mini : I've long graduated high school but I still wish you were my teacher

Zertix : This man needs a raise

Makayla Jeffers : I love this im a student and the only reason people really don't like teachers is cause THEY get yelled at for something THEY done or DESERVED and I think yours is so much better than Jake Paul's 100%

CalebRose6000 : Came back 8 months later. Still got goosebumps

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : "Some of these kids see me more than their own Dad" - Wow... so good and true.

Kati Aaarrgh : I'll like any diss against one of the Paul brothers, but this is objectively good. Great job, man.

kylesteinhauser : BARS

Mobes : Hows Jake Paul gonna call out teachers and not expect a fire clap back?? They taught you grammar in the first place lol, but apparently not very well...

Jordan Eileen : this is amazing teachers should 100% get paid as much as doctors bc a doctor can save a life but a good teacher can allow kids to live and succeed in life also I see my teacher more than my own father

Beefy Reefy : This is way better, I love this.

yoongee : Some straight up FIRE for real tho, you got BARS ✊😩

PalmurcioWorld : "Some of these kids see me, more than their own dad" that was REAL

Devonsmithforlife : I know I'm kinda late. But this is straight heat

Stella Novah : I have only one word to explain this BAAAAARRRSSSSS!!!!!!

Corrupt Pastels : “But I’m here like ‘everyday bro,’ so how you gonna diss me with that Disney Channel flow?” *BARS*

Monika the cycle-path : Yo. Nice diss track mate. Jake Paul definitely needs to go to school and take responsibility.

liberate my mind. : What a legendary teacher gosh, it gave harsh burns on Jake's thin skin after this.

Yung Squire : Anyone here after Cody ko reaction.?


Charmi Gal : *i will buy your album—*

Shiro Zexal : this is almost a year old and still the most iconic thing

sidda tv : This goes hard man

Avi Sharma : 00:01 He’s definitely a teacher, he keeps the mouse on the video bar.

punkybrewstar83 : Can you teach Jake Paul how to rap now too?

Alexa Alvarez : What school is this, im moving here ASAP i need this teacher

mbeltranbeltran83 : You are good but why would you see Jake paul at school. Not trying to bully you. Good job defending teachers