teacher responds to jake paul's diss track (official video)

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Logan Paul Vlogs : this is amazing hahaha this is gonna go viral

Cat : Who else is here from Cody Ko? bloody legend

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : "Some of these kids see me more than their own Dad" - Wow... so good and true.

LegoStudios : How does this not have 1,000,000 views yet?

Dark Duckie Gaming : Why can’t I stop watching this lol

John Robichaud : If I were Jake Paul I would be ashamed of myself and never rap again.

Boba Bros : Cody Ko.

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : This was amazing - well done man!! Way to stand up and respond

P F / Dad Reacts : Yo, I need a teacher like this RIGHT NOW! Stop spitting so much heat, you’re gonna burn the school down.

hi there : and if he ever gets fired he can just become a rapper

Im Shook : This is the best thing ever

Jujimufu : Gonna give this to the teacher

Rudy Fernandez : I listen to this more than the original vid.

WowitsLife : Kinda looks like the guy from Mr.Incredibles 😂😂

Noticed : Give this man a raise.

Rae : "Some of these kids see me more than their own dads" DAMN. DESTROY HIM. F A T A L I T Y

LegoStudios : He raps better than Jake 😂

Bedhead : Not all heroes wear capes

johnbazy : We need a second verse, this is too short.

Feathergreencp : Jake Paul: *makes a rap that insults underpaid, hard-working teachers striving to give kids a future to look forward to* Teacher: *makes a much better rap about the truth behind teachers using the same beat, better flow, and even going so far as to using one of his own lyrics against him* *_how do you take an L that badly_*

dino s : Also teachers don't decide what to teach you, the government does.

Typical person : What a legend 🔥🔥🔥

Nate Cason : "A few bad apples don't make the grove bad. Some of these kids see me more than their own dad." DAMN

Rhett Hathaway : “So how you gonna diss me with that Disney Channel Flow?” BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH

Jeste Nobody : This is amazing. I have so much respect for the teachers like this that really care about their students


Nina ninja : WHO CAME FROM CODY KO 🔊🔊

Ed : I really love the reference to "It's Everyday Bro".

Janine Hogan : I'm SO sorry to give you even more work for such low money but can you maybe teach Jake to rap?

potate gonna patat : This video is actually amazing. The teachers got bars!!!!!!!

Siffiee : Cody Ko where you at?

tiffanyferg : This is frickin amazing. Truly I am concerned about the influence that the Paul brothers have on young kids... they’re absolute idiots. Thank you for this and keep grinding!!

Brian : @ 0:41 how did you get Dan Bilzerian in your video??

Taylor L : B A R S

Jennessa Sample : When a teacher's response to the diss track is better than the diss track.

Nick Ashton : Teacher got bars

Simply Micaela : Can you be my teacher?

Hanna C : Honestly this is 10000% better than Jake’s song.

boi halo : better bars than jake

ashley Johnson : So much better then jakes... you guys killed this!!

Eric Grimm : I would 100% rather hang out with this teacher than Jake Paul

VibrantBass : Cody Ko!!

m0niSx : "But I'm here like everyday bro, so how are you gonna diss me with that Disney channel flow" - Awesome Teacher. Best line EVER!!!

Deborah Kelecha : *BARS*


Phuong Michelle : This teacher even writes a better chorus than Jake Paul. Jake Paul’d better take that big L

LegoStudios : These bars are better than Jake 😂😂

Lance Wilson : This guy got better flow than jake. It must suck to get cooked by a teacher😂 well done man

Alexander Goodlander : . *BARS*

- - : Bars dude, this is amazing