teacher responds to jake paul

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Logan Paul Vlogs : this is amazing hahaha this is gonna go viral

Dakota : BARS

peanut's daisy : Respect to all teachers out there. Too bad Jake Paul doesn't know what the hell that word means. Maybe you should teach him that.

VibrantBass : Cody Ko!!

Its_Mutian : Before 1,000,000 views boiiiiiiiiiiii

John Robichaud : If I were Jake Paul I would be ashamed of myself and never rap again.

Boba Bros : Cody Ko.

lil loøney : *word*

gorilla glue : The cool teachers like this were the only reason some of us hung in there. We appreciate you, we really do. Jake Paul is a self centered, ungrateful little boy. His opinion is irrelevant.

SpookyScary : this is... really dope actually? this sounds like something i would just listen to as normal music. im .. in awe ... amazing .. thank you

ThePoppets : Obviously this dude is an english teacher because this was STRAIGHT POETRY MY FRIEND

tiffanyferg : This is frickin amazing. Truly I am concerned about the influence that the Paul brothers have on young kids... they’re absolute idiots. Thank you for this and keep grinding!!

LegoStudios : How does this not have 1,000,000 views yet?

Emily McKinley : 5th grade teacher here...you are so awesome..so on point haha

Khair K. : *B- B- B A R S !*

Yung Mayonaise : Two classes Jake shoulda taken, Spittin bars 101, and AP L taking

Cat : Who else is here from Cody Ko? bloody legend

Idubbz Fan : 1:17 is the best part

Freakpoet 929 : This is sad that a teacher can rap better than Jake paul

Mollypop2212 : Appreciation for the lady who just wanted to say “word”

andrew johnson : He actually just ate an apple at the end

Jujimufu : Gonna give this to the teacher

CourtOfOwls : I just wanted to offer up the idea that Jake Paul should completely leave the rap game (and eventually YouTube completely) and he should be replaced with lil m.a.double who actually has bars (and isn't completely tone deaf).

Nhoc Cool : Man this guy is hella cool, I wish I had him back in high school

Maryann Xu : when this is way better than jake's video

Cole Kalenak : bars

Nina Minajj : WHO CAME FROM CODY KO 🔊🔊

i am char : how tf did a teacher make a better diss than jake. wait can we really call what jake made a diss? or just a disrespectful 20 year old drop out whining about how he never payed any attention to what he was being taught therefore thought everything was useless. jake is disappointing, expected but disappointing.

Valery Mejia Bahena : I wish he was my teacher

andrew johnson : 1:17 G O D D A M N

Shark Chips : 8,000th sub

LegoStudios : These bars are better than Jake 😂😂

InGameCeption : legit god tier bars

Camila Mejia : This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

r7ponce : No one gonna mention “aye little Mexico pass the gas” at 0:22?? Lmao what

Jeste Nobody : This is amazing. I have so much respect for the teachers like this that really care about their students

LegoStudios : He raps better than Jake 😂

SS Animations008 : Better than the original song

Big Willy Billy : I bet the fire alarm went off afterwards cause this was heat.

Alex Thomas : Best comeback EVER

Andrew : Omg we need to get this to Jake Paul. Send this to everyone and make this go viral.

Typical person : What a legend 🔥🔥🔥

Patsy Kiniry : 1:22 lmaoooo he kinda makes the jake paul face

Tom Alex : i am i his class

Paulina Topor : *BARS*

Kiw Ckies : Yoooo SLAYYYYYYYYY🔥🔥🔥 Teachers be LIT these days!!!!😯

Simply Micaela : Can you be my teacher?

Aero 空气 : bars

happy fairy_24 : Oh wow even Logan comment that's awesome tho good job ☺️☺️☺️

sebastian hernandez : This makes my teacher look wack