teacher responds to jake paul diss (official music video)

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : "Some of these kids see me more than their own Dad" - Wow... so good and true.

Toon : bars

neobugs : That was kinda tough, damn..

Beefy Reefy : This is way better, I love this.

Jake Tusing : Teacher of the century

Katie : Who else is here from Cody Ko? bloody legend

Just Effie : thats about the best thing I've ever seen

The BrightAGen Show : This is how a fire drill happens.

David Pavlas : “How you gonna diss me with that Disney Channel flow?” Jake Paul is terminated, his career is dead, Jake Paul who?

Fowler : why did this low paid teacher make a completely better diss than a millionaire with his own team and manager?

poisonous potato : I'm disappointed that this doesn't have over a million views

DetermiNATE 21 : Someone give that man a raise and a promotion

Frustrated Noob : Your like to dislike ratio is better than his, oh wait, he might not even know how to calculate that...

Izniz 15324 : Jake Paul: Makes a diss track with trash lyrics about teachers Teacher: Makes way better diss track with same beat but with way better lyrics that actually make you stop and think about them How do you take that big of an L

LegoStudios : He raps better than Jake 😂

Rebecca Spratling : Lmfao this teacher destroyed Jake Paul's entire existence in under 2 minutes. I'm living for this!

Saeran Choi : i want this guy to be my dad. not in a creepy or sexual way or anything, he just seems like someone i want to play ball with or like teach me to drive

Kathy Rodríguez : *dramatic pause*... bars HOW YOU TAKE AN L THAT BAD, JAKE?

Elizabeth & Logan j : Almost forgot to watch this today

LegoStudios : These bars are better than Jake 😂😂

Lefe&memes : “Don’t be dissing me just cause your teacher was wack” Eminem skills 99.9

Kenzie Animated : He was absolutely demolished. why doesn't he have more subs than jake?

Danforth Paleontologist : And Jake Paul thought he had some ground, wow, he got destroyed, good parody, and you used “everyday bro” which that’s another point for you, and now for the vote Jake Paul & lil Tay - 1.9K votes Teachers - 92K votes People we have a winner, GIVE A HAND OF APPLAUSE TO THE TEACHERS! And we all know it’s true, they got our backs! Laudare, learned that today, it means to praise or applaud in Latin, my teacher taught me that word, and that’s another point, though I find it as useless information I do enjoy Latin and learning the language!

Rory Giambalvo : 1:12 that's his heart glowing with love and pride in his students.

Euphonyfff : Thank you to all you wonderful teachers! I'd love to go into teaching (music education specifically), but unfortunately, I'm currently studying another rigorous subject; it's not a realistic option for me. With that being said, teachers and professors have opened up many pathways for me, and I am still in touch with many of my former teachers. Interacting with someone who is so passionate about a subject, and is willing to share their knowledge and understanding of the world is such a wonderful feeling. Teachers are always the ones to get a pay cut, they are so unappreciated, and many students resort to blaming teachers when it comes down to their own grades. It's like some people fail to recognise that educators are humans too, who, no matter what happens in their personal life, always enters their classrooms with a smile. Thank you for enduring so much for our sake. Teachers have changed my life, and without them, education wouldn't be something we (living in a first world country) could take for granted.

puddle : Dawg... for real?... BARS

BeeVlogging : 1:11 Killer verse ! Nice man ! awesome written !

xD_TheBurningSky10101 : This is why you stay in school kids, so you can be a legend like this guy. This gotta go down in history!

tiffanyferg : This is frickin amazing. Truly I am concerned about the influence that the Paul brothers have on young kids... they’re absolute idiots. Thank you for this and keep grinding!!

that girl : This was straight 🔥🔥🔥 those kids are lucky to have you!!

Atakamari : This rap is actually way better than anything I expected. Props😂

Charles Ridgway : .....BARS

MeekTyrant : ... BARZZ

Help I’m cold : congrats teacher you just destroyed jake paul

the cupcake whisperer : Jake made a bad song dissing a fake teacher, and a REAL teacher can turn around and make a better song by FAR.

Zertix : This man needs a raise

Evelyn Lacagnina : THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!

P F / Dad Reacts : Yo, I need a teacher like this RIGHT NOW! Stop spitting so much heat, you’re gonna burn the school down.

sharksandsheep : You killed it. You should go pro. ;)

kylesteinhauser : BARS

Taylor Moore : Bars

Rinalds kecups : Jake Paul hold this L.

Jujimufu : Gonna give this to the teacher

EmptySpace : Sorry if I'm late, but this beat his cool.


RodriguezDeathDealer : Killin' it with these bars dude. Absolutely incredible response, to an unfounded initial diss. It's teachers like you who got me, and many like me through those formative years when no one else had our backs. Keep doing what you're doing, without people like you this world would be a lot harder!

GrainA Salt : God bless this teacher

littylula : This actually isn’t cringey tbh 💀

shammahfilms : BARS!

TrueCustoms : This makes me respect my teachers even more bro