No man no cry - Jimmy Sax (live)

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Jimmy Sax : Hey guys !! it's great this video goes up to more than 100K and made a liitle world tour !!! we are getting people from Mexico, Kuwait, Maldives, Costa Rica,France , Usa, etc.. I'm really happy you guys like this video around the world i really apreciate your comments , advices and everything ! Thank you to all of you. Pura Vida Jimmy


Tagi Ika Perle : Excellent 💋😍😍😍😍

Damien Michael : UB40 had a great saxophonist back in the 80s,but my favourite was Naj as he just nailed it on Key Matics Breaking In Space and Jazz Up and hip hop and if you like the saxophone check those songs out

Ayo : You got me for Life!

Jimmy Sax : Hello everybody ! happy new year to all of you ! i'm sorry i working to much and make show everyday in this period so i don't have time to reply to all of you ! i send you all my love for 2017 Pura Vida Jimmy


marija corovic : Fell asleep with earphones in my ears...was woken up at 3am by this incredible music...I have been listening to it for hours much emotions in there...just beautiful

Skrilax Rev : Its like a language - listen carefully. Also between the notes.

t g : I am going to like my comment because no one will.

Jimmy Sax : Guys 7 Millions views !!!! Its unbelievable ... Thank you so much .. Love you ! Pura Vida Jimmy

Zorox Scoff : That 22M views are all from me 😂

Olympiakos : I'm addicted in this. It's epic!

paco : THIS is in one word "PRICELESS",Incredible played with heart and soul

Deb Bradshaw : This gives me cold chills all up and down my spine.Love Love Love and Listen to it over n over as soon as my feet hit the floor .This is the first tune that gets me started each day.Thank You for the wonderful feeling you give us with your talent..Never Stop Please :)

Jimmy Sax : hahaha I'm so happy to share that with so much of you ! Take care of you and Pura Vida !!! Jimmy

bad boy : Greetings from Morocco....... keep doing bro

Ali Aluss : This song make me happy thank you ❤

galinasonse : i hear it non stop !!!! love it !!!

salman alghamdi : So amazing Best regards from saudi ❤️

Jimmy Sax : Guys thank you so much 1 million view !! it's amazing !! I send Love to all of you ! Pura Vida Jimmy

SNYC NICESLA : Dear Jimmy Sax..... 😉. I feel you!!! ☀️❤️🌍🎶. Absolutely incredible piece that I keep coming back to time and time again.. You sir are a legend!! Thank you for awakening souls across the world!!!! ✌️can't wait to see you live! This makes me smile from my soul ❤️

Yamaha986NA Yamaha : Repeat mode on.

Sivesandzile Dlamini : I wasn't ready for this! Amazing.

jacques cossantelis : Trop bien je me régale,😂😂

Jimmy Sax : exactly 3 years ago, I was recording that In my room... with love Pura Vida Jimmy

kilian_k . bra : This Song is so beautiful, that I dream about this! 💓Thank you for all.... from germany 🔥

djkachi : close your eyes and feel the real music ecstasy ...

alekaras farfala : this man made love to my ears.. and i enjoyed it..

Alexey F : top

JStyleroTV : This dude is awesome !!!!

Sneaketun Arubaresu : Oh... Yeah... Nena mueve el cuerpo... Deja que se mueva

Marathon Gaming : This is great! So rhytmic 🎷🎷

Blues Rain : superr!!

منوعات ALI ehab : .100000000000000 GOOOD

vegan mods : I can't stop listening to it like 5 times a day at least definitely one of my favorites for life i can't stop showing people... thanks so much for such a rad video

Adamo Cardoso : essa musica é show

Mostafa Alhassan : That amazing so much

Oussama Saidani : it obviously takes UNBELIEVABLE skill , well done mate

Benjamin Brun : Je l'écoute tout les jours, et je ne m'en lasse pas. Elle est tout simplement MAGIQUE cette reprise

Jimmy Sax : Thank you all :)

hari nath : Iam crazy of your SAX-harinath advocate madras tamil nadu INDIA

James Blackburn : Breaking the replay button...

Henrique Martin : AMAZING!

Rose Horsey : Pretty awesome!

BriansThing : I always watch this video! So great!

TOMAS RONCERDO : *Aleix Vidal rules!*

Jaime Morales : Genial. Saludos desde Colombia

altgenug82 : Wow..that is true Music for me. Greetings from Germany 👌🏼

Nikolaj Sagdiev : Im 15 age and love jazz and you music respect man