No man no cry - Jimmy Sax (live)

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Jimmy Sax : hahaha I'm so happy to share that with so much of you ! Take care of you and Pura Vida !!! Jimmy

Jhonnytattoo : fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

video30 : Une tuerie, excellent j'adore !!!

NICO Sousa : Sensacional 👏👏🇧🇷

Phånk One : That's true passion. Much love and respect. Peace and a happy life to you. ✌️

JStyleroTV : This dude is awesome !!!!

Tobias Schmitz : I was stoned and listened to that 30 minutes in a loop! I wasn't able to move xD I just stared at the monitor (Visualizer from MonsterCat on Desktop) and was impressed <3

osama gamal : Wow this very god man 🙋😘

Cristian Ionut : i listen at max volume, is brilliant, when u are in stress or upset is fucking amazing this song...or in morning for a great day , just listen....

Cristóbal malaguista castañeda : Fantástico magnífico brillante 😊😉✌👏👏👏

Eusebb : Amazing. Best regards from Romania!

Marco Lobianco : This song represents art

Jesus Christ : sax is the official holy instrument and ure the prophet

Vilena Kopysova : it sooo fantastic !it sooo amazing! It sooo beatiful I can’t find words how to express my feelings then I listen your work I feel the God! really!

anthony kuypers : where is my repeat button! The drop is so nice. Love it

Jimmy Sax : Hello everybody ! happy new year to all of you ! i'm sorry i working to much and make show everyday in this period so i don't have time to reply to all of you ! i send you all my love for 2017 Pura Vida Jimmy

DenniSs : You are the best i ever heard ✊💪😍

Patricia Navarro : Jimmi sax muchas gracias por regalarnos tu música dsbes me inyectas energía buena vibra ojalá nos sigas deleitando él oído y la vista con mas de tus vídeos musicales 😊😘

Isabella Saura : Fantasticooo!!

Mickados : Un chef d'oeuvre ! PERFECT ! ! ! !

Natu Aguirre : I'm in fucking love

bharat singh : This is so beautiful !

Paola Miranda : You turned me on!! Yeah!!! Thanks 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

Pecho Koné : Dieu t'aime frère.... Tu es magnifique

Nina Kaszewska : you have incredible potential hi PL kisses and greats

ExoTica Paradis Officiel : wow

Kaatje De Hond : 🎶💋ILOVETHISSONG💋🎶

Ana Luna : Hey amazing, I love you, I love how you felt the music, your music says much...

Gd Oliveira : Brasil na escuta 🎧🎵🎶👏

Josue Rodriguez : Amazing song 🖤🖤🖤🖤

darja savarus : It's midnight. No, I'm not going to sleep... I'm listening... 😊

joosep90 : sick stufff! Doing the right thing!

scorpion Georgia : music without words Thanks

Chris Birane : Dammn im still listen 2018/01/30 💚🇩🇿

peter b : beautiful Jimmy sax blow it from the soul man beautiful vibes

Pitbike Kawasaki : Congrats more than 2.5 M views. I can see how you feel the music. I like to see the video more than listen to it Greetings from argentina!!!

Sven Einfeldt : Absoluter Hammer das Lied..... Tut gut diese Musik.... Anlage aufdrehen und träumen

Petar Popov : I think ... I've rewatched the video about idk 12.200.200 times ? What a talent !

01sidi01 : respect from Albania!!!

fred astair : Can't stop listening to this tune , man it's touched me right in the soul , I love it Mr sax is a musical genius the man has soul by the bucket full

Ivo Filipino : Nice!!!

Christos Ntinopoulos : Amazing.. your music enters the soul through the eyes.. u melted my face... Greetings from Greece..

Ami, Diosa de mis estrellas : Yo quiero un jimmy!!!

Giorgos Apollon : Amazing Jimmy! keep posting man i love your music

Rico Suave : Want to see you in concert my brother, you put Kenny G to shame!

Rabia Khalique : amazing!!! 😍

Sol Family Band : You’re great!!

Hi Pro : Uau excellent. I love this music

Alejandro Felipe Paredes : This is amazing bro!!!! 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 Sooooo good!!!!

Fanny Greece : Man you are so talented! This is the most beautifull music I ever hear!!!😍😘 Continue being so unique!😏