KFC Exsposed

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Gurosama Bltch : why do I feel like that's just a corrupted KFC from the worst hood possible

Random Person : Me: EWWWWWWW also me: hello? Yeah I’ll have the 12 pcs fried chicken with 3 large mac n cheese and oh can’t forget about those delicious green beans I’ve been thinking about all day

Keep Calm : I bet those two got fired for this video.

Superhatman64 : Either this is a mock, or they're in detroit.

Mr. Meeseeks : For people who have never worked in fast food chains or restaurants for that matter, every store is different, owned and run by different people. Sure it may all fall under the category of the entire chain "KFC", but each franchise is owned and operated by an individual who pays, for lack of a better word, "rent" to the overall corporation. It all depends on where you live and how highly the owner regards the quality of the food they serve. There are actually many KFC's out there that take cross contamination, cleanliness and food quality very seriously. This is a special case for this individual KFC and if they are caught doing this by a health inspector the entire resturaunt can be shut down. I'm not denying that many fast food places are actually disgusting and rather than tossing old food they will use it long after it is meant to be served safely because they are trying to maximize profit. Equipment and utensils are not cleaned thoroughly at the fault of negligent staff and management. Food is improperly stored which greatly increases the risk of contracting foodborne illnesses. A good way to determine if a fast food place you are ordering from is doing their job safely and properly is to notice how clean the restaurant is overall. Are the staff clean? Are the bathrooms clean, the tables the floors? Are the staff mindful, polite and happy? Even things as simple as seeing if the trash is overflowing or the soda machines are covered in syrup is a good indication of negligent staff and may be a sign that the restaurant is not a safe place to eat. Just be cautious of where you or your family go out to eat, and never assume because the resturaunt has a big corp logo outside that it holds high standards.

mercpool 001 : See it's stuff like this that gives me trust issues

Just Some Dude lol. : Fast Food in general is not healthy. Disgusting even. But it's convenient for a reason.

Apple Jam : I remember when there was a KFC near my house and my mom bought me something from there. When i ate it I just threw it up. When my mom went back there she complained but gave them a second chance. And again i threw up. And a few weeks or so later it was shut down :)

Loyal Smith : Damn ... that can’t be true, the health dept. would shut them down for the cross contamination and customers would notice old food being served to them. Here I was planning on getting KFC today as a treat for myself .... maybe I will just head to Costco for a rotisserie chicken.

SmilingIpad : YouTube recommends the most random stuff sometimes.

Saran Kannan : *Video sponsored by Popeyes lol

Madara Uchiha : *more fake then my girlfriend*

Becky the emo trash : I stopped eating at kfc because their bacon looked disgusting it was a very light purple pink

Dylan Le : Remember kids, not all KFC restaurants do this


Cyranek : oh man day old food ahhh

Faith Robins : McDonald’s ain’t jealous anymore

Palladium1010 : I ve been working in KFC in Russia. It feels like Russian fastfood restaurants are Heaven compared to American ones.


Xavier Mitchell : Now I know why people like Popeyes better

Q-10 : Popeyes here i come👏🏽💀

Shadowa Bullet : where is Gordon ramsy when we actually need him

CanYouBeMy FRIEND? : Oh you know whats the most disgusting at all?.. *the girl's face*

Chicken Leg : Well duh we already know that?

DIEU : *Mmmmm this video makes me want to eat a KFC tonight !*

Toriel Dreemurr : Gordon would be mad...

10,000 subs with no video? : Eh am still eating it it’s tasty 😋

RichNbYT : Food is food my guy.

bryanna oguma : did anyone notice that she spelled exposed wrong? just me? ok

Rehazel : bro, i can asure you 100% this doesnt even happen in any other KFC . I guess some brands just wanna see KFC fall

RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollars : Huh so that's why sometimes the chicken tastes a day old 😝

Darion : Tbh it just matters where the kfc is, in an American ghetto it might be bad, London may have bad kfc's but we'll never come close to this shit

Soul Graal : Why was this recommended to me Kfc tastes good anyways

Rosie The Chihuahua : Up next: *How it’s made: McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets*

Rakshit Sonowal : m sure you guys wanted to quit, great job exposing things!

random person : Mcdonalds paid them to make this video

Xxx Concussion : I can tell how she looks likes from her voice

ItzTagzGamePlay : And this is why I go to burger king....

J : I'll never eat at a KFC again! Ugh!!!

L3GEND : McNigga

A-LINE MUSIC : I used to work at KFC and we ain't never did none like that but I'm in California bet this is somewhere in the south

Tony OFTO : i worked in a kfc before, they dont do that

P A : Good bye KFC turns out your not finger licking good......😭

Boy & More : What's That What The Heck What the What KFC is Not Fake Its Good I Guessed

Kookie Aly : *well not all of the KFC's fastfood tho*

Tap : ive worked at kfc we always threw away left overs idk what the hell these guys are doing?

Chill Bill : All of a sudden I feel like KFC...😜

CLCBLINKMOMOLAND BTSTWICE : I'm not eating at KFC anymore

Astro Awesomeness : No cap, this is disgusting! Still though... you're telling me that ALL KFC'S are like this? Hell naw! Some people actually care about their customers. This restaurant, and the many others like it, need to be SHUT DOWN! They give all the good buildings which actually do their job correctly a bad name. 😒

kingbropl4 Squad : Never eating KFC again all makes me sick