KFC Exsposed

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• •big•uzi•horizonal• : Nooooo! Not the Mac and cheese. I already knew the chicken was horrible but the Mac is the reason I go.

Maximusgat : This video should be titled how to lose your job.

Dirty Sandals : Im getting KFC after done watching this video

Diamond Productions : Me: Mom Let's go to a restaurant we've never been Mom: How about KFC (I watch this video) Me:Mom let's go to McDonald (I watch another video) Me:Mom how about a salad Mom: definitely

Starubikal : Oh that chickens? It’s been there for 6 decades

BigBenMK : This why I go to popeyes

The GOAT : Idgaf KFC is good😷

GAMING FAILS : Ye but that's in a different state

GODZ YT : 1:36 "Hell Yeah that Stink" xD

x Lenny : It's finger lickin' good.

DMNIC : My kfc is really good and doesn’t disappoint this video means nothing

Jonathan Vasquez : The container scares me more then the food

igot theJuc3 : I dnt get it ... You apply to work there, you get the job and then you decide to show the flaws of your job to what ?? Make customers stop coming ?? ... And if they did stop coming, how would ya get paid ?? What exactly is the REASON for this video ?? Smh

Wyatt White : If it's kept in the right temperature it's perfectly fine to eat, plus they never said it was fresh it's fast.

Anya Dicki : Yummmmm 🤤

About Six : Jeffy would hate this because of those green beans

Ultim0 Ching0n : And all you fucks chewing gum

carson Watterson : I hope colonel sanders come back

sammythebull 728 : that's why I'm like pop eyes.

Kimberly Maldonado : omg wtf??

Billqga : I guess nobody made a comment about the title and how she missed the spelling so i gues i will Exposed*

Lex's lime liquor : Bad city, prolly in a hood, kfc

Furbydude05 : I'm glad I never eat at THIS specific KFC location.

Claw Kings : It's making me livid that people are saying that they'll never go to KFC because of this. This is ONE poorly run location, and these people would apparently rather blame the company that's paying them then fix the damn problem that they're causing. Sickening on two levels.

HowardU Grad : In Sacramento Calif KFC, i saw a worker one time dropped the marinated chicken leg off the dirty nasty floor and he didn't care placing it inside the fryer. I lost my faith with KFC a long time ago. that's why you people get sick when u eat at the fast-food joints. Glad I can cook without relying on them.

MarkOfJ : I can tell your about to quit your job

KokuDjinn : I can guarantee you this isnt at all kfcs. I use to work at kfc and we made the food every day. its just like with mcdonalds. my brother works there and I can promise you everything is normal. only downside is for people who dont like their beef frozen lol

Nicky Wicky : they were laughing so its probably fake

Bes Mir : This guys took a bullet for us to do this video so open your eyes and don't go to KFC. I havent been going there for the past 20 years. I will only go when I am 60 🤣 b4 I die

LAILA.LITTLE 101005 : I want to believe this but like this is way to bad!😮😱😵

Sam Jamie : They probably do this in most places. It's nasty as fuck but it's what your told to do. I work in a movie theatre and they sell hot dogs at 10pm that have been on since 9am, they also take leftover cheese, salsa and peppers and empty them into a plastic tub and sell them the next day. 🤢

Mikeal Gonzales : It's Finger Licking Good sike not

stephen lusch : Just cuz they do that don't mean they all do lol usually they would let the employees take it where I worked

Sarena Victoria : I used to work at KFC and they made us do the same thing. The old chicken used to get "de-boned" and wrapped in bags and put in the freezer for up to two months. They would put the old meat in the chicken pot pies. The mac and cheese would get reused also but they would add water to it the next day and mix it with fresh mac and cheese.

Agility_mykx : You spelled exposed wrong ._.

Joshua Potts : See shit like this gonna start up Godzilla again

Kyoji : As long as it tastes good idgaf spit in my damn food bruh just make it taste finger licking good

Naruto Uzumaki the 7th hokage : I'll I smell dat stuff

A Perplexed Pineapple : Finger licking good

Marc Jardi : I tought the green beans were worms

MonkGoneGamer : These guys got hit with a lawsuit and they lost their jobs. Story is they had a fight with their manager for using their phones too much and were being fired the next day. hence they retaliated with this video.

Starubikal : Yum yum 11 herbs and spices

ChaikaFace : This is only in USA right? KFC in my country is much cleaner.

Gabriel Benoit : That's why i stopped eating cfc (crappy fried chicken)

imran ali : If you eat that you must be silly

imran ali : Fake

Jack-Of-Pumpkins : this is most likely a lie and that is actually what the people of the video did to get views, for example those things look like they got taken out of the garbage and if they were the people recording nasty second the mac and cheese isn't burnt nothing is even on it third the chicken is fine it has no mildew or mold that's most likely what they do to it before they fry it so yall people who are recording the video suck booty hole you suck ass, hope you get fired dick heads

Reruan 37 : This look like fake, really look like...

Cyranek : oh man day old food ahhh

gaming oyster : And I thought McDonald’s was worse well time for a Big Mac it’s like Patrick always says oh boy 3 am