KFC Exsposed

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mercpool 001 : See it's stuff like this that gives me trust issues

Saran Kannan : *Video sponsored by Popeyes lol

Gurosama Bltch : why do I feel like that's just a corrupted KFC from the worst hood possible

Lash : *sponsored by McDonald’s

Eight Thoughts : MERICA.

Zues much : Finger Licking Good

Baptiste RICHARD : _wHaT eLsE dO pEoPlE nEeD tO kNoW nIcK??_

Savant Slacker : This is only a local KFC's policy held by the owner of this store, not the chain. If the chain management learned of this they'd revoke their licensing agreement.

bloodwave : why did youtube JUST recommend this to me now ?!! This is 5yrs ago .. i cant imagine how many time i’ve been to KFC since then ...

Q-10 : Popeyes here i come👏🏽💀

little Guy : And some how the chicken surprisingly still comes out fresh and crispy either the lying the ass off or KFC got some good ass magical cooking grease

zack scott : I thought it was maggots phew

Ethan Lopez : Why don't I care...

I'mIrishLiam : Is it weird if I say I'm still eating there anyway?


Sly Gale : I'm highly doubting this thing is true. "Exsposed" 😂😂

Brandon Shave : If their prices weren't so garbage, maybe I'd be okay with it.

Nevaeh Duplessis : I'll still eat it

Fade Away : I only like the fries and chicken so I'm gucci

MR. BIGGZ : That chicken looks like str8 dog food. All that food looks like it came outta the dumpster smdh

Daxiity : c h u r c h e s !

RetardedNate : Tbh I would still eat there

Jeremiah Skeete : I am not going to KFC, POPEYS, I AM COMING TO YOU NOW

Juliorivera Savala : If they keep doing it people will get sick or worse

Quaglium Quagnarr : Every KFC has sticky floors.

Mr. BuildyLocks : Well, you don't wanna waste, do you 😂

Dream Williams : If I worked at kfc you know how many sodas I would of stolen 😂

Spheric : That KFC ass 😂

Drixanity : No wonder they tasted extra good 😛

Toriel Dreemurr : Gordon would be mad...

HUNEY SO COOL : Iam never eating at kfc again 💀💀💀 R.I.P KFC

THE LEGEND 27 : *Heart Attack grill 😂*

Mason McAnear : Eeeeeeeewwwwww WTFFF!!

cj creamer : Does the word fresh mean anything anymore?

vvantae • : gordon ramsay will be mad

Namitha Jayanraj : OMG.What the #KFCISFEEDINGTHEPEOPLE

AK47 : Wth I'm never going KFC or taco bell cause I have no clue what to believe!😠😧

Braxton Carr : He's so fired

Mr x : I love that I got a kfc ad

RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollars : Huh so that's why sometimes the chicken tastes a day old 😝

That Guy : ;)

hero mask388 : oggy laugh: hahehawaw, hehahahehawow!

Smegul14 : We have different sides in the uk

micheal Knight : I refrigerate my left overs also

• •big•uzi•horizonal• : Nooooo! Not the Mac and cheese. I already knew the chicken was horrible but the Mac is the reason I go.

Korigan cards & coins : Still looks better the Wendy's !

Princess Berenice : Okay now I don't trust KFC anymore I used to like KFC now I don't like it.

Cheese Lover Girl : I always knew something tasted weird about the Mac and Cheese there I just could never describe it till now

Jadon Archer : U.ll

NGlitchesFTW : Thats disgusting 😫