Global SuperTanker Low flyby discharging 72.6 tons of water over chilean forest fires.

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Paolo Gianzanti : “747’s can’t drop low” Pilot: Hold my beer

Benjamin Rasmus : Definitely an underrated video. The 747 sure is mighty

AvGeek NZ : Damm listen to the mighty GE CF6 engines

STONED SNIPER : Lucky they weren’t directly under the drop. Look at how the water moves the trees

Andrew : This is how I would water my lawn if I was rich.

danahan01 : What sad is that this big bird can fly everywhere except where it was built!! The United States!!

Ernest : where is the fire?

Phil Cuteinho : ITS RAINING!!!!!

Gabriel Concha : Gracias Pinochet

MagicDragonKatt : After this I really want to add "shat upon by the queen bird of the skies" to my bucket list XD

MUHAMMED AJMAL : Nice and very heavy bath. Is it?


Boeing-777 300 ER : 747 ♥️

mchume65 : He seems surprised that he got wet from water dropped from an aircraft that drops water.

John Noonan : SOME MACHINE FOR SURE they are definately the best large plane by a mile i dont think the 380 wil cut it like the 747 as the 747 has bee going for decades like since the early 60s ,, i hope this man and his people get lots of money for putting thier necks on the line good luck

JohnnyReiTV : When you're Gulliver in the land of Giants & you give your new-found GF happy ending....

Whoopity Doo : Now have them stand under an A10 doing a strafing run.

richard george : now that's a quick shower, great job by the teams involved

pungochem : How to almost get crushed to death by a ton of water.

PyroFree : 0:09 thats so low it sounded like it was gonna crash

artisteric : Artificial hurricane

Leo Surname : Está hablando español??? O_o

abdullah seckin : that shit is scary

vλl : If i was that guy i would run because i would think that a plane was going to crash

Simon Eastland : The irony here is that the fires may be a result from climate change due to Boeing 747’s emissions!