The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey (EPIC PIANO COVER)

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Hasit Nanda : Big thanks to The Chainsmokers for posting this video on their FB page!! #blessed

Hasit Nanda : Fun fact - This is my very first Chainsmokers cover :D Hope you'll like it!

sai karthik : I think people who disliked should be sent to syria without any mercy

Alexander Hillier : Dam you are good, please do Martin Garrix - in the name of love

Zenil Prajapati : Marshmello alone plz bro. Humble request

abhay rathore : he is doing very great but not getting publicity share him as much as everyone can

Dibyajyoti Samal : 3:42 Won my heart right there, you damn genius. *EPIC* as always!

Evgeniy995 : You are so great. Why don't you make your electronic music? You know a lot and have great ability to write your own stuff.

Gaston Viveros : i want the sheet but im poor :\

Sarath K.Subash : The moody Freak on an electric piano....

JealousyAndGreed : 2:22 to 2:41... Did you superimpose another track of an 'arpeggio-esque' (for lack of a better description) onto the main one? Because I'm sure you didn't play that 'arpeggio-esque' part on this video.

Maxmilián Stoklasa : It's incredible, that you can learn so great track so quickly and play it to sound much much better, than the original! I love your music, your playing caresses my soul! <3

Mapo : Hasit you posted a video on Facebook with Don't Let Me Down cover. When will u upload it?

Shashank Tiwari : brother please stop giving such expressions

Vaibhav Chitneni : 24 dislikers are people with no heart

Ratna tiriar : A tutorial for closer will be more appreciated

Maggie Tugade : So much love for this guy. Omg.😭❤️❤️❤️

shivam kaushik : are you a human or alien

Aum Patil : You from India?

Anisha Ahmed : Hasit Nanda pls upload the midi one on YouTube!! I am waiting for so many days just to see the midi of it!! Else i checkout this vdo almost everyday cz it's kinda wowsome😍😍PLEASE UPLOAD THE MIDI!! 🙏🙏🙏

Arnab Ganguly : plzz repair the wall behinde you


Aum Patil : Awesome man! You killed it!

Sharmila Patwari : my next goal is to be as good as you (no lol).

Nehemiah Abraham : start practicing to play with metronome... :)

Andrey Dimalibot : Tutorial please!!!! I wanna learn this!

prathik Raman : Epic cover bro!!!! Definitely chainsmokers will fall in love with your cover 🙌

Quang-Tung Ma : I just love it! Love to see your emotion and happiness! It's just the best cover!

Fyuzu : Sometimes I feel like you just jab your hands everywhere on the piano hoping to get the correct sounds.

Martin Garristjen : waiting for don't let me down! please !! :)

Karan Jadhav : 3:15 to 3:40 .. awesome ..loved it ☺

Abhishek Sathe : Plz do Faded and sing me to sleep from alan walker

Tanmay Goel : that's amazing amazing amazing........ infinity


Hershey11 : Love your cover! Btw what software or audio equipment do you use to get such a great sound for your recordings?

DUETS : Loved that video, we did a very intense version for this music, please check out it, and tell us if you like it.

Chanell Heeter : SO AWESOME!!!!

this is faizan khan : please play justin beiber sorry

.Toxic : 0 Dislikes :) Noice

music banana man : Love dis n love u 😭

Julie Gower : Now this is just stunning, listen to me singing this song if you have time ;-)

Francesco Dieci : Simply EPIC. Period.

Zefyr : the emotion you put it into this piece outshines all the other covers I've seen, simply amazing.

:D : The lighthouse and the whaler- venice, i feel like you would enjoy playing it and there isnt really anyone who has done a piano cover on it

Anika Ali : Hasit you rock!!! Just love hearing your covers sometimes it sounds better than the original track.

Will Hang : i'm liking the energy you put into the song

SHM GG : i dont only like ur skill but also love ur cover and feel all semiton tone ,tone,each octave ,each chord ,each melody.............😊

dungeon master : why you didn't performed in youtube fanfest

扎卡里Zachary : I've been waiting you to cover it since the song is out :D love it so much man!!!!