100 Ages- from 0-100 years in 3 minutes (English, New York City)

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KK SQUAD16 : Lol who else noticed when the kids hit 12, it changed puberty and history forever! I was laughing so hard sorry😂😂😂😂

Glow Gamer : The thumbnail looks like KSI mom. 😂

Proud Pakistani Muslim girl : *My* *mood* *throughout* *the* *video* 😋😄😀😊☺🙂😐😑😯😌😔😟☹😢😭😭 I luv them allllll😍

Ultra G4MING : Mother: Oh my god! How much pizzas did you even eat?! Me: 1:01

Sarah Holliday : Is it just me or is this really depressing?

Bomiiao : The 85 doesn’t look 85

AidGuin The Penguin : Shhhhh! How many people did you kill 2:31

Wet cheese fart : 1:28 what i say to my mom when she asks me what i got on my test


•PHIL : You can actually see how short life is

ZeiN EagleS : Between 18 and 19 there is a huge difference

Cem Ürgen : 0:52. I am sexsy okey ? 😹

Chári : 0:23 HE'S BEAUTIFUL

Batowl Knight : 1:36 sound like that english google translate female voice

Maraketto The Gamer : Everyone in the comments are saying how beautiful (age) is and I'm here asking how this guy put up all the clips

are u serious : 1:53 *insert lenny face*

SANKET : 1:56 71 100% Indian 💜

TheBeatles : 2:24 my man Albert Einstein is lookin good for 86 😎 😎 😎

Fatima Patwekar : 2:07 she has the perfect skin in that age (77) WOW😱

Waterlemon Lemon : 77 and a half lol

Alyra R : The 9 girl was so cute Not pedo I'm a 13 year old straight female

TheBomber 990 : Most of the people that are 88+ are WW2 veterans real men and women saw things we might never see things you wish you will never see in war

AndreIII plays : 1:01 thats my man right there

Jonah Dambrosio : 0:31 Ok... that's pretty normal for 18 0:33 JESUS CHRIST IT JUMPED 5 YEARS

Mayriel Godeliva : 0:32 is that.. BAEKHYUN'S HAIR??

Bros. Productions : 1:13 girl in thubnail

Sumit Bhatt : Why most of are womens from 90 to 100?

Crash Bandicoot : 1:01 Boi don't mess with this dude

RaTeD_ Clan : Is this the Same Person?


Doge TVTM : 00:26 ommaiigooood

Alan Burda : OMG !!!! How many pizzas are you eat ?? 1:01

Life as Herm : 2:40 You look young for your age!

Wet cheese fart : 57 looks mad older than that

L M productions : Jeez that lady looks good for 100

Nada Romano : That 18 year old guy looks so edgy I want to be his frend thoo

marvelous creations : 34 was hard to believe 🤔

Alex C. : 1:01 intense asf 😂😂

Paris lover : I like someone there but i will not tell!!!😙😍

YT LYCriss : 0:36 - 0:38 this girl have the cutest voice

a human : It's like Sesame Street.

NuraNura Pop : 0:32 man I love his hair. (He’s also hot XD)

Bryan Terry : Notice how after 12 puberty hit them all like a bus

alicia mae : *How do you find these people? Do you just walk around asking people how old they are until you find someone of every age?*

NorwayBall : 2:23 Kinda looks like Trotsky

Arttu Mustonen : 0:27 get your nose outta my business

Wet cheese fart : 1:12 your mom is 44!

Game Station : 77'5 you had one job

Fernanda Core Bozeman : 18,19,29,31,42 ♡😍

Anirudh PM : Am I the only one who noticed the sound of 25?