Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish Reacts to Teens React to Billie Eilish

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Sarah Daniel : i love how shes fangirling over the girl fangirling over her

alma jafari : Can you do a Billie eilish reacts teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish

Purple Eyed Kitty : she looks older than 16

Kinley Perry : i love billie she’s honestly just so chill and down to earth

smolchaeng : i love how she compliments all the girls 😂😂😍😍

medina zutaj : That "thanks baby" at 3:01 🤤

i love jahseh : *how is she so beautiful?????*

don't freak it's just me : Everytime i listen to her music i can't believe she's just 16

Ioana Grosu : Billie is just the real girl I ever see She's so natural

Potato Fries : Bro ive never seen a human be this pretty

Seb Gabart : Now make teens react reacting to her reacting to teens react reacting to her 😅💬

Riya Patel : 2:33 I just love that little dance she did

anonymousvideostar : wtf she’s so attractive jfksjfkdjf

kat : Billie : " why do people think I'm bi? " Also Billie: "omg she's so pretty" "Woww, she is BeAuTiFuL"

Steve Talsma : This girl is woke af

sofia : She’s so serious in her music but so cheery and happy irl and I luv that about her

yuzuriha rikka : Today I learned... She's 16 #MindBlown

Michelle Jr : She is like a girl version of post malone I like her🙏🏻

_*Aerin Hill*_ : I literally heard “Ocean Eyes” in a Hibachi restaurant yesterday

Courtney X : Do a teens react to billie reacting to teens reacting to billie

Lila Rose : Can we do her meeting them?!?!?

kristal griffin : Her reaction to Darius is priceless 😂👌🏾

just me bethany : I feel like if they all met each other they would just mutually geek out about meeting eachother

youboring : I love how she actually reacts and doesn’t just watch the videos and go aw

nikki a. : Billie is one of those NOT MANY artists that don’t need auto tune. she’s literally a goddess ❤️❤️❤️❤️

André Gonçalves : Sounds like everybody else? Who? You’re crazy dude

Maggie Juls : W E S T A N A Q U E E N

cristian Rolon : And tomorrow: "adults reactions to billie reactions of kids reaction to billie eillish"

Cherish Hill : Anything that has the name billie eilish I *CLICK*

BlackUnicorn XX : Next video:Teen react to Billie Eilish reacts to teen react to Billie Eilish

Sidra Neitge : how is she straight?

jeonghan supremacist : "all this girls are so smart" TRUE! AND BEAUTIFUL

jas : she’s not even a year older than me and she’s one of my biggest inspirations lmfao. can’t wait to see how far she goes.

Alicia Lin : i love billie eilish we dont deserve her

hello : bruh when she said “thanks baby” FRIIIIIIIIIIIIICK SOOKSOSKDJAKS GOD I LOVE HER I LOVE HER

carly rose : she seems like such a cool person and i would be her friend, PLUS SHE MAKES GOOD MUSIC OMGGGG EKBSJSKDBSOSHS

Freddy Mangolo : Hi guys ! Can you make : Teens react to Billie Eilish react to teens react to Billie Eilish ?

Star Trout : 3:45 I don’t want her to be my mom I wanna be her girlfriend 😍

Candace Lee : Next video: Teens react to Billie Eilish reacting to Teens react to Billie Eilish

100% Trash : 3:50 *I’m on my way*. I don’t listen to her music (going to after this lol) but that was hot and I’m not so sure I’m as straight as I thought I was!!1!1!1!

yours truly : "thanks bb" "bet, im on my way" she's so cute 😭💀

Pauline Lepeigneul : She is really damn inspiring

Alessandro Fusco : why does she look like an anime character

theswamp84 : They should of played you should see me in a crown

EvelynBangtan : She'sssssss sooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking beatifull in all the ways

Margaux Van Welden : Now do a Teens react to Billie Eilish reacting to teans reacting to Billie Eilish

Anze : up next: Teens react to Billie Eillish reacts to teen reacts to Billie Eillish

Taylor Madison : I love her so much & I love how she didn’t take the comments negatively

Olivia Salter : This Makes My Heart Happy 😊❤️