Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

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Kim Jong Un : Shes the same age as me and I'm out here making memes

Jenise Spiteri : I can't believe she's 16... she seems so much older

alexis : she's sixteen , let that sink in ...

Sam _ : she was highkey crushing on the black gal haha we stan

carly shae : imagine billie eilish calling you cute wtf

Bamborough : Omg she’s the only artist who doesn’t get offended by constructive criticism

Talia Terrell : She handles criticism extremely well lol

Shybrea Chapman : Ok I just wanna know did she get in contact with the girl she kept calling cute? 😂😂😂😂

Ingrid Soares : she's in love with that black girllllllllll

Look at me Pls : Shes so calm Even with the people who didn't like her music , which is one of the things I love about her , shes understanding

Bri Jane : Billie eilish fangirling over them is so adorable I still can’t believe I’m going to see her

A : *Billie seriously makes me question my sexuality. She’s the only girl I would love to date*

Formybear Kdh : The next video is gonna be 'Teens react to Billie Eilish reacts to teens react to Billie Eilish'

Sia’s dancer Studio : She is so understanding for a 16 year old WOW

Serenity Nichols : What's you're favorite music genre? Me: Billie Eilish Them:....what

Bruv Gibson : There is no way she is 16. Whaaat I always though she was like 20 tbh. I am 15, and she makes me feel like I have done nothing with my life lol.

Winkz : She’s like the female version of postmalone

Lil Peep : “Thanks baby” god that was intense

Girl Next Door : She is so right 11yr olds can be depressed it doen't matter how old you are ily billie

Brandon St. : Next Up: “Teens react to Billie Eilish reacting to Teens react to Billie Eilish”

RedHot DogFeet : I like how she was so respectful to the guy that wasn't that about it's opinions.

sierra stieglitz : billie drop that skincare routine

Jliv Wann : She’s literally like the one teenage artist that is extremely unique and different in my opinion. I literally love her so much, her music, voice, and personality and she’s obviously gorgeous.

Lana Burgdorf : Is she bi? Because she gives me hard-core bi-vibes...

Kadz : _You should see me in a crown_

ΔΙΞ X : She looks 19 from one angle and 14 from another.


오세빈 : how is she *16????* i thought she was like 25 omg she's so talented

lmao : *Teens reacts to Billie Eilish reacts to Teens reacting to Billie Eilish*

Super : Billie seems like she would be a cool person to hang with

destiny roberts : she's so genuine and pure. she's only sixteen years old and so incredibly intelligent and talented.

Peachy Jam : That moment when Billie Elish fangirls over you fan girling over her ❤️😂😍

Imi Imi : Omds she’s 16 I thought she was 24

Porcelanne : Y’all really gonna say she’s straight after this video

Amy Ding : wow it’s billie eyelash

rosa del reyy : Teens react to billie eilish reacting to teens react to billie eilish

Isabella Brown : *billie's reaction to literally everything in this video was so adorable i love her*

joon my bias : 3:02 “thanks baby” I just fell on the ground


Bri Jane : My brain just processed the fact that she is on TEENS react She’s like 3 years older than me and all I’ve done with my life is cry

Rawan Mohamed : Now i want them to react her react to them😂

iman a. : why are all these comments from minutes ago and this was filmed 4 days ago?

Moon Man : Teens React To Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish... then Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish .. then to Infinite .

jenna fleming : “I like that girls brain”-Billie Eylish 2018

Mystk Majicc : This girl is SO real. Like the... anti-Poppy. I love her. :)

Natalia Sanz : She really felt in love with the girl she kept saying that's cute

Amor Aguilar : 8:13 watch Billie slowly blush her way through XD

Rachelle Brown : she said ‘thanks baby’ and i got goOSEBUMPS

Hoseok's Wife : Billie: wow she's beautiful Me: DaRlInG HaVe YoU sEeN yOuRsElF