Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

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Kim Jong Un : Shes the same age as me and I'm out here making memes

Jenise Spiteri : I can't believe she's 16... she seems so much older

Bridgette J : She's so humble 💗💗💗💗💗

Lea-Sophie Ernst : Can't wait for new music from her cause she is AMAZINNNN

alexis : she's sixteen , let that sink in ...

Bamborough : Omg she’s the only artist who doesn’t get offended by constructive criticism

Sam _ : she was highkey crushing on the black gal haha we stan

Formybear Kdh : The next video is gonna be 'Teens react to Billie Eilish reacts to teens react to Billie Eilish'

Shybrea Chapman : Ok I just wanna know did she get in contact with the girl she kept calling cute? 😂😂😂😂

Talia Terrell : She handles criticism extremely well lol

Super Black : Billie seems like she would be a cool person to hang with

carly shae : imagine billie eilish calling you cute wtf

Lil Peep : “Thanks baby” god that was intense

RedHot DogFeet : I like how she was so respectful to the guy that wasn't that about it's opinions.

Ingrid Soares : she's in love with that black girllllllllll

A : *Billie seriously makes me question my sexuality. She’s the only girl I would love to date*

Serenity Lucas : What's you're favorite music genre? Me: Billie Eilish Them:....what

Bruv Gibson : There is no way she is 16. Whaaat I always though she was like 20 tbh. I am 15, and she makes me feel like I have done nothing with my life lol.

Ariana grande beuty : Shes so calm Even with the people who didn't like her music , which is one of the things I love about her , shes understanding

Kadz : _You should see me in a crown_

Porcelanne : Y’all really gonna say she’s straight after this video

Lana Burgdorf : Is she bi? Because she gives me hard-core bi-vibes...


A.G : She looks 19 from one angle and 14 from another.

Winkz : She’s like the female version of postmalone

My Name : Billie: wow she's beautiful Me: DaRlInG HaVe YoU sEeN yOuRsElF

sierra stieglitz : billie drop that skincare routine

lemonz : Imagine being called "beautiful" by billie 😭❣️💕💞💖

Brandon St. : Next Up: “Teens react to Billie Eilish reacting to Teens react to Billie Eilish”

Jliv Wann : She’s literally like the one teenage artist that is extremely unique and different in my opinion. I literally love her so much, her music, voice, and personality and she’s obviously gorgeous.

Rii ce : That moment when Billie Elish fangirls over you fan girling over her ❤️😂😍

dont know her : 3:02 “thanks baby” I just fell on the ground

opie mogijenner : When she said “thanks baby” 😭💕

Bri Jane : Billie eilish fangirling over them is so adorable I still can’t believe I’m going to see her

jenna fleming : “I like that girls brain”-Billie Eylish 2018

삔쎄요 : how is she *16????* i thought she was like 25 omg she's so talented

Pseudo : she's so chill wtf

lmao : *Teens reacts to Billie Eilish reacts to Teens reacting to Billie Eilish*

Moonlight Audios : *I see Billie Eilish* **I click**

7 RINGS : "lowkey he got a point" we love a humble queen

Mystk Majicc : This girl is SO real. Like the... anti-Poppy. I love her. :)

Malachi Potts : is she allowed to touch the laptop? cuz i've never seen any reacters touch it before until now

A D : wow it’s billie eyelash


Princess Usagi : My FAVE moments of this episode 1:04 2:20 2:34 3:13 5:53 8:14

destiny roberts : she's so genuine and pure. she's only sixteen years old and so incredibly intelligent and talented.

rosa del reyy : Teens react to billie eilish reacting to teens react to billie eilish

Bri Jane : My brain just processed the fact that she is on TEENS react She’s like 3 years older than me and all I’ve done with my life is cry

Isabella Smile : 5:55 “I’m in love w this gurl” :’) okay bye