Calles "bror" spruter på folk med falsk blomst (Eng subs)

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Illidan Stormrage : Where is this place??? I mean... damn... the tolerance are soooooo damn high... I envy you, people from that country!

Infamous Films : Calle ville vært den pefekte jokeren i Batman

Fr34k1ng0ut : In USA, he would've been shot dead ;D.

Angela Gustafson : I'm impressed that no one hit him.

StitchGV : The intro has me in hysterics! 😂😲

El Technic0 : Imagine doing this in Detroit

HolandaChiquita : It looked pretty cold, you could see the people's breath in the air... Must be horrible to have to walk all the way home with a wet face/head... But it was immensely funny! Hahahaha!

Dog : "Sett deg ned, HOLD KJEFT!" My fucking gods who somehow created this... I could not for the love of maltesers stop laughing! Best intro to anything ever.

MavisKTS : Norwegians are so nice hahaha

Swedenkvist : I've listened to the intro song like 20 times now, it's so funny! xD

Juliaa : Hva mener dere med "bror"? Det ER jo broren, Henning!

Mar Ero : He should do this to people in Northern Norway were it currently is around -42°C (-107°F), i bet he would get punched then!

Kevin Stav Sørli : hahahha... fy faen ass

Rally KZ : The first girl is gorgeous omg

deja vu : Norwegians are good-natured people, but they shouldn't be taken for granted. When a prank goes overboard, it becomes a sadism.

Martin Brügger-Lien : i don't know how many times, i've seen the intro XD

december125690 : I lost it when he coughed and spat :D

Suvi-Tuuli Allan : This is what vikings are like. smh

Arien Fakeri : den liker jeg og se fordi det er vann og det var morsom💌

Øyvind Olsen : Lag episode 2!!!!

Designed : Den introen da..

Bruhhh HD : Pissa han på ogentlig


gtvei83 : Drit bra 😂😂

z9elka : so, that's winter in Norway?

BOT_ Hits : Ha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💪🏻💪🏻

Dom D : Poor girl. Hahahah. But they're still cute tho,

Norwegian Lobster : Hvorfor tar du ikke "sprute ut av kuken"- trikset, jævla klovn?!! Kalle Klovn...

iceByte : Obviously staged xD Still funny tough

HoodedFox : Yes! First dislike.

BK007 : He would have been sued for millions in the US or get killed.

Kuuuk Trym : Du er så kul

Advanced Replays : Staget much da :p Sjekk duden på 2:07 når han lukker øynene og myser før han skal "lukte" på en blomst.

Saos Storepus : 2:10 LOL BARE GIKK VEKK

Оксана Ковальова : how very Soviet of him. Calle, you... did you know that the entire nation of Soviets used to be just like you. The only difference is - they were were, and still are, boring shmucks.

Marquesen61561 andre : er det calle eller broren

KitKat 1510 : Det er ikke fint å tråkke på en mus

Marquesen61561 andre : er det calle sin bror eller er det calle

Riotchock : Savage

Eirik Matias Bøe : Kamera var ikke akkurat skjult...

Robin : Fantastisk! Hadde latterkrampe gjennom hele klippet :D

Mathi Plays : Herregud jeg Lo meg i jææææl!! 😂

Renate Tollefsen : Hahaha funny

Federico Vitiello : Please, more videos!!!!! hahahaha

War_gamer13 Ww2 : når kommer de ny sange av calle

Svett Albaner : Galning

Yougami Daisuke : I wanna see much more of this hahaha

Natalia Moura : If he were doing these ~interviews~ here in Brasil he'll probably get hit a lot hahaha

Rei Roll : It looks kind of painful! Especially up close ( ;´Д`)

Soervaag : den introen