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WalterLiddy : I confess. I'd forgotten about the Killer Bees.

Henry Krinkle : Congrats for somehow predicting both Glenn Beck circa 2009 and the Democratic Party circa 2016.

Anastas1786 : "The Russian Communists, the Killer Bees, they're like *_THIS!_*" You mean *"wrapped around your finger"*, _Comrade_?!

DehnusNorder : These days that is actual political commentary to actual people ;).

Dilvsy : hey, look...Kids in the Hall are actually prophets! ;)

Don Calzone : Kids in the Hall predicted Glenn Beck.

Larvitar : you can tune into CNN or Fox or any other US network and see this exact skit reenacted

jcolterh : Cultural Marxism is in full effect right now.

William Billiam : Dave Foley does a better Glenn Beck than Glenn Beck.

Kairu Hakubi : You all laughed, now 20 years later it's happening for real.

JAYROCK : Long before Steven Colbert.

Norm Appleton : Ahhh, yes The days when a dark wig was all that separated Dave Foley from Isabella Rossellini. They both had such nice skin.

Zac Hawkins : Comrade Stalin says dark humor is like food; not everyone gets it.

Corby Ziesman : I remember when this was funny and not sad.

Seán O'Nilbud : Rachel Maddow's new look is an improvement.

Trevor Philips : young Dave Foley always reminds me of Pete Campbell from Mad Men now lol

Rusty Shackleford : Dave Foley grew up and became Glenn beck! lol

New East : He should get a job on InfoWars

CWBush73 : And communism is alive and well in 2019.

CenterWing : When I turn on the news every day since November...

dylan stillwood : This actually quite resembles any Rachel Maddow segment these days

Reptilian Reflections : Why is nobody talking about Trump and his connections with the Killer Bees? Its an evil plot I tells yas.....

John Rife : My god it's Glen Beck!

Matthew Moss : his delivery is super dope

my pp small , i was cucked and : Oh, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this guy's just some right wing paranoid reactionary who had a horrible upbringing and whose father beat him every day with a Bible well maybe that's true but it never did me any harm!

anonygent : I don't get it. Waiting in line for toilet paper in some Godless country: Venezuela.

Allistarify : "Crazy like a I mean!: That line has stuck with me since I heard 16 years ago

Buddy Guy : Nostradamus had nothing on you

hplexmark1 : I just watched this with my teenage daughters...they didn't get it, and their comment was ' is that guy on drugs?"

Joseph Madera : Sounds like the Democratic party.

MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster : Communists certainly took over the DNC and liberals in the U.S.

Liz Real Girl Beauty : Don't know how many times I've said "lining up for toilet paper in some godless world" for all these years!

DeputyCartman100 : All this needed was him babbling incoherently about chemtrails and frogs being turned gay.

Dave Davis : “Lining up for toilet paper?” Like in Venezuela?

LordVader1094 : This is actually rather accurate to the modern day. Well, minus the killer bees. :P

Jim McIntyre : They tried to warn us.

Maarmosetjoe : how in the name of everything is this so relevant?

ACETYGRA : Oh wow! KITH predicted Alex Jones!

6doublefive3two1 : Crimea.

occams99 : This guy's voice sounds like Steve Buscemi.

Vasilije Kuvekalovic : That moment when you realise he is right

lynn pehrson : Maybe someday this won't be relevant... hopefully

Umus Belevinspring : Oh for the days this was comedy

me jtowers : When those you once called CRAZY

Rick Anaston : Oh what blessed good fortune has allowed me to become the 2500th person to like this video? Is it perhaps the mysterious workings of a dark overlord who sits upon the throne of an evil empire that only gives its citizens scraps? Or is it the incessant ramblings of another buffoon who can't tell the difference between communism, socialism and democratic socialism? It's hard to tell with all of these handouts going to the upper crust as they pretend to trickle their wealth back on to us through the purchase of politicians. Yes, capitalism works, but only when the capitalists invest in their employees and marketplace instead of hoarding money for their own overly inflated egos. I mean, bank accounts.

Brandon May : Pretty sure this is an actual speech from the Democrat party since 2016.

Tom Karren : Killer bees was the 'global warming' of the 80's along with acid rain.

mojothemigo : We're never going to stop calling ourselves Americans from America. The criticism usually comes from people who want to call us evil colonialists from evil colonialist entity.

communistjesus : Glenn Beck ripped off his PARANOID Shhhtick from Dave of the KITH .. Welcome to the USA under OBAMA :O*