Kids In The Hall - Communism

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Charles Lyon : Time hasn’t been too kind to Alex Jones.

Henry Krinkle : Congrats for somehow predicting both Glenn Beck circa 2009 and the Democratic Party circa 2016.

WalterLiddy : I confess. I'd forgotten about the Killer Bees.

Larvitar : you can tune into CNN or Fox or any other US network and see this exact skit reenacted

Kairu Hakubi : You all laughed, now 20 years later it's happening for real.

Don Calzone : Kids in the Hall predicted Glenn Beck.

Dilvsy : hey, look...Kids in the Hall are actually prophets! ;)

DehnusNorder : These days that is actual political commentary to actual people ;).

Anastas1786 : "The Russian Communists, the Killer Bees, they're like *_THIS!_*" You mean *"wrapped around your finger"*, _Comrade_?!

dylan stillwood : This actually quite resembles any Rachel Maddow segment these days

Calling Out Fascists Online : Oh, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this guy's just some right wing paranoid reactionary who had a horrible upbringing and whose father beat him every day with a Bible well maybe that's true but it never did me any harm!

Nutbunny : What the Democrats sound like right now in 2017

Thomas Ollister : Communism killed 100 million people in the 20th century and did have help from supporters in the West.

JAYROCK : Long before Steven Colbert.

William Billiam : Dave Foley does a better Glenn Beck than Glenn Beck.

Lo Lo : Too bad communism is spreading in the west now. I laugh when I see privileged rich white kids with a degree in "micro aggression" talk about how capitalism is evil while holding the latest expensive tech in their hands haha. Kids

John Royce : This was made in 1994 (season 5 ep 11). Interesting how long Russian scaremongering has gone on in this country. It's called programming.

Chrisfragger1 : Now we have millions of Americans chanting "Communism" while wearing O's on their shirts

wzenn : Liberals in 2018

Anthony Simeone : "Russia, Russia, Russia!" - Rachel MADdow

RancidWraith : The Clinton campaign.

Suckit Pig : Hillary Clinton fans in 2017/ 2018.

Alex Jhons : The people that used to line up for toilet paper are now lining up for drugs and alcohol.  And Russia went from a supper power to a country run by organized crime and few rich individuals/corporations.  

monoXcide : CNN makes a lot more sense with a laugh track.

John Galt : It started with mocking anyone who pointed out Communism was moving forwards with various flavours of subversive government and morally decaying divide and rule identity politics. Even I laughed at people complaining about communists. But now we see the eggs hatching. Now we see McCarthy was right. The people we mocked were correct. There are more 'socialist' countries in the world (a preparatory state for communist revolution, prior to mass killings) than in human history. And now they're using Hollywood to make you think it's A-OK. Well, not just now, it started in the 60's. Google Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet defector. He told us about Social Justice 40 years ago.

hplexmark1 : I just watched this with my teenage daughters...they didn't get it, and their comment was ' is that guy on drugs?"

NortonsNestMonthly : They totally predicted Fox News.

James Scott : That guy voted for Hillary and is saying the exact same shit today he said then....the inrony

New East : He should get a job on InfoWars

samuils : I see, according to this comedy sketch, you have to be an abused child to think that communism might come back. Well what ya know, Bernie Senders, Cortez, ANTIFA, all wanting for Socialism to come to full power. Socialism is a first step to communism for the uneducated bunch.

mike straw : Boy, twenty-two years later, the skit on Communism seems more reality than joke!

Zac Hawkins : Comrade Stalin says dark humor is like food; not everyone gets it.

SXeNaz : Communists are like dogs that shoot killer bees from their mouths when they bark.

CenterWing : When I turn on the news every day since November...

tony stanza : Dave Foley grew up and became Glenn beck! lol

LordVader1094 : This is actually rather accurate to the modern day. Well, minus the killer bees. :P

Magic : Conservatives then are just like conservatives now.

Dave Davis : “Lining up for toilet paper?” Like in Venezuela?

joshypoo79 : 20 years later he cant even visit Canada or he will be thrown in prison for not paying child support

Nathan Ventura : American media in a nutshell

Zachary Holler : Holy shit! Are you sure this isn't Rachel Maddow c. 2018?

Marina Melinda Rivera : Feels like I’m watching Reachel Maddow lol

This is not a Name : Omg the comments here! Are people really stupid enough to think this is a satire of communism or of the political left? No, it's of the right! They're the fear mongerers afraid of the return of "communism". I thought the line about being beaten with a Bible made it pretty obvious.

Matthew Moss : his delivery is super dope

Rick Anaston : Oh what blessed good fortune has allowed me to become the 2500th person to like this video? Is it perhaps the mysterious workings of a dark overlord who sits upon the throne of an evil empire that only gives its citizens scraps? Or is it the incessant ramblings of another buffoon who can't tell the difference between communism, socialism and democratic socialism? It's hard to tell with all of these handouts going to the upper crust as they pretend to trickle their wealth back on to us through the purchase of politicians. Yes, capitalism works, but only when the capitalists invest in their employees and marketplace instead of hoarding money for their own overly inflated egos. I mean, bank accounts.

usctrojansable : The character David Foley played in this skit reminds me more of William Buckley Jr. lol

Gustavo Gentilin : That toilet paper bit hit the nail on the head. Just ask the people from Venezuela.

Norm Appleton : Ahhh, yes The days when a dark wig was all that separated Dave Foley from Isabella Rossellini. They both had such nice skin.

Edward Camp : Strange. He was kind of right. Who'd a' thunk it?

John Rife : My god it's Glen Beck!