TurboJet Powered Scooter-IT'S ALIVE

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colinfurze : Boom we have lift off, so just a rebuild then its AFTERBURNER time and hopefully some more speed. Stay tuned and subscribe to keep posted about this brilliant project.

Friggin Boom Toys : If you die in some boring way like heart attack or something I am gonna be really annoyed

llamedos R : Have you been completely honest with your life insurance company?

na nu : That temp gauge is legit... what’s your oil temp, it’s a cow

PK PK : Colin, make an airplane. ... I dare you.

baibhav : Why they don't give you a Nobel price for being crazy af I would vote for you

Mr Brightside : 13,000 views in 10 minutes. the BBC now has a lot to learn from people who have taught themselves how to run a media entertainment channel....

Olivier Lopez Ch : 3:55 What a relief, I was affraid it could reach over-cow temperatures

AidenJ Official : I love how humble he is. All this money and you’d never guess his house if you didn’t know what it looked like !

BORNFREEIN83INTHACD 206 : That's my dawg one crazy Mate

TPAKTOPEHKO : Привет всем любителям турбореактивной тяги!

wraith502 : All these people nagging about wearing a helmet. Really!?!? He's got a propane tank not even 3 feet away from a turbine operating at a bit of a cow temperature. If something went wrong, do you think a helmet is going to help?

宿屋とうもろこし : I am waiting for making real Iron Man Mark 1 one day.

Tim Z : That road is bumpier than Paris Hiltons landing strip. LOL

Running Nigerian : put your finger in the turbo

pierro281279 : Don't forget a divergent nozzle for afterburner!

Moi 2926 : Every single one of your creation is basically a death trap, How are you still alive? Is it the safety tie?


Russian Bear : У меня так друг руку сломал

TheNarf11 : How is this guy still alive ?

that person from that thing : You should try something with a turboshaft (pretty much powering the wheels instead of giving thrust)

Alex Young : Only Colin furze would use a meat thermometer on a jet engine

Shantanu Jain : Can you fit jet engines into hoverbike?

john smith : Lol. Doesnt even wear a helmet. Beauty

newblacksouls : У Игоря Негоды видео конечно не на столько эпичны - но, кажется, они более технологичны, да и он умудрился собрать более компактный и эффективный - и более самодельный турбо-реактивный двигатель... На котором, кстати, полетела его модель самолета :-) вам бы познакомиться и вдвоем открыть новый SpaceX - где вы бы построили космическую ракету и колонизировали близкие и дальние планеты (марс - на пример)...

verpiss dich janina : Trying to beat 3333 Comments

cbrstunter24 : Bruh. At least wear a helmet🤦🏻‍♂️

Brendan Hillz : Realllly upset you were not wearing a helmet! Please be smarter next time and use your head

faZe GaMeZ : Build a jetfighter

keeperofthegood : Colin you can do better than about.... put a speedo on'er!

the Hacksmith : Brilliant. Loved seeing Rick hang out the van to film you hahaha!

Borce Petrovski : make a crazy badass bugy

Emerson Reed : He clearly likes it!


muhammad mubasher : good luck bro

Daniel Sambar : _It’s alive... ITS ALLIIVVVVVVVE!_

Ansh Gupta : Watch you leg

LBGST zockt : needs a scramjet

RJ Fletcher : Well of course you've got to beat the uk's speed limit on this thing, I mean if you can't, then why bother!?!?!

Bauamt : Sounds like a Staubsauger xD

davidrobert2007 : It must be Furzeday

THE PC ZONE : It's looking like a two wheel Bom

Antonio : Top speed?

Bomb Remix : This is amazing

Florin Honceriu : Pls make a RollGolf (Wolkswagen) copy ! Love you bro!

Ram Krishna Verma : Love you Colin

tijmen spierings : Amazing ⚡

БЭТ МАН : Ну, я не видели скорости этот сколько КМ/ч???

Tim Leijten : What's the blue thing at 4:38? Which vid?

Mark McCulfor : "It maintains itself at being a cow" lololol