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Jim Carrey's portrayal of Andy Kaufman in the film 'Man On The Moon' has recently been idolised in the documentary 'Jim and Andy'. But were Carrey's actions on set truly justified? This video also has a face reveal so stick around for that. Merch: https://www.nitpix.co.uk Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPSEq7RFYm5Usypxm2BbBZA Discord: https://discord.gg/UXRMMjx Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nitpix Twitter: https://twitter.com/NitPix Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/NitPix Spotify playlist of all music used in NitPix: https://t.co/IC9jDZTOju Full Track List: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqeekg

Comments from Youtube

Jill : tbh i skipped the granddad joke

Justin Lowry : Wait wtf that's crazy that he spoke to the guys daughter pretending to be him

SatanSellingCookies : It has always been my opinion that Jim Carry overplays all of his roles, sometimes it's perfect but other times it seems to be too cartoonish

SilharaTheChosen : Ah if only there weren't so many bad jokes in between the topic of the video.

purpandorange : I never got why people though Jim Carrey was a nice humble guy, he always was a notorious narcissist and super frustrating to work with.

The Bacons : Please stop interrupting yourself with jokes, it’s just annoying and undercuts your point

Bruno Millalaf : Jokes were trash. Everything else was great! 😀

Reapergod36 : A video where none of the jokes land...

TheNewyorkdragon : What was that weird shit with your grandpa? I eventually had to fast forward through it. This video wasn’t worth the time.

dabadadeeda : Jim Carrey is too high energy to play Kaufman. Kaufman was subtle and weird, Jim is over-the-top and crazy. The voice is pretty good, and he sorta looks like him.. but the Mighty Mouse bit wasn't like Kaufman at all... it was like Jim Carrey.. just big facial expressions. It's like he CAN'T be subtle, even when he tries, which I assume he did.

Richard Hoffman : That Grandfather joke lasted way too long, wasn't funny, much like Jim Carrey's career.

Poopy : Jim Carrey is a fake nice guy. very talented but fake.

Bumblefritz : Honestly these little tangents made this hard to watch.

WartyFingleBlaster : The granddad joke safety net didn't work... In fact none of your jokes did... The parts of the video where you actually did the analysis was good though. Stick to that.

Bubbleshful : Really good video essay overall but: being meta about how your jokes are arduous and shitty doesn't make them any less so. You could just be honest about what works and what doesn't and lose them almost entirely imo. They step on the pacing and just feel like interruptions. Other than that the video's great, seriously. You make good points.

frenchabortion : You should hear what Jerry "The King" Lawler had to say about working with him. See, Lawler brought Kaufman into his Memphis territory and they were actually quite good friends in real life. You see, professional wrestling is a "work" and when opponents square off against each other in the ring they don't necessarily hate one and other. Here's a quote from a exert of Stone Cold's podcast asking Jerry Lawler about filming "Man On The Moon" "Does he not know that Andy and I were really friends? Because he treated me throughout the movie like Andy and I acted always on television, like we were bitter enemies. He (Jim Carrey) threw eggs at me at one time, he threw a bottle of juice that busted at my feet one time..." Here's the exert of Stone Cold's podcast (it's only 12 minutes long, check it out!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrPDJQOZ0yY

K Doc : Skip the jokes man. Don't even try again.

Chris C : Stick to the analysis, skip the cringy jokes.

Guy Mann : There. I watched it. Now get this god damned video off my suggested list. I've had Jim Carrey staring at me from the side bar for three weeks!

Aradia Snowdon : Maybe Andy possessed Jim and acted like a jerk to ruin his career? 🤔 good try Mr. Ghost

Victoria Lincoln : jim carrey needs to watch this. i bet his breakdown last year was him feeling empty and worn out from his years obsessed with fame, approval, validation and his narcissism

My Portrait Channel with Roger Cross : Does anyone else think that Jim Carey would be incredible as Charles Manson?

John Sanford : I agree wholeheartedly but man, this guy's comedic delivery sucks. Really it's his whole flawed understanding of what humor is that just...left me empty. A two minute diatribe on his fictional grandfather non sequitur that came out of nowhere that would have made Kaufman wish he never picked up a microphone and influenced this poor socially retarded soul.

Heather Turner : the sickest part was when he spoke with Andy's actual kid - and made it out like 'this was the first time they had a real conversation with their father'. Andy Kaufman's parents also treated him like Andy, and the whole cancer bit ... super tasteless.... I agree with your assessment. I was not mega impressed by Carey's antics..

Felipe Gonzalez : What was up with the end of the video? It was disturbing

OctagonCookies : Correct me if I missed something. NitPix: "Carrey seems completely happy to assume any responsibility for anything that can directly correlate with him being a good person" Also NitPix: "Seems to be genuinely taking credit for providing closure" What you're saying is that anything asshole-ish Carrey does he'd blame on the "ghost" possessing him, but when he does something good he'll take personal credit for it right? So you backed up this statement by showing us Carrey saying that Andy's daughter came to the trailer and talked to her father for over an hour about how much they loved each other and explored the reasons why. Notice how at no point in this clip did Jim take any credit for that upon him self, and instead explained it as if she was talking to the ghost thus continuing the facade that he was possessed which is in direct contrast to what you're claiming. Please tell me if I missed something here, if there's a phrase I somehow kept ignoring or there was some other evidence for this argument that you either showed and I've missed or you somehow forgot to put in the video. Because that statement from Carrey about Andy's daughter, the one you're using to back up the argument of his god complex, is the exact opposite from your own argument.

Levy Burns : If you understood Kaufman you would have done the "granddaddy" bit from 3:30 until the end of the video.

AverageAsianMe : Jerry Lawler would disagree with Jim being possessed. Andy was very polite in real life. Jerry hated Jim

FM Volt : My only gripe with Jim on his supposed "incarnation" of Andy is that a lot of co-stars and friends came on record saying he was actually a gentle person most of the times and very caring when not in character and I felt like Jim only portrayed his crazy side, which clearly existed, but left out a big part of what made Andy himself so in the end I think he clearly didn't get the whole picture

Matt Mitchell : Amazing video. He was Jim Carrey the whole time. The GrandPa Joke was horrible and WAY too long. I actually clicked off and then later came back to see the rest. This review/write up nails the film for what it is and brings up great points but the jokes almost make it unwatchable. Guys stick with the incredible content, leave the bad jokes behind.

Bandalod Tigaris : Nitpix: where does Jim Carey lie on the spectrum? Me: oh, he lies on the spectrum, alright

Wolfy Kaname : You spilled your tea? How dare you good sir! That will be 10,000 pounds!

Sam 94 : The beginning when he yelled ow.. My god I legit haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

HiImRawr : Honestly, he didn't really seem like Andy Kaufman at all.

The Niss : Jim Carrey is a Madman. He is a rubbish actor

BadGuyMcgee : Danny Davito looks like a shorter version of my grandpa.

Fidei Defensor : It must have been so cringey for Danny DeVito. Like, he knew Andy Kaufman in real life. Also I love your meta humour keep it up boo x

Cincin natian : Why did you go on some random two minute long joke

seekertea : Jim Carrey is a horrid actor.

Turquoise Cheetah : Everyone talked so much shit about the grandfather joke rhag I actually enjoyed it by the time I j got to it in the video

TheProjectMJ : I liked this documentary but not for the reason Jim Carrey might've wanted. It's interesting to see a man who seems to have completely lost his mind in his own delusions

2D's blue-ty shorts : *I HEAR GORILLAZ MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND* Also... Those jokes.... Yeesh.

Little Cripple : One of the biggest things about Kaufman was that he never wanted anyone to know the real Kaufman

ryan cacciapuoti : So glad you made this. I was once ganged up on when I called Jim Carrey an asshole for his portrayal of Any Kaufman. They made me think I was crazy for thinking he was arrogant.

Dislexic-Woolf : 12:26 did you just lampshade lampshading?

I WANT MY SLAW!! : I wonder how he acted on Bruce Almighty.

OLDXolique : The Grandad thing was pretty drawn out and kinda crap

raven lord : I respect Daniel Day Lewis because the man is a true chameleon. And as you noted, Carrey is pretty much the opposite -- he's just a guy trying to shoe-horn his own personality into various roles.

Jon Dowe : Any video that begins with lip smacking gets an automatic dislike.