Jim Carrey Is An Asshole Method Actor (Jim & Andy) - NitPix

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DikPix : Don’t you dare insult Jim Carrey you actual pleb. Your videos are trash and mine are much better.

Sven Stoffels : Quick tip, next time skip the joke parts...

Jill : tbh i skipped the granddad joke

Little Cripple : One of the biggest things about Kaufman was that he never wanted anyone to know the real Kaufman

purpandorange : I never got why people though Jim Carrey was a nice humble guy, he always was a notorious narcissist and super frustrating to work with.

Harry's Moving Castle : You contextualized everything really nicely, but I agree with Max, your grandad joke was really stretched out. It was funny that you went completely meta about it, but the video feels too long in itself because of these detractions. The animations were 10/10 though. ;) I do completely agree with your critique of his performance though; Jim Carrey can only play Jim Carrey in my eyes... with the possible exception of Eternal Sunshine. Wottanob.

Austin Williams : Liked it, but please cut down on the meta humor. The analysis itself was great!

TheLostDemon : It has always been my opinion that Jim Carry overplays all of his roles, sometimes it's perfect but other times it seems to be too cartoonish

Yan Thériault : First phrase you got it wrong. Jim didn't became Andy Kaufman. He became it's characters.

marion91is : OH MY GOD CAN WE GET TO THE POINT OF THE VIDEO. That granddad routine went on wayyyyyyyyyyy too long. Skipped after 20 seconds. Thank you for the video about Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman as well as your impression of Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman. Otherwise good, but skip the comedy side-routines...

FM Volt : My only gripe with Jim on his supposed "incarnation" of Andy is that a lot of co-stars and friends came on record saying he was actually a gentle person most of the times and very caring when not in character and I felt like Jim only portrayed his crazy side, which clearly existed, but left out a big part of what made Andy himself so in the end I think he clearly didn't get the whole picture

Chris C : Stick to the analysis, skip the cringy jokes.

TheNewyorkdragon : What was that weird shit with your grandpa? I eventually had to fast forward through it. This video wasn’t worth the time.

Sweaty Baby Powder Hands : I can't tell if these jokes are supposed to be funny, or they are only there to reach the 10 min part. Appreciate the research on the whole subject but these jokes man, I can't.

Hypar Beem : Skip the jokes

John Sanford : I agree wholeheartedly but man, this guy's comedic delivery sucks. Really it's his whole flawed understanding of what humor is that just...left me empty. A two minute diatribe on his fictional grandfather non sequitur that came out of nowhere that would have made Kaufman wish he never picked up a microphone and influenced this poor socially retarded soul.

Justin Lowry : Wait wtf that's crazy that he spoke to the guys daughter pretending to be him

FUGGle : Dude these sketches in the middle of the information make it almost not worth it. Almost. But still, you aren't funny. You are just a comedy nerd. lol jk.

Andrew Coleman : Andy was hated on the taxi set for being outrageously hard to work with. Soooo Jim was pretty accurate tbh

Reinulus Aurelius : Jim Carrey is obviously mentally ill.

Doapsique Gaming : In fairness: I don't blame a single actor for what happened to Suicide Squad. It was 50% studio interference 25 director and 25 dc. If Leto would've had the part he prepared for there's little doubt the movie would've been better. Most of the bad choices (like having tattoos that read "ha ha ha" and "joker") was beyond Leto's control. How many times do we see an Oscar winner in a horrendously bad movie? And how many times do directors find someone off the street who gives a performance of a lifetime, never to be heard from again? If all our culture knew of Robert DeNero was his past 15 years of work he would make every top 10 worst actors list on the internet. It takes a bad director to say "that was great" when it was dog shit. No bad actors, only bad directors.

thunder1soldier : Some of your comparisons fall flat and cant really be compared. For example, the bar of soap bit. Andy is sitting in front of a camera with a microphone talking, where as Jim is in a wrestling ring doing the bit. You cant really say he is over acting, because his acting fits the situation. He couldnt deliver it the same way Andy does in that situation, because it doesnt fit. I respect what you've tried to do here, personally, I think what Jim did was quite genius, and you and anyone else is allowed to disagree, its kind of a subjective thing. But throughout the video you try to make points that may be valid, but like with the soap bit you dont have the best examples. And to be clear, Im not trying to be a dick here, this comment is meant to be constructive criticism.

Graphomite : People are bashing NitPix for the grampa joke, but I think that was the point. He was talking about subtly in this video, yet proceeds to demonstrate himself overdoing a joke, much like he demonstrates Jim Carrey's self-depreciation at 11:30 by cutting away to talk about himself.

Matt Mitchell : Amazing video. He was Jim Carrey the whole time. The GrandPa Joke was horrible and WAY too long. I actually clicked off and then later came back to see the rest. This review/write up nails the film for what it is and brings up great points but the jokes almost make it unwatchable. Guys stick with the incredible content, leave the bad jokes behind.

Stuart Taylor : It's like you watch Redlettermedia, jontron and IHateEverything and miss what makes their random tirades funny, please find an identity to your videos. Or were you doing like a deliberate 'channeling Andy Kaufman' annoying personality thing?..In which case the unfunny and boring is now ironic and you are smart...and funny. Keep up the great work!

frenchabortion : You should hear what Jerry "The King" Lawler had to say about working with him. See, Lawler brought Kaufman into his Memphis territory and they were actually quite good friends in real life. You see, professional wrestling is a "work" and when opponents square off against each other in the ring they don't necessarily hate one and other. Here's a quote from a exert of Stone Cold's podcast asking Jerry Lawler about filming "Man On The Moon" "Does he not know that Andy and I were really friends? Because he treated me throughout the movie like Andy and I acted always on television, like we were bitter enemies. He (Jim Carrey) threw eggs at me at one time, he threw a bottle of juice that busted at my feet one time..." Here's the exert of Stone Cold's podcast (it's only 12 minutes long, check it out!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrPDJQOZ0yY

T. Duffour : I don't think his performance in the movie is an issue at all. And the difference from original clips can be explained in many cases by the fact that the script recontextualized them into situations where Andy is performing for a live audience, in which he often was more over the top. Carey shouldn't have aped every line and intonation in those scenes, which is why he didn't. Man on the Moon was good, not great, but I think that has a lot more to do with the script and direction. It really is a shame that it didn't fully take advantage of Carey's performance. Yeah, he WAS an asshole. But that's what's interesting about the documentary and artists themselves. They sometimes get a little crazy for the art. I can't personally condemn it to quite the degree that you do.

Romulus Numa : I don't know what this video is but I liked it.

Dino Spumoni : Great video. I think in your conclusion you are underestimating Carrey's acting abilities. Have you seen _Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?_ His performance is brilliant.

red wolf92 : 9:42 boobies

Rally Boyd : Man on the Moon was from 1999, or am I missing a joke?

dabadadeeda : Jim Carrey is too high energy to play Kaufman. Kaufman was subtle and weird, Jim is over-the-top and crazy. The voice is pretty good, and he sorta looks like him.. but the Mighty Mouse bit wasn't like Kaufman at all... it was like Jim Carrey.. just big facial expressions. It's like he CAN'T be subtle, even when he tries, which I assume he did.

verdatum : Far too much 4th wall humor. Your arguments stand on their own. Use the self-deprecation and meta humor as careful accents. Don't just fall back on them every 30 seconds. I had to bail after 4:30. Go back and watch Mr. Plinkett to get a lesson on when to break from the narrative and when to continue your thought straight through. I wish you the best!

Dislexic-Woolf : 12:26 did you just lampshade lampshading?

Felipe Gonzalez : What was up with the end of the video? It was disturbing

theSuperMetroid : I downvoted for the grandpa joke, but I did enjoy the analysis. Next time, just skip the "humor" and stick to the discussion of the film.

Billy J. Sobolik : I'm no doctor, but Jim seems to show a lot of signs of a borderline personality disorder, which can be both good and bad for his profession. In this case, I really do think it benefited his performance. While I don't consider Jim's take on the character to be completely accurate, there are some things he got spot-on about Kaufman's troll-like behavior, and I don't think the film was even effected in a negative way by his behavior. I think his portrayal (while the cameras weren't rolling) was a slightly unhinged version of Kaufman, which honestly made it all the more entertaining.

RennsReviews : Hey PicNix, I actually thought that this video was more interesting than the actual documentary. Saw a couple of your grandads unboxing vids, and he was a real legend. Gone too soon.

Addicted to timelapse : Could only get through 20 min of that doc. Carrey was so annoying.

Michael Rowley : why are we hating on jeremy jahns? did i miss something?

TheRealTubateer : Jim Carrey is still a GOAT!

Fiama98 : Carey seems to be mentally unstable. When he was younger it was taken as him just being wacky and goofy. You can get away with that behavior when you are young. As he got older he got worse. You couldn't write off his antics as a product of youth anymore. In away, Andy Kaufman was the same, though maybe a bit more stable mentally as he seemed to be doing what he did with intention. But if Andy didn't pass when he did I think we wouldn't be looking at him as a subversive genius, but as a sad shelf of what he once was. Jim never channeled Andy's subtle nature. He never understood why Andy did what he did. There were times where you can just slightly see Andy wanting to laugh during some of his dead pan stuff, but Carey always plasters this goofy looking grin on his face like he is a kid getting away with saying a curse word. What Jim did was a parody of Andy. It's why he does Tony so well. Tony is an over the top parody. Andy was usually a subtle quiet guy. You would never expect Andy is Tony, but you can totally see Jim being Tony. Hence why Kim makes a poor Andy.

WartyFingleBlaster : The granddad joke safety net didn't work... In fact none of your jokes did... The parts of the video where you actually did the analysis was good though. Stick to that.

Kevin Mills : He plays opon the mad while being mad himself

The Niss : Jim Carrey is a Madman. He is a rubbish actor

raven lord : I respect Daniel Day Lewis because the man is a true chameleon. And as you noted, Carrey is pretty much the opposite -- he's just a guy trying to shoe-horn his own personality into various roles.

DatDirtyXeno : I personally didn't find Kauffman funny, Jim Carrey's method approach funny, his acting in the film funny, or you funny.

Heather Turner : the sickest part was when he spoke with Andy's actual kid - and made it out like 'this was the first time they had a real conversation with their father'. Andy Kaufman's parents also treated him like Andy, and the whole cancer bit ... super tasteless.... I agree with your assessment. I was not mega impressed by Carey's antics..

axeenj : I feel like I have to balance out all the negativity in this comment section by saying that I found the beginning of the video genuinely funny. It got me, as I was like "is that what he sounds like? This feels like something else, can't put my finger on it... Oh, hah!". Then the tea bit was also funny, at least the first time.

Jonny Cantrell : You used a clip of the sopranos when you talked about goodfellas...