Jim Carrey Is An Asshole Method Actor (Jim & Andy) - NitPix

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DikPix : Don’t you dare insult Jim Carrey you actual pleb. Your videos are trash and mine are much better.

AveragePixel : It sounds like Max and yourself get along very well. Can only imagine what the writing process is like

Andrew Coleman : Andy was hated on the taxi set for being outrageously hard to work with. Soooo Jim was pretty accurate tbh

Yan Thériault : First phrase you got it wrong. Jim didn't became Andy Kaufman. He became it's characters.

Critter Cosner : There is just something that I truly hate about Jared Leto and don't know why.

K Noelle : Omg Danny DeVito is cringing so hard at 15:50

cooldude64 : a video about a documentary about a movie about a guy ?

Tommy Two-shoes : There is no NitPix. This channel doesnt even exist. Its just a projection of Jim Carrey's conciousness. Only Jim Carrey gets to decide what exists or not. Including the existence of Jim Carrey. That's what we're dealing with here with this "Jim Carrey": An ego so massive that it actually collapses under its own gravity, negating itself and leaving behind a super-massive arse-hole.

verdatum : Far too much 4th wall humor. Your arguments stand on their own. Use the self-deprecation and meta humor as careful accents. Don't just fall back on them every 30 seconds. I had to bail after 4:30. Go back and watch Mr. Plinkett to get a lesson on when to break from the narrative and when to continue your thought straight through. I wish you the best!

Yan Thériault : First phrase you got it wrong. Jim didn't became Andy Kaufman. He became it's characters.

Harry's Moving Castle : You contextualized everything really nicely, but I agree with Max, your grandad joke was really stretched out. It was funny that you went completely meta about it, but the video feels too long in itself because of these detractions. The animations were 10/10 though. ;) I do completely agree with your critique of his performance though; Jim Carrey can only play Jim Carrey in my eyes... with the possible exception of Eternal Sunshine. Wottanob.

Cameron Millar : If Jim could humanize Kaufman and actually understand his frame of mind, he'd realize that if he were alive today, Kaufman would be VERY uncomfortable with every aspect of this.

iNREEk : Yeah I didn't like how he acted. :( He sucked at this role.

Drew Halfhand : You did nothing on the Jim vs Lawler stuff which was INSANE. He tortured the guy on set to the point Lawler assaulted him several times. He kept going on with Lawler on the set even though Lawler was there and telling him that him and Andy actually had a very different relationship. That was hard to watch for me. Jim got it in his mind that what you saw from the Andy and Lawler bits was the real way they did things off camera even though Lawler was there to tell him otherwise. He non stop antagonized Lawler on set doing quite literally almost everything you can imagine including spitting on him on set. Jim would follow him around shit talking him and throwing stuff at him, throwing water on him and insulting his girlfriend. What kills me about this is Lawler was probably excited for the experience of being in a Hollywood movie and just got downright harrassed and belittled every second of every day from some jumped up pretentious Hollywood asshole. EVEN THOUGH Jim Carrey was told from FIRST HAND experience that Lawler and Andy were very polite and nice to each other Jim Carrey for some fucked reason thought he knew how Andy Kaufman acted around someone better than the person that experienced that first hand. That right there turned me inside out with rage. The entire documentary could have been about that shit and you didn't even mention it so I was fairly disappointed if I am being honest.

Cincin natian : Why did you go on some random two minute long joke

Bright Sun Films : Amazing video, loved it!

Sven Stoffels : Quick tip, next time skip the joke parts...

Robin Thrush : Hmmm, reminds me of the millennial humor in Marvel comics.

Ian White : One little note that I think you should find important: As bad as that grandfather bit was (and is worse upon re-watching, I actually had to skip it, which is why the "safety net" doesn't actually work) the worst part about it is the fact that it had literally nothing to do with the video, wasn't even tangentially related. This is an issue because it actually made me, as a viewer, concerned for the rest of your content, and what it said about your joke structure, and less enthusiastic to subscribe, because you apparently didn't even need context to stop halfway through a good point and subject the viewer to 5 million years of a really awkward and uncomfortable aside, and that I wouldn't even be able to expect it. Just out of nowhere *boom* 5 minutes of making me actually want to just click off the video. Not a good strategy for making people want to watch your stuff.

crystal carb : I already thought jim carrey was a complete douchebag due to his anti-vaccinations bull...this just cemented that.

RennsReviews : Hey PicNix, I actually thought that this video was more interesting than the actual documentary. Saw a couple of your grandads unboxing vids, and he was a real legend. Gone too soon.

Lucky Losin : Turn the yelling down, the rest of the video is so mellow, it's not funny when you shout, it's really annoying.

Hypar Beem : Skip the jokes

Kevin Harris : Agreed......Carrey fancies himself some sort of “woke AF” person, so open and sharing about his feelings way too much, as if we care. It was a fine performance, but nothing special. His job was acting.......the documentary was better than the movie, which poorly represented the ground breaking comedic genius of Kauffman. Lawler has been very upfront about the friendship that he had with Kaufman. Why Jim Carrey didn’t understand that wrestling is fake and staged, is beyond me. At one point he actually spit in Jerry Lawler’s face on the set. When they filmed the letterman scene, Lawler tells the story that he hit Jim Carrey is hard as he could, much harder than when he slapped Kaufman. Jim Carrey is so far removed from the reality of every day human beings at this point. Sharing his search for self actualization is insulting to most human beings who are living check to check. Stop being a miserable introspective fuck, and be happy that you have nothing to worry about ever again. You will always be famous, you will always have money, and women will always throw themselves at you. Nobody cares about your search for meaning.

Underp4ntz : Authismo at as finest.

Romulus Numa : I don't know what this video is but I liked it.

Marco's Movies : Great video man, would you consider doing one on The End of the F***ing World

goodbyehoes : I think you guys are taking everything a little too literally. Of course he took things too far but method actors do that all the time. But the part where he said something about Kaufman taking over, I don't think he means he possessed him. I'm pretty sure he was saying he became the character, he became Andy Kaufman. In an acting sense.

J G : I’d rather just watch the documentary

Miskéri Maja : real question is are u single

YungCrippTV : Excellent video man. Very well done

Erfenburgurz : Tbh I actually liked the “safety net” joke. I felt as it if were trying to fail at making the joke but trying break the fourth wall at the same time, but it totally failed at breaking the fourth wall at the end, even though failing to break the fourth wall was intentional.

Jill : tbh i skipped the granddad joke

Yung Savage : This comment section has more salt than a bag of Lay's.

Austin Williams : Liked it, but please cut down on the meta humor. The analysis itself was great!

Felicity Swan : I never thought I would be in so much pain watching Jim Carry.

Graphomite : People are bashing NitPix for the grampa joke, but I think that was the point. He was talking about subtly in this video, yet proceeds to demonstrate himself overdoing a joke, much like he demonstrates Jim Carrey's self-depreciation at 11:30 by cutting away to talk about himself.

Chadkins : I don't think the jokes work. It's not because they're not funny, it's because they're completely out of place for the format. This isn't a comedy show, it's an analytical show - and regardless of what anyone says, it's extremely annoying when you're interested in a topic of discussion and someone cuts into the middle of it to make a 2-MINUTE LONG meta non-sequitur about the narrator's relationship with their grandfather. You haven't done anything to set up the narrator as a character (so we have no reason to care completely ruining the point of the joke) and it completely halts the flow of the video to a dead stop. I'm not rolling my eyes because you're not funny, I'm rolling my eyes because I just want you to get on with the video which is pretty interesting, but just when I'm back into the swing and I'm immersed - bam, another long drawn out meta joke. It's not even about "know your strengths", it's just don't tell me I'm gonna watch a video about Jim Carrey's method acting and spend 20% of the video de-railing into jokes that have absolutely nothing to do with the narrative.

Angea H. : the videos 24 min long and u put that grandfather joke in..

bigearedmouse17 : Jim Carrey was the only actor in Hollywood who could of played Andy Kaufman.

marion91is : OH MY GOD CAN WE GET TO THE POINT OF THE VIDEO. That granddad routine went on wayyyyyyyyyyy too long. Skipped after 20 seconds. Thank you for the video about Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman as well as your impression of Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman. Otherwise good, but skip the comedy side-routines...

John Doe : Thank you for using Gorillaz in the background.

graphicnovellife : I always had a feeling that Jim Carrey was an ass. I remember watching him as a kid and not liking him because he was so essentric in his roles and wondering if he was like that as a person. Guess I was right.

Donny Domingo : Sorry you lost me after you felt it necessary to explain that Andy's ghost didn't really possess Jim's body. Ya think?

Chuu Etteck My R : Yeah I thought he was a serious asshole to Jerry the King Lawler most in particular. The real Andy Kaufman, off cameras, afaik, was actually friends with Jerry. Think he took it too far and am pretty sure he KNEW he was conscious of his posession by Kaufman's spirit.

DraftUno : My only gripe with Jim on his supposed "incarnation" of Andy is that a lot of co-stars and friends came on record saying he was actually a gentle person most of the times and very caring when not in character and I felt like Jim only portrayed his crazy side, which clearly existed, but left out a big part of what made Andy himself so in the end I think he clearly didn't get the whole picture

Arth Armani : i liked Jim Carry when i was small and stupid:)

Simon Tramps : Dude, you can’t even get the date right, 1999 not 96..

thunder1soldier : Some of your comparisons fall flat and cant really be compared. For example, the bar of soap bit. Andy is sitting in front of a camera with a microphone talking, where as Jim is in a wrestling ring doing the bit. You cant really say he is over acting, because his acting fits the situation. He couldnt deliver it the same way Andy does in that situation, because it doesnt fit. I respect what you've tried to do here, personally, I think what Jim did was quite genius, and you and anyone else is allowed to disagree, its kind of a subjective thing. But throughout the video you try to make points that may be valid, but like with the soap bit you dont have the best examples. And to be clear, Im not trying to be a dick here, this comment is meant to be constructive criticism.

Guy Mann : There. I watched it. Now get this god damned video off my suggested list. I've had Jim Carrey staring at me from the side bar for three weeks!