"Africa" by Toto but every word is in alphabetical order

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Dan is my Name : Check out my new video that’s exactly like this, but “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer!!!!: https://youtu.be/__F-_iGKCJM

Patrick Star : Drums echoing being right next to each other was very satisfying

Taran Van Hemert : This is exactly what I hoped it would be

Momonja : *to-to-to-to-tonight*

Aubree Swart : The amount of work you must have went through for this video is crazy!

o7 : Africa by Toto but every word is Africa

Pro Player 1⃣ : *_aaaAAAAaaafrica_*

Froufrou Deluxe : 0:55 this video

SixtyNinety : 1:17 when your dog jumps on the table for food

Spencer Vanderkley | Composer : do do do do do do.... dogs.

CodeRedCody : When the kid with a stutter reads in class

Arctic Rebekah : When someone hands me the aux

Quinn Meche : This, this is the point when we earned extinction.

TheBeaTle : do do do do DOGS

R PH : This is Bill Wurtz meets Seth Everman and I am living for it

Shrerd_Inc : This was both comforting and uncomfortable at the exact same time

Elzeta : I only listen to *real* music

Beyond Gaming : _rains_ _rains_ _rains_ _rains_ _rains_ _rains_ _rains_ *reflect*

Jack Daswagga : Im inside, it's Kilimanjaro

kokoado : 1:45 When you step on lego

Beebo said I’m not trash : Thanks, I -hate- love it

Jayden Meyer : The chants, I still hear them, out in the distant, I hear nothing but crying, I don't know where it's coming from but I know what I can hear, one, singular word, echoing in darkness, Africa

megan alaniz : now this is the internet i signed up for

fatt a fack : *Kilimanjaro*

el : god fears what he can’t control


bonecanoe86 : I was born in the right generation.

Arc Airsoft : Wait this isn’t very funny

Grace Wells : Me at 10pm- just one more video and I'll go to sleep 3:30am-

Claire Leventon : *MEN* *MEN* *MEN*

Teran Stark : all capes heroes Not wear.

Banana Duck : The song to my funeral.


Adam Baker : Some people have to much time on their hands, like me for watching this

Xavier Wagner : 00:56 “Bless Bless Bless boy but coming company”...... damn Toto

Jonas : 1:51 was that the Mario starman theme??

Bige : Haha this sounds like a bill wurtz song

loren young : Bless Bless Bless Bless Bless Boy

Neve Sargeant : I swear I saw the dude from the when life gives you lemons vine

MrRedfield89 : Genius

Ethan Fong : I snorted at ""in"

Inkster_Is_ Trash : 1:54 Inside, *it's Kilimanjaro!*

Pufferfish Planet : 0:35 well that escalated quickly

Fallen Mango : 1:15 you want me to what?!

Adelar Lerigon : "(synth solo)" LOL XD

A Vsaucy Boi : Now play the song Toto by Africa

DevilKin : Arguably better than the original

Shiny Shinx : Now, this is content!

ST SNSGT : Do do do do dogs

Sabrina Murray : 1:27 *GONNA WHAT*