"Africa" by Toto but every word is in alphabetical order

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Dan is my Name : Check out my new video that’s exactly like this, but “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer!!!!: https://youtu.be/__F-_iGKCJM

Patrick Star : Drums echoing being right next to each other was very satisfying

The rando show : Wild wings word *Y O U*

Nobody Nobody : This made me uncomfortable because couldn’t sing along

reali tea : 1980: there’s going to be flying cars in the future 2018: “Africa by Toto but it’s in alphabetical order” (I know I’m unoriginal)

Robyn D : I don't know what I was expecting it to sound like but it wasn't this

JamerGamer : 1:26 frightened from gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna. i would be too

Evan Cook : 3:05 when you have a really bad stutter


Kinda Bella : This isn't what we wanted, but it's what we needed

Brooklyn Grace : 0:55 when someone in class sneezes

Arctic Rebekah : When someone hands me the aux

Sofia Bondevik : them: what kind of music do you listen to? me: it’s complicated

oof : *I have a lot of homework.*

Maeve Hegarty : Me: can I have the aux Friend: ya but don’t play anything dumb Me:

madelyn grace : the weather forecast is rains rains rains rains rains rains rains rains rains rains

Pro Player 1⃣ : *_aaaAAAAaaafrica_*

Katherine Says Hi : That’s 3 minutes and 36 seconds I’ll never get back. *and I’m okay with that*

Princess Felicity : I accidentally clicked on this when looking for the original Africa and thought “oh I musta clicked it without meaning too...oh well” so I got up and went back to the Xbox when 0:24 came on and I jumped a fuckin mile

Lee Forgey : This sounds like a Bill Wurtz song

Infinity On High : This is something no one asked for but we all really needed

Momonja : *to-to-to-to-tonight*

▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped. : (synth solo) under "S" LOL


John Calacanis : rains. Rains. RaInS. RAINS.

Chelsbear - : Some people have wayyy too much time on their hands... It’s bloody wonderful!

Taran Van Hemert : This is exactly what I hoped it would be

Christian DiNunzio : 3:19 Soldier boy I tell em

Cleo 1010 : But can you make the musical notes in order

Lobstep Gaming : When your DVD scratches...

Sacred Bucket : I like the part where he says 'Africa'.

Foolish Kiwi : Lost it at the Synth Solo being in alphabetical order.

iconic boi : _when you want to play a song but suffer from epilepsy_

vizthex : It's not "have", it's "haaAAaavaeEEeeEE! Good job otherwise though

Mir Aalto : baby shark 1:11

John Calacanis : “Men men men moonlight more.” -Toto

Edgy Meme Shrek : Some stars stopped, sure. *synth solo plays*

XxA Jskillz26xX : 1:52 did anyone else hear that or just me?

TheRedrockBlock : You can’t fool me. This is just a bill wurtz video

Maja Malicka : 0:57 *boii*

Elzeta : I only listen to *real* music

Myamdane 777 : Ruins song the this

The Galaxy : First part of the song *AFRICA AFRICA AFRICA AWAY AWAY*

Just Derp : WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?

The Game Grumps Let’s Play of Majora’s Mask : 1:53 *INSIDE ITS KILIMANJARO*

Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist : 1:20 it turns me on that two words that occur in succession in the original recording are also already in alphabetical order

Lord Moo : Dan is my name and alphabetizing is my game

ItsKickass : Something made me watch this video completely through... I don't even know why xD

Marian N : why is this still better that 99% of today's music

Keisuke Takahasi : thanks for the cancer