"Africa" by Toto but every word is in alphabetical order

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Dan is my Name : Check out my new video that’s exactly like this, but “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer!!!!: https://youtu.be/__F-_iGKCJM

Arctic Rebekah : When someone hands me the aux

JamerGamer : 1:26 frightened from gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna. i would be too

Jasmin Kelly : I can't believe someone took time out of their life to make this

__batfeathers__ : "Hey, what mountain is that" "1:54"

You'reMyLightningBolt : *This is what I'm going to homeschool my children with.*

Patrick Star : Drums echoing being right next to each other was very satisfying

TheHeavenlyBuddy : 1:46 trying to get a word in while having a conversation with your talkative friend be like

Moe Squirrl : Anyone else watching this entire thing instead of doing homework?

Seb : 2:25 England in a nutshell

Ferbilgerbil : 3:12 "What whispers wild wings words?" "You."

Pro Player 1⃣ : *_aaaAAAAaaafrica_*

Kubic : Why is the genre music It should be art

Austin : 0:55 when someone sneezes over and over again 2:25 when the minecraft rain is too loud

Destination Unknown : 2:45 "Some some some some some stars stopped, sure" *Synth Solo* My favorite part!

Saint-Sama : Someone had a lot of 3:04 on their hands.

Taran Van Hemert : This is exactly what I hoped it would be

WaaDoku 【和ァ独】 : Came here for the song. Stayed for the comments.

Becky G : 2:25 When your mom asks what the weather is supposed to be like and doesn’t hear you the first time

Reese Hickok : 1:44 when your friend is copying your homework and the teacher walks in

M L : The video we didn't ask for, but needed.

Rosin : I like how (Synth Solo) was counted as a lyric.

Blue__ : 3:25 when you see your ex.

MattheJ1 : 1:59 When I'm an opera singer warming up for my big solo

Sahar1041 : Am I the only one who got scared and surprised and busted out laughing at 00:24

Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist : 1:20 it turns me on that two words that occur in succession in the original recording are also already in alphabetical order

Rock Candy : *b l e s s b l e s s b l e s s b l e s s b l e s s*

mg : I T ' S K I L I M A N J A R O

Astronomical : 1:45 When you forgot what you were about to say 🤦

Melanielovesyou : i’ve been blessed like five times in this video

Elzeta : I only listen to *real* music

▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped. : Comment NOT edited. 3:12 "What whispers wild wings words?" "You."

Cringy Child : the “drums echoing” part is so satisfying after all that chaos

Teeah Tee : “Me, me, me *MELODIES*”

ingugamurr311 \ ig311 : 1:10 singing a song when you cant remember the lyrics be like

Momonja : *to-to-to-to-tonight*

Niydfass : oh no its KILIMANJARO

panzerkampfwagen : This entire video is an alliteration

Liz_thelion queen : When you CD skips in the car

DerSibbe : Aaaaaaafricaaaa! Aaaaaaafricaaaa! Aaaaaaafricaaaa! Aaaaaaafricaaaa! Aaaaaaafricaaaa!

CodeRedCody : When the kid with a stutter reads in class

Osama Bin Laden : I loved the part where they mention Africa

Ryan mclean : A after believe can't continent I named song they this whole That's the true alphabetical order

Awkward Potato : The comment section makes this so much better 😂

Daphne Stier : I’m supposed to be doing my homework

bonecanoe86 : I was born in the right generation.

Daniel Mendoza : I nutted so hard to this video

Asher Pfanku : This reminds me of being in kindergarden during naptime when the music track would catch on the "months of the year song" and just repeat "may" until I was laughing my ass off.

Nrky Gaming : 1:53 Inside... It's Kilimanjaro...

Dynamite Gaming : 1:45 Spongebob: I I I I Mr. Krabs: come on boy tell it Spongebob: I I I I I I I I