Rami Malek As Kenny In The War At Home Being A Gay Disaster For 11 Minutes and 6 Seconds

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Gabrielle Kelly : Idk why but I just love the way Rami talks...

AreTheyGay : me irl

Mai Nguyễn : rami malek's audition tape for bohemian rhapsody leaked

Kaitlyn W. : I've only know Kenny for six minutes and fourty one seconds but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

Mert Karaca : This is a strange Mr Robot episode.

Whizzer's terrible horrible no good very bad day : “Hi Kenny what’s new?” “IIIIIIM ✨ _GAY”_ ✨ MEEEE

Kylie Kay : i can't believe he was in his mid-20s looking like a 14 year old

lottedechagny : rami went from a disaster gay to a distinguished bisexual

FancyDandin : "So far, I'm only gay in theory" is my new anthem.

Otaku Scythela : he's the disaster gay that's constantly on the verge of breaking down and screaming "I'M GAY" in the middle of a silent church sermon.

Ethan Wong : "oh my gOD iTs. MArAJuANA"

dinda : "so you were born in new york?" "i Don't wAnT tO HavE SeX WiTH YoU"

XXI : REBOOT this show but Kenny is the main character, thank you.

Ella Jade : I think I’ve fallen in love with Kenny in these 11 minutes. Not romantically but I will kill anyone who tries to hurt him

Sophie Somerfeldt : Okay, he's really young, it's stereotypical, but hey, he's totes adorkable, already charismatic, and great at comedy. I really hope he does some more sometime!

Tea : what part of bohemian rhapsody is this?

Leah Langnas : I wanna see this man host SNL one day

Purple Lamb : Later he played the greatest gay singer of time

D M : “Kenny, come out of the closet right now!”

Goitske : ‘I love figure skating!’ ‘....it’s called hockey’


kadyence xoxo : “anD HEs GoT DiMpLes For MiLesss !”

Sharon : 10:53 - 10:58 he just sort of s t o p s ahh kenny.exp is not working and then he just m e l t s which is so cute!!

Kaitlyn Pieper : Im crushing so hard on Rami at the moment

Bean Stew : I love Kenny because he talks adorable and he is just so awkward and trying not to be gay-ish in the first season and when he does come out he is honest about his sexuality in a comedic way... not to mention Rami Malek is my all time favorite actor.. and not because of just Queen and Freddie Mercury but just because of his personality and stuff... but Kenny is the best

Wenthony : I laughed out loud, he was very funny and charming in this role. Sure, it's stereotypical and cliché but he made the best of the material.

KillerQueen : This has been in my recommendations for the past week and now I'm glad I finally decided to watch it.

Snazzy nerd : he constantly sounds like he's on the verge of breaking down and crying on the floor and yup that's what it feels like when people talk to you like your straight

LMC123 : I’m stuck between going “god what a stereotype” and “wow what a gay mood”

ilikebunnies : I love the last scene: - Oh yeah? Well, does Larry say that you have the most soulful eyes he's ever seen? - ... *giggles and falls over*

sheep - : Garrett watts was definitely one of the 400k views.

Tagträumerin : Is this the prequel to Bohemian Rhapsody?

Nesquik Nessa : 10:54 "does Larry say that you have the most soulful eyes he's ever seen" *gets all cute* 😩

lilb783 : Ok, but when Kenny said "I'm bad at being gay, I think i'm allowed to be a little upset" i felt that

darbat : I never understood Kenny’s attraction to that other kid. I always thought Kenny was way too attractive.

wittypseudx : "so which flavour do you like?" *i don't know, which flavours the gay flavour* why is this something i would say in the exact same situation outing myself exactly the same 🤔🤔 gay culture at its finest

Sparkling baozi : 5:06 Literally nervous gay laughter

Laura Kousholt : he spell his name with a Y, Y? BECAUSE HE'S CUTE!

I don’t know anymore : 9:45 that’s the actor that plays Jasper in Twilight sfacwagshshdgdhdd

Holly Armstrong : Oh god Kenny is my precious gay child and if anyone hurt him I would personally chop their heads off

Clueing For Looks : *"oH mY gOd tHat'S mAriJuaNa"* Edit: thank you so much for all the likes I've never gotten this many

IronicAppreciation : is he even capable of playing any character that's not gay?

Theodosia Lopez : “PeEk-A-bOo! I sEe YoU!”

Theodosia Lopez : Isn’t he 25-26 when he was in the show? HE LOOKS SO YOUNG UGH❤️

Fausto : Mr. Robot: the lost episode

lavandhon : 9:40 me when I flirt with guys and they flirt back

Ray Yeah that’s my name : Hey who recorded my life and posted it on YouTube?!?

Oscar Wilson : I used to think this was overly stereotypical. Now it is literally me. Oh dear


BøpMyBussy Cliquey McPiløt : Does he just.. Never age?