How Much Spaghetti Could Fit in a Car?

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Wyatt Fennell : I dont know why you channel hasn't exploded with popularity! Im sharing this with everyone I know.

Lord Laneus : A new video after just two weeks, awesome. Keep up the quality, and if possible, the pace.

A man has no name : Dude your videoes are awesome. Keep it up.

xXLucky HarmsXx : Love this channel man, keep up the good work!

Ethan Poland : I can't think of a clever comment but still wanted to show my support.

Death By Internet c: : its like seeing a child grow up watching this channel. eat your vegetables.

UBC MET : That's a fun bit of mathematics!

AfroBlanket : Your content is so good, and your channel is so small, i can't tell whether or not this is all freebooted content. If it isn't, youre gonna be a pretty big tuber one day lol.

jason994 : When you have 1000000 subscribers ill look back on this day, that i was your 89th subscriber :P