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whatever : more than 5 years later, still one of my favorite videos :)

Elineh 4 : 2019 ? 😂

Javhix : 2018?

AZLINK : Cette vidéo est sorti il y a 10 ans et pourtant elle reste indétrônable...

スティーブSteve : 2 0 1 9 Everybody

Le Geek Sportif : Les Français??

ᎯᎯRᎾN THE LIᎾN : At 1:44 I died LMAO THE GUY TRYS TO RUN AWAY FROM COPS BUT HE FAILED Edit: oh lol in also in 2:40 I died of laughing LMAO IT WAS SO FUNNY

Arnab Jyoti Das : He got biggest balls. Balls of steel. Respect. End of discussion !🤣😂

Mohammad Zoli : 2:41 is the best scene in YouTube ever

Hei Bk-201 : 10 years later still one of the best videos on youtube...

Pierre-Alexis Delattre : Bon les anglais parler français dans les comm svp ont pige que dalle là

Je veut des abonnés grâce à mes commentaires. : 81 millions de vues record guinesse

Lili. corne : Qui regarde ça en 2019 ?

Darlene Mc Inerney : that ''kangaroo'' saved 2 people from getting a parking ticket LOL

Roel : 3:10 Nederlands? Huh?

Mateo Binet : 2019

Seven : 2:38 Gracias a esto te conocí *Remi* y después de *10 años* me sigue haciendo gracia... Gracias por tantas risas, *Leyenda*

King TM : 2018?

CommanderCodyHD : 8 Years ago, still one of Youtube's best video.

kolya чебан : Ты лучше это от Одессе Украины

Reaver : 2069 anyone?

meille antonin : De toute façon toute c vidéo sont trop lol

L Mitch : Francia 2 vs Australia 1 (Rusia 2018)

Warley Copisque : WTF

Spyro 23 : 2030 anyone?

Kotoura -San : oh my god !! 2:41 lol

D'JOKE R : Un faedah

Skabadoo : The world used to be a better place when people wouldn't get professionally offended over a video made in 2008

ChocDanao : *2020 anyone ?*

rminguen : Français 2019 la terre n'a pas encore explosé

WOLFGAMING YT : 2018 any one???? 😂😂😂😂

Pensou que eu estava Brincando ? : *EIS QUE VOCÊ COMPRAR UM CANGURU NA DEEP WEB*

Jonttu : Ahh the golden times of youtube <3 Not full of stupid children and fake pranksters. Remi, you are original ;)

Little Psychopath : 10 ans et toujours la video qui me fait le plus rire...

Onno 2110 : *2019?*

Nicky Gamer the 5000th : So good, but he's a funny criminal. Just go to 1:24

HaiseMemories : 2019.

Arjun Singh : I don't understand how 8k people don't like this... This is the best video I have ever seen hahahahaha

aurel95 : Like si tu regarde en 2018

Madara Uchiha : I watched this in my car, on my home and guess what, i got scolded by my parents for laughing like a clown

Skjdo Parodie : Jpp 😂

Electric Wolf : It’s been 11 years and this is the best vid I ever watched

DerJohn : 0:50 Exactly what they deserve

TV do Mau : El nombre del musica és "NSK-Kangourou nomade"

achu laxman : The Youtuber, The Legend🌟

Sameer Sameer Khan : Coup de monde

Riley Merino : How are you not in jail?

Arox : 2019?

Ricky Rahman : 2018 😂😂😂😂😂

НИХРЕНАСЕ! : Всем привет!