Joe Rogan Reacts to Top Earning YouTubers

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Taken from JRE MMA Show #54 w/Din Thomas:

Comments from Youtube

Daniel Mayer : When Ben Shapiro knows more about Pewdiepie. Very cool.

Ron Mexico : Don't piss off Gloria Borger or you'll have 70 mil 9 year olds making memes of you. And it wasn't a nazi uniform, it was a British soldier uniform btw

Kevin Green : It’s pretty incredible how little joe can know on a topic but spew shit outta his mouth as if it’s facts. That’s a real talent.

HMan : Felix (Pewdiepie) never wore an actual nazi outfit, he wore a British officer costume. It was a joke about Youtube's attitude, and then the WSJ made a hit piece out of it, which was repeated ad nauseum without anyone of these "reporters" ever checking their facts. The entire thing was a deliberate hit piece against Youtube, using cherry picked Pewdiepie video moments without context. These unfounded and ridiculous attacks kept coming from WSJ, The Verge, Vox, etc.... Sure Felix did do an oopsie on a bridge once upon a time. But the rest of the rumours are complete and utter crap... He's about as anti-semite as Larry David. The reason this crap is going on is because large publications are quickly fading into oblivion. Everyone reads online now. No one buys magazines or newspapers. They feel threatened by Youtube, so they make these hit pieces, using big names like Pewdiepie in the title as a click bait for their shitty "journalism", which is of course behind a pay wall. Oh and SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!

Luka Tyler : Lol it was a british army officers uniform... Not a nazi outfit. Be careful what you say, the nine year olds are cocked and ready to fire.... You should get him on the podcast. One of the most real YouTubers out there.

FantasticNinja : This is exactly how misinformation gets out "wearing a Hitler outfit." No he wasn't, he wore a British uniform he bought off Amazon.

Super Dan : Joe knocking pewdiepie for saying the N word when I’ve heard him say the N word at least 20 times on here

maccycle : Joe's little piece about PewDiePie and his ignorance on the situation shows how the real world judge someone on a little news headline. PewDiePie should be on the show to educate Joe.

Bryan : Joe "Im a rich youtuber but I dont consider my self a youtuber" Rogan

fAITHFUL : This is exactly what's wrong with the media! Approximately a year ago Logan Paul filmed a dead body and posted it on YouTube yet PewDiePie is the one known for "saying and doing controversial shit"... Ok.

Whackashit : Who tf is PooeDiePie? His name's Gloria Doopsie.

pufthedragonCCS : Everything they said about Pewiepie was wrong.

TRYING TO GET 500 SUBSCRIBERS WITH NO UPLOADS : My grandfather saw the titanic and he warned everyone that it would sink but nobody would listen. He told people a few more times and then he was kicked out of the cinema.

Daniel Sheppard : Really wish Joe would educate himself on the whole Pewdiepie thing. The media always miss inform on him. And that's putting it nicely

MtbMickey408 : 'Poo de pie' has over 80 million subs now lol

Beats by Basti : Joe "acts like he doesn't make a lot of money on Youtube" Rogan But it's all love

Pedro Passos : pewdiepie was wearing a british uniform

Curtis Caudle : Joe you shouldn’t talk about stuff you don’t know about , so many misstatements here it’s very frustrating ....

Surviive : Is this strictly based on what they make off of YouTube? Jeffree Star OWNS his own makeup company. He’s a businessman! He makes millions not related to YouTube.

Dead Farang : I have never seen 1 ad on a Joe Rogan video.

at me : Can young Jamie pls tell him how to pronounce Pewdiepie

Ryan Warren : For a man that's had Gary Vaynerchuk and Philip DeFranco on his Podcast and lives in LA you're extraordinarily ignorant when it comes to the legitimacy and power of Social Media. All those numbers are BS by the way and have been debunked regularly by the creators themselves, revenue from YouTube advertisements isn't THAT hot compared to how it used to be. Most of the money comes from brand partnerships, collaborations and side businesses such as clothing lines. Joe "NPC of Social Media" Rogan Still love ya

Jason Federico : I love you joe but everything you said on the podcast today was incorrect😬

Matty P : I made 0 from utube. My content boring 😎💪👍👊👊

Sí Mon : PewDiePie doesn’t really say controversial shit. Like point to something. Controversy finds him. Media outlets looking for news find him. He is a meme guy. He is a comedian.

Miguel Valle : He probably had one to many Samuel Jackson's before the interview 🍺🍻

Faab : Meanwhile Pewdiepie also raises 250.000 dollar for charity in India, which isn't mentioned here at all

Marcus Creative : man you are making about 100-150k per month from youtube also lol

Emily Marie : I genuinely want him to have David Dobruja on his podcast. I think they’d have a brilliant conversation. Just saaaaayyyiiinn

Handsome Jack : Joe "Poodiepie" Rogan.

Shane Eckel : PewDiePie has said on his live stream that he would love to go on the podcast. Honestly, he's essentially a comic trying maintain integrity and find his way in a weird new world while the media treats him like a huge entity. It's pretty unfair to his reputation given how long he's been at it and how public he's done it. Would be a fascinating podcast to see how much overlap he has with the stand up community and I think Joe would learn a lot about what's happening to comedy from a younger perspective. Really a shame he hasn't been on yet. But for some reason Jamie and Joe have a bad taste in their mouth when talking about him and that's kind of a shame.

we eating our breffiss dis mourning unfortunately : Joe "Very very very very very few" Rogan

Obscene Blood Fart : That's just YouTube ad revenue. Between direct donations, their various sponsors, side projects, etc. They are making crazy bank.

allison winchester : Brings up Pewdiepies controversies.... totally skips over Logan Paul filming a dead body. 😒😖

OrganicSoulJazz : "Bows and Arrow" how long have you been holding that one in Joe

Ian Hodgson : Cant believe Brendan Schaub's not in the top 10......Or does he just think he is?

Golden Canuck : Rogan!!!! You're among the best of men !!!! GAURENTEED!!!!!!!

Rich Jenkins : Joe's adds are spoken at the podcast take off, as well as sponsors mentioned constantly throughout each session.

jaheer al shimm : Jake Paul got fired from Disney, he didn’t just decide to walk away

Julia Phoriana ! : INVITE A PSYCHIC MEDIUM get them exposed !

M M : hahahah really?? that's your output about pewdiepie? what a goon

Erik Lewis : Every man has that amount of wiffle dust there willing to settle for.

mimih23 : Legitimate? lol As if Youtube's crack and they're the dealer.

The Clueless Drinker : I love Joe ALWAYS misrepresents PewDiePie and the scandals he's been through haha Pewds needs to be a guest.

Matt A : that moment when you don't research anything you're talking about ^this video

DaKermitFrog : This dude is like a darker funnier Hannibal Buress. <3

jack squat : Get Albert Einstein on this muthE=..".."#*<<>¿<'

Dillen Dillen : He wore a british army uniform. This is how effective the clickbait media lies are when even Joe don't know the truth.

TheDovahkiin : Joe, don't talk smack about Poppy Gloria or else you will feel the wrath of 80 million 9 year olds