Joe Rogan Reacts to Top Earning YouTubers

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Dead Farang : I have never seen 1 ad on a Joe Rogan video.

Faab : Meanwhile Pewdiepie also raises 250.000 dollar for charity in India, which isn't mentioned here at all

Luka Tyler : Lol it was a british army officers uniform... Not a nazi outfit. Be careful what you say, the nine year olds are cocked and ready to fire.... You should get him on the podcast. One of the most real YouTubers out there.

Daniel Mayer : When Ben Shapiro knows more about Pewdiepie. Very cool.

Super Dan : Joe knocking pewdiepie for saying the N word when I’ve heard him say the N word at least 20 times on here

jaheer al shimm : Jake Paul got fired from Disney, he didn’t just decide to walk away

HMan : Felix (Pewdiepie) never wore an actual nazi outfit, he wore a British officer costume. It was a joke about Youtube's attitude, and then the WSJ made a hit piece out of it, which was repeated ad nauseum without anyone of these "reporters" ever checking their facts. The entire thing was a deliberate hit piece against Youtube, using cherry picked Pewdiepie video moments without context. These unfounded and ridiculous attacks kept coming from WSJ, The Verge, Vox, etc.... Sure Felix did do an oopsie on a bridge once upon a time. But the rest of the rumours are complete and utter crap... He's about as anti-semite as Larry David. The reason this crap is going on is because large publications are quickly fading into oblivion. Everyone reads online now. No one buys magazines or newspapers. They feel threatened by Youtube, so they make these hit pieces, using big names like Pewdiepie in the title as a click bait for their shitty "journalism", which is of course behind a pay wall. Oh and SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!

Kevin Green : It’s pretty incredible how little joe can know on a topic but spew shit outta his mouth as if it’s facts. That’s a real talent.

FantasticNinja : This is exactly how misinformation gets out "wearing a Hitler outfit." No he wasn't, he wore a British uniform he bought off Amazon.

SpaghettiSilhouette : Can he please learn to pronounce PewDiePie in 2019? And stop pretending he doesn't know exactly who he is😂

Ryan Nesslerodt : Get pewdiepie on the podcast

louistop89 : He first talks about Logan Paul and then right after talks about how Pewdiepie says "controversial shit"...Joe, you do know who Logan Paul is, right???

Ron Mexico : Don't piss off Gloria Borger or you'll have 70 mil 9 year olds making memes of you. And it wasn't a nazi uniform, it was a British soldier uniform btw

maccycle : Joe's little piece about PewDiePie and his ignorance on the situation shows how the real world judge someone on a little news headline. PewDiePie should be on the show to educate Joe.

Bryan : Joe "Im a rich youtuber but I dont consider my self a youtuber" Rogan

Beats by Basti : Joe "acts like he doesn't make a lot of money on Youtube" Rogan But it's all love

Daniel Sheppard : Really wish Joe would educate himself on the whole Pewdiepie thing. The media always miss inform on him. And that's putting it nicely

Pedro Passos : pewdiepie was wearing a british uniform

Curtis Caudle : Joe you shouldn’t talk about stuff you don’t know about , so many misstatements here it’s very frustrating ....

TRYING TO GET 100 SUBSCRIBERS WITH NO UPLOADS : My grandfather saw the titanic and he warned everyone that it would sink but nobody would listen. He told people a few more times and then he was kicked out of the cinema.

J Juice : Rogan conveniently used 'n-bombs' on this episode instead of just droppin em like he has in the past. Interesting.

Whackashit : Who tf is PooeDiePie? His name's Gloria Doopsie.

blueshue 1989 : pewdiepie/felix was wearing an world war 2 British uniform actually.. and he has 80mill subs now. the media are making the news, yes making the news. following pewdiepie have educated the younger generation that they will lie and misrepresenting anyone they see fit. but then again this generation will be the downfall of the very same established news organisations.

Si Mon : PewDiePie doesn’t really say controversial shit. Like point to something. Controversy finds him. Media outlets looking for news find him. He is a meme guy. He is a comedian.

pufthedragonCCS : Everything they said about Pewiepie was wrong.

Surviive : Is this strictly based on what they make off of YouTube? Jeffree Star OWNS his own makeup company. He’s a businessman! He makes millions not related to YouTube.

Matthew Antonello : ryans toy reviews is terrifying. i have friends whos kids think ryan is thier friend. they process watching the channel as hanging out with ryan. its weird as

at me : Can young Jamie pls tell him how to pronounce Pewdiepie

fAITHFUL : This is exactly what's wrong with the media! Approximately a year ago Logan Paul filmed a dead body and posted it on YouTube yet PewDiePie is the one known for "saying and doing controversial shit"... Ok.

The Good Guy MMA : Joe "Acting like he doesn't bank from YouTube also" Rogan

Ryan Warren : For a man that's had Gary Vaynerchuk and Philip DeFranco on his Podcast and lives in LA you're extraordinarily ignorant when it comes to the legitimacy and power of Social Media. All those numbers are BS by the way and have been debunked regularly by the creators themselves, revenue from YouTube advertisements isn't THAT hot compared to how it used to be. Most of the money comes from brand partnerships, collaborations and side businesses such as clothing lines. Joe "NPC of Social Media" Rogan Still love ya

Shane Eckel : PewDiePie has said on his live stream that he would love to go on the podcast. Honestly, he's essentially a comic trying maintain integrity and find his way in a weird new world while the media treats him like a huge entity. It's pretty unfair to his reputation given how long he's been at it and how public he's done it. Would be a fascinating podcast to see how much overlap he has with the stand up community and I think Joe would learn a lot about what's happening to comedy from a younger perspective. Really a shame he hasn't been on yet. But for some reason Jamie and Joe have a bad taste in their mouth when talking about him and that's kind of a shame.

Lukas Gunnar : Get PewDiePie on the show. Sure he says some things that are considered controversial, and to be honest if you were in his seat you would get a whole lot of more shit than he does. But he is at the core a great person and a great rolemodel for the current young generation. Everybody makes mistakes, and he takes ownership of his mistakes which is a great lesson for his young audience, amongst many other valuable lessons. And it is obvious unless you have a slight difficulty at summarizing and judging people (which alot of people seem to have these days) that he is a genuine youtuber, and a great down to earth guy. I know you agree on many points since I’ve watched alot of your respective videos. I love your content by the fact that it’s genuine and honest but it doesn’t seem fair ”slandering” his name for an audience who don’t know who he is as a consequence of you not knowing that much about him. Maybe it was a poor choice of words. But i genuinly think that you should check him up with facts from legit sources and/ or have him on the show if possible. No harm meant at all, just trying to protect one of the most important internet figures of all time, the king of youtube, PewDiePie. (Manager of the account, show this to Joe if you yourself read it) Cheers!

The Clueless Drinker : I love Joe ALWAYS misrepresents PewDiePie and the scandals he's been through haha Pewds needs to be a guest.

Jay & Rengin : I'd actually love to see Pewdiepie on the podcast

VanillaJokes : If we count everything that Youtubers do, Jeffree Star makes the most. He has a make-up company which is HUGE and gets paid to do advertisements.

Björn Galloway : Jeffrey Star makes more money than everyone on that list combined, look at his cars and his house, then look at his business. He's estimated to be in the 400 million area of yearly income

Matty P : I made 0 from utube. My content boring 😎💪👍👊👊

MtbMickey408 : 'Poo de pie' has over 80 million subs now lol

That Crazy Chick : You should bring Jeffree Star on. You would totally love him. He is my favorite alien! 👽

Statistically Challenged : I think it's cool anyone with an internet connection can post shit online and make some coin.

david galstyan : they are the reason so many kids these days think college and traditional ways of chasing success is a scam and they end up nowhere doing nothing because you gotta be very lucky to be one of 1000 youtubers out of like one billion.

Roger Wilco : My kid went through a phase when he was six where he watched Ryan toy review all the freaking day for a year. I wonder how much money I earned that kid.

Steven Lawrence : the Pewdiepie misinformation KILLED me when I was hearing this live.

Lebario : I’m not saying joe should know everything obviously I love his stuff, but he should be careful talking about stuff he doesn’t know because he has a very large following and is spreading misinformation. He’s painting PewDiePie in somewhat of a dark light and he’s also putting creators down like they don’t put hours into what they do. They work hard and put in lots of hours, they aren’t just making a video and throwing it up there, there’s planning, filming, editing for most at least a few times a week. Imagine trying to stay interesting and relevant to millions of people 20 days out of the month, and in some cases 30 for those who don’t take a day off. It’s a legitimate job, just like joe makes money off talking to people for a few hours having regular conversation. His point could easily be turned on him. Love everything he does, just some food for thought.

we eating our breffiss dis mourning unfortunately : Joe "Very very very very very few" Rogan

Motive Matrix : Just think about it for a second. I know people/doctors who have worked hard/studied their entire life to make it out of poverty and due to external circumstances they are just not able to do it. Yet, some dimwit playing video games some makes it into the upper middle class.... This is just BS

Jason Federico : I love you joe but everything you said on the podcast today was incorrect😬

TheDovahkiin : Joe, don't talk smack about Poppy Gloria or else you will feel the wrath of 80 million 9 year olds

Немецкий из Омска : FKN CLOWN WORLD!!!!!!