Wu-Tang Clan | Triumph | Superfriends Mashup
Wu Tang Clan Triumph Superfriends Mashup

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The Superfriends as the Wu-Tang Clan rapping one of the greatest songs of all time, “Triumph”. Video by Mylo the Cat aka isthishowyougoviral aka Adam Schleichkorn. Starring in order of appearance Samurai as ODB, Superman as Inspectah Deck, The Flash as Method Man, Apache Chief as Cappadonna, Green Lantern as U-God, Hawkman as The RZA, Black Vulcan as The GZA, Aquaman as Masta Killa, Batman as Ghostface Killah, and Robin as Raekwon. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, then you’re not following me on Instagram! This originated on there as a 10-Part series on there, so if you want to re-post any of this, grab them from my page, and freakin tag me @mylothecat . For the Facebook peeps: I’m also posting this on my page (Mylo the Cat), so hit that share button, instead of re-uploading to your page. In other news, literally dozens of my all-time favorite rappers, producers, DJs, and comedians have started following me on IG over the past 4 months, and I gotta give them a huge thanks for keeping me motivated to keep going! Also big shout out to everyone else who follows me on any platform… Your comments and messages seriously make my damn day. Add me on Social Media: Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/mylothecat Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/mylothecat Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/MTCyall LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamschleichkorn/


Don Love : The Wu would approve

Number Runner : I like how the League is basically hanging out while nonchalantly spittin' bars and kickin' ass...

Aaron Patterson : I'm a WU fan and this is the funniest, hottest most accurate portrayal of a super crew. This was the best thing I've seen in a while.. thanks..

Willie Patterson : Possible they spotted me an he was Clark Kent...Genuis!

Turok duels : Old Dirty Samurai, Super Deck, Method Flash, Apache Cappadonna, Golden Lantern, Hawkza the Healer, Vulcanza the Genius, Mastah Aquaman, Ghostface Batman, Robin the Chef.

Laurence A : Yo. Real talk. I just sent this via message to Wu-Tang on Facebook. I asked them to give you props for creating it. This was too good not to share with them directly (if you haven't already). Who knows, maybe they'll reach out to you or shout you out. Again, nice work.

Stoned Immaculate : 3 seconds in and I knew that shit was going to be lit lol dam good job!

Rolo C : This video just might save the DC Comics franchise!! Love it!!

clcconsulting chambers : Too many highlights to name 🔥 put it like this...I’m only listening to this song with this video from now on 😂

Les Son : ayeee y😂’ the ODB intro did it for me son .....like perfect.... i’ve sat and watched this thing six times straight ! good work by u fam’ !!!

V Jack : I’m 42 years old and this video makes me want to grab a bowl of cereal and go in!!!!!!!!

JAM The Universal Master : Excellent!!! This is perfect. I wanna see "mystery of the chessboxing" with transformers or x-men next. p.s. ODB part was my favorite among many others

Lucas Anjos : Bro.. Your editing skills brings *even more FLOW* to the music 🙋🏻‍♂️

Red Ninja : I don't care what anyone says, this is the Wu's best song of all time.

MutuallySustainedHateBoner Inc : This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

ekzoX0 : I thumbed this up before it even started playing

Luis Rojas : The Black Wu Jackets were DOPE AF!

Kris Whittaker : I don't usually comment..but this mashup is beyond dope... you really did your thing on this one!!

Eddie p : Made my day! Thanks for all your hard work, Much appreciated. Now it's time to go listen to some Wu-Tang!

Shuaib Shabazz : Batman and robin as ghostface and rae that’s classic

DjNiX9011 : Holy mash-up Batman!!! dope!!!

alwaysbusiness4 : The JLA(Justice league of America) Just Lethal ASF

Sammy T : My dude..what kind of weed was you on? Yo these vids are masterly made..vision..the thoughts..the everything....yo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

PRIS : Ghostface = Tony Stark & Raekwon = War Machine

Sushi The Sloth : I like to think the Wu are now all arguing over who should have been what.

Londale Carter : Everything about this is tight. The descriptive cuts. The character representations. This is internet gold!

Adam Jenks : Dang, man! As a fan of both Wu-Tang and Super Friends, I never thought to mash them up!! I did love the rap juxtaposed with a super hero cartoon. Great editing, by the way. Good stuff. Cheers!!

Ediseu Falcone : Props to you brother, a lotta work was put in making this video, I can easily guess that. Thank you, on behalf of all the Wu fans

glenn doleberry : 🤣🤣🤣🤣 BatMan said “ yo yo F🙄* THAT ! 😂😂😂😂

isthishowyougoviral : Shout out to the two ballbags who clicked dislike after 900 straight likes!

ConfusionComplexx : WTF.!?, 😂👍 this is a masterpiece, bro! Awesome, biggup

Blacknificent : Wow👁️👁️ this is what you call perfect editing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

A1 skidz : This is real rap music Perfectly made bro!

DoctorMeatball : Hawkman looks like he's dusted.

CycloneMetal : Wu-Tang is for the children!

The Anthropologist _Forensic : Dude... This is straight up remarkable. Can't imagine the work it took to so perfectly combine two of my favorite things so flawlessly *A+*

arbuckle : Your cat makes bomb videos. Tell Mylo to mix some Scooby with a sick beat. Great stuff!

Page Wallace : Crakin up on the added black Wu jackets... CLUTCH!

el Negro Noche : Yo, flat out my FAVORITE video on YouTube!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

X I A O : 3:09 So are we gonna just ignore that icy transition. Both characters were in sync. That's crazy...

Dnelly Dmax : "Graphic displays, melt the steel like Blacksmiths"(Deck)- As Superman uses his heat vision to open the steel phone booth!🔥🔥...."Heads by the score, take flight incite a war"- As Superman flies thru the air!💪🏽🤘🏽 #PureGenius

Andre Bonaparte : SpaceGhost, Brak, and Zorak would be proud! - Good work, another sub for you sir.

Wesleymitchellrealtor : Gotta give you credit and props that was pure 🔥

Red Scorpion : "flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me", cut to Superman in disguise layin low as Clark! Precise.

Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy : 119 Crab Niggas disliked this

Janeflame5 : Ayyyyooo!! How this fit so perfectly?! This a straight gem 💎.

Keys 808 : The saga continues.. Wu tang, Wu tang!

Cat Man : On point! Mad respect. Wu Tang forever ♾

zipa zonfa : The saga continues!!