Side-by-side comparison: Zero Hour! (1957) Vs Airplane! (1980)

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phillyflash43 : Well done. There are some of us here, particularly me, like to buy you a drink and shake your hand.

rick seraf : Zero Hour is NOT the same movie as Airplane! It's an entirely different kind of movie, altogether.

snakeguy76 : The genius of 'Airplane' was getting serious actors (Llyod Bridges, Peter Graves, Leslie Neilsen, Robert Stack) playing the comedy straight. They could have easily gotten comedic actors but it was even funnier with his cast.

Colbzi Garrett : Somehow this makes the movie 1000x more hilarious

Tommy NYC : Holy Crap...I've seen Airplane so many times and just noticed the ice cream cone with the mics at 10:25 ahahahaha

Fabio Manetta : whoever disliked it probably had fish. great job mate

jedijones : That was the best $2,500 anyone ever invested.

Tanel Murd : "what is it ?" "its a remake, but thats not important right now "

Braden E Nelson : "I said it might get tedious" No way, you had my attention all the way through. VERY well done. :D

duaplex1 : Well, we had a choice of steak or fish. Yes, yes, I remember, I had lasagna.

fractode : Well done!!! Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up YouTube...

Play with Junk : I didn't know about that 1957 movie.... very well made comparison. Amazing, thank you!

Mr. Chopsticks : I have seen Airplane no less than 20 times and I STILL laugh hysterically every time I see it.

Dave Mitchell : There is no human alive who, after seeing Airplane! several times can watch Zero Hour! with a straight face. Can't be done.

Cana Dude : This was funny af. very nice editing, this must have taken hours. I think the Zucker brother were genius in finding a serious dramatic movie and turning it into a very funny movie. That dynamic is just gold for comedy. I like my coffee black, like my men

Steve J : I just want to tell you both - good luck. We're all counting on you.

PsychadelicoDuck : Not tedious at all. Switching back and forth gets the point across beautifully without being redundant.

Tenacious Barlow : I bet it would even be possible to edit the jokes out of Airplane to make it a completely serious remake of Zero Hour.

Joe Johnson : the Monty Python bit caught me off guard! I died laughing

Argumemnon : Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison? Damn, I love that movie.

LoreleiMission : This editing project was a LABOR OF LOVE! Thank you

GasCityGuy : Excellent side by side! I could never watch Zero Hour! now without laughing.

xaenon : I always assumed AIRPLANE was a parody of the AIRPORT movies. Never even knew about ZERO HOUR. Almost 40 years later, I learned something.

Don Blank : Well done, this just made Airplane more funny than it already was.

NodMan : *_"I just wanna let you know... We are all counting on you, good luck!"_*

elshaddai87 : My husband and I have been fans of this movie since it came out and did not know about the movie "Zero Hour" or the connection between the two. The $2500 the writers paid for the script was the best bargain in history! That movie was written for them!

Eric Maietta : Btw, the airliner in Airplane! is a jet plane, but the sound is that of a prop plane.

icetech6 : my entire life... a lie.... And johnny is the best thing ever.. And Leons getting LARGGGERRRRR P.S. man. the women in 1957... wow..

PlasmaKong2 : Great comparison. I'm a huge Airplane fan (I've seen it countless times) and didn't know about Zero Hours. Found your video after watching the video that was just published by Screen Junkies - looks like you're gonna have a lot more visitors today. Great job on this video!

DogOfHades : What incredible editing! It is clear that much work and dedication went into this! You sir have won a subscriber.

warcroft : Airplane (Flying High here in Australia) is my favourite movie of all time. Ive seen it countless times. Cooountlesss times. I had no idea about Zero Hour! Thanks for this comparison. I was laughing the whole way through! You have done the seemingly impossible. You have made the 'officially funniest movie ever made' even funnier.

yvwic50 : Hearing the original dialogue (somewhat stilted by today's standards) makes "Airplane" all that much funnier.

pendorran : It's been years since I've the whole movie and I'd forgotten that 'instruments' gag. Just about pissed myself laughing just now. LMFAO

keyalpha1 : This video is a masterpiece. Bravo to the maker.

Dr. killpatient : Thanks never heard of Zero Hour".

NerdyDan : This was amazing.

Mike Roberti : It’s Captain McCulsky from The Godfather!

Jackle02 : That look she gives him at 13:37 is actually really hot.

Mike Mac : I wish you would have added the "kicked in the head with an iron boot" trail-off, but man, that was well done!!! Kudos for the Python spot, it was "something completely different".

Jonathan c : It would have been hilarious if the have you ever seen a grown man naked line was in the zero hour movie as well.

Lee Johnstone : a lot Airplane fans doesn't know it's a remake and the first comedy/spoof remake

Darth Zed : I had an opportunity to watch Zero hour once many years ago. amazing what a little comedic timing can do.

Juliaflo : Heavens to Murgatroid! Zero Hour is marking its 60th anniversary this year. Surely this movie inspired one of the funniest air-disaster spoofs.

Rick Greenway : Too bad Barbara Billingsley (Beavers mom) wasn't in both pictures.

Sparta : OMFG! How did I not know of this??? This changes EVERYTHING. Well done sir, well done.

wiedep : Anybody who "dislikes" this must have been sniffing glue. GREAT!

billyyank : I had no idea that Airplane! was a parody of a movie that I didn't even know existed. Great job.

Cliff Yablonski : I wish a theater would show Zero Hour and Airplane! as a double feature. This is an awesome edit job congrats. A lot of people don't know about Zero Hour.

steven kozmo : Who spotted Mike from "Breaking Bad?" , anyone?

Shawn Hawkins : So basically, Airplane was a film version of mst3k with Joel and the robots playing the roles.