Vlog On the Way to Jacob's House

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Eric Hedlund : Legends say they are still looking for Jacob's house

yung existential crisis : that's why he never paid it fix your teeth, aaron


912pinkturtle : Lowkey your dad is wicked hot

Kirsten Kearsten : I lost it at "I can email his mom" LOL

Sourgrapes 22 : my mom would have smacked me into another ethnicity. 😂😂😂😂

Tremoney : He probably either has Dental Fluorosis or had his enamel damaged when he was a child from antibiotics.  Dental fluorosis, also called mottling of tooth enamel, is a developmental disturbance of dental enamel caused by excessive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride during tooth development. The risk of fluoride overexposure occurs at any age but it is higher at younger ages. In its mild forms (which are its most common), fluorosis often appears as unnoticeable, tiny white streaks or specks in the enamel of the tooth. In its most severe form, tooth appearance is marred by discoloration or brown markings. The enamel may be pitted, rough and hard to clean.[1] The spots and stains left by fluorosis are permanent and may darken over time. Medications. The antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline are known to discolor teeth when given to children whose teeth are still developing (before age 8). Mouth rinses and washes containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can also stain teeth. Antihistamines (like Benadryl), antipsychotic drugs, and drugs for high blood pressure also cause teeth discoloration. But yea, keep being assholes telling him to brush his teeth. That makes you look cool (if cool meant being a scumbag).

Strekki : Keek messenger.

missydanced2 : One of the best videos I've ever watched in my entire life! This video made my life today. It just did. Thank you

Imperfectly Perfect : LOL I was crying laughing!

Jenny Sherlock : +aaronsafilmnerd  did u ever get to Jacobs? xD

Jas NH : Scary flashbacks I have had very similar conversations with my kids........ I need to go drink something to calm down now.

Gary1q2 : this is fuking next level troll

J. B : Duude, I was so sad, then I watched this video and it made me laugh my problems away! Please update more! C: (Even though your vids revolve around your dads irritation. lol. He's cool too though.)

Lexi A : literally my mom #NoChill

GryndStone : so glad i subscribed to you. these are gems man

ThatsMonique : The best video in the WORLD. This video makes me cry in laughter no matter how many times I watch it.

N64 GC : Your dad may have a heart attack

Stephen McArthur : Aaron, your dad still needs to fix his blinker; he's living dangerously.

Da Kerrfids : XD This never gets old! "ASK HIM FOR AN ADDRESS!!" LOL 0:40 and dad's reaction at 0:47 kills me!!

20AmandaL : OKAY. Everyone likes to whine and complain in the comments, yet no one wants to take five seconds out of their life to do a little background research. "Aaron" and his "Dad" are not a real father and son pair. They are not related. They are both actors. There was an extra-curriculars media club at Jacobson Secondary School and the students were assigned a project that called for them to create a viral video. The kids hired Aaron (Bruce Choch) and the Dad (Harvey Shtoot) to play out the video that they had eventually written. So yes, this is fake. As are the other two they've made together.  I know this is YouTube and the Internet and you kind of have to take things with a grain of salt but I am so sick of reading comments where people are saying things without having any knowledge of what they're saying. PLEASE people, if you're going to make a comment, know what you're talking about. Make sure what you're saying is correct. Maybe read about the subject at hand for five minutes before you post. It will help you to avoid looking stupid, I promise.  Also, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41rzczVIPs8 

Liam Hall : I've never met someone more like me😂😂😂. This is me and my mom every time we're in the car. Great video

X J Bailey : +aaronsafilmnerd This video alone earned a subscribe from me. This was awesome

Conner Emer : Padre looks a bit like and definitely sounds a bit like Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Horrible Bosses. Uncanny shit. Also, Aaron pls.

wolfgirl657 : I really don't care if this is fake. It's Freaking hilarious either way.

John : This is beyond great, I was laughing for so so so so long. Great job guys! 

Steve Munoz : Saw this on Facebook ... Awesome video man

Olivia Kathleen : By far my favorite video 😂👏🏼

Nicole Lucarelli : Lmao! The driver is me in every situation ever omg

Ericka R. : Lmao! More Vids please. You sure know how to piss your dad off.

Aleena Khan : Wheather it's fake or not idc your videos killed me 😩 please make more with your dad :)

Erwin v : i feel bad for the dad. but still funny as hell

Evan Rangel : I don't even care about how this is staged with actors.. Still funny as hell

B Bundem : Give this dad a beer

Lexi Reed : 😃😂😂😂

SummonerAshley : MAKE MORE!!!

Sierra Penny : These vlogs are hilarious. Did you know I'm friends with Aaron? He agreed to friendship with me.

Ericka R. : Chattanooga?...Tennessee? Lmao!

LordDeathspit : I seen these guys admit they were actors but I still laughed my ass off when I thought it was real. It got me though the work day. And as a truck driver (before GPS) nothing pissed me off more than incomplete or inaccurate directions.

Victor Vaness : dude your awesome, keep those vids coming!!!

ʼnãƀèęĽ ɱãďŗīȡįşƫâ : wtf ------his father looks better than him

Neceros : You know what you're doing. It's really irritating. I feel pretty bad for your dad.

Shannon Castellano : Lol I would like this 100,000,000,000,000 if I could!!!!! I am still laughing at the vid

eddyjt13 : The aaron guys voice sounds like nick miller of new girl. And the dads voice reminds me of another actors voice...can't put my finger on who though

Tracy McPherson : OMG!!!! I NEED to know... Did you ever make it Jacob"s house?? Or Walmart??? Classic.. I LOVE your dad Aaron...your toooo funny buddy

RebaJeanMc : Genius concept! Ur Dad's patience is hilarious, and it's probably because u know just how to ruffle his feathers. I've already shared two of ur videos with my Facebook network - good Monday revival. Keep 'em coming!

Kennedy Mitchell : I've never laughed so hard!!!

Jacob : Everyone ever trying to get to my house (Im Jacob)

char12322 : This made me laugh until I cried and got a headache! I don't think I've ever laugh like that till I couldn't breath! Genius, my work colleges and I loved it 😆 Love from the UK

adam heller : Mikeal, I had my mom show this to your mom (J.J.).  21769.  She thinks its funny, but wishes you wouldn't cuss as much.  lol.  Good to see you again bro.