My Take On The New YPP Policy and Threshold || YOUTUBE HATES SMALLER CHANNELS??

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Markus Mäemets : Aint 300 veel minna ju, edu!

SFFS GAMING : 4000 watch hours thats too much it wud take mee 10to 16 years

TheHourless : Actually I totally get the 1k subs threshold. There are so many channels out there and they have to create some kind of limit for considering a channel to be a partner. 1000 should be easy to get as well, so I have no idea what you are toing wrong since you dont have it yet cause yoy should. Some people reach 1k with 5 videos.

lewinglobalMedia : youtube does not like small channels so this did not surprise me

The Flaming Piano : Good luck! Subbed to you! Check out my videos too!