Avengers Age of Ultron: Meaning Explained (Mind Stone)

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Comments from Youtube

Kay Jay : Wow! This guy changed my perception of this movie. So deep.

Haivoxx : You didn’t explain the mind stone tho

Art Of Life : Dude it makes me sad that the movie isnt as well developed as your analysis makes it sound. If the care was put to make these important themes and details shine as brightly as you talk about them, Marvel would be pumping out *masterpieces*

KuZo Ingram : Definitely underrated as so many aspects of the story went over people’s heads. The film is even stronger because the payoffs in the films that followed the plot threads set up in this one

DeKuTree : I love Hawkeye he’s my favourite avenger

dimitreze : 3:11 wrong his nightmare is not having any more war to fight, thus becoming useless

Antonio Soto : I enjoy AoU, despite it's shortcomings. This video made me appreciate it more.

Aryan Vyas : this actually makes me want to watch age of ultron again! although I didn't find it to be much impacting as other marvel films, of course it was really entertaining and still a good film.

Shione Cooper - Google Me : *LMAO loved your humor in this one*

Nicolas Salamanca : Although you barely even mentioned the Mind Stone your analysis of AoU made me love the movie even more

Analisse Casado : great video Ryan. Age of Ultron was great. it was the first MCU movie i bought. now i have almost all of them.

The Once and Future Nerd : Now I just love this movie even more.

Adam Leo : This video changed my whole perception of the movie and it's so much deeper than everyone thinks. Age of Ultron gets alot of slack but after this video i definitely think it's underrated.

Richard Japa : This video makes me to rewatch age of ultron

Raghu Seetharaman : The scene with Proxima Midnight trying to extract the mind stone in the very first teaser was crazy. In that same scene Scarlet Witch and Nomad will save Vision.

Abhinav Gopalam : Wow after this I feel there lot to learn from MCU ANYONE LIKE ME ....??

Etriuswimbleton : Ummm free will is an illusion though. Libertarian free will I mean (the ability to do things differently regardless of the state of mind amd body)

Adam Grela : Ur supposed to talk bout the stone not the plot of avengers

Meme Triangle : Darkest movie of the mcu. Oh and Tony’s vision is the end of Avengers 4 set leaks have been shown with cap wearing the same outfit and so is black widow.

Intenseowl125 : Imo Age of ultron is great movie and underrated

Schloodie : Nice analysis, but do disagree heavily with your take on Ultron himself. The great thing about him is that he isn't just another AI were the programming has gone wrong. The way I see it the Mind Stone served as a kind of a spark of life. Yes the bases of Ultron is Tony's programming, but thanks to the mind stone Ultron is elevated from that programming into an actual person. That's why his plans aren't always strictly logical. He is very much driven by emotions. First and foremost, he wants to make himself godlike, by first creating the next chapter in human evolution (what ends up being Vision) and then by recreating an act of god, akin to the extinction of the dinosaurs. I mean there is still a lot more to unpack there, but I definitely think that viewing Ultron as a simple AI gone wrong does him and the movie a disservice.

RasBookie : Now this is good information pointed out... Thanks 😎🇻🇮🙅🏿‍♂️

Railshot01 : I'm enjoying this series. Reality stone next please.

Péter Borszéki : underrated. i think it was better than the first one

AgrO_chaotic : Yeah but that didn't answer my question

kodzak89kodzak : Check out channel "Nando v Movies". Last episode is about Age of Ultron, and how to make it better movie. His theories and interpretations are great (not only in this video). Personally I think AoU is not so bad, hype was just too overwhelming.

Ignacio Mella : Great video, I totally agree with your analysis, it's great and a deep perspective of the movie, btw I loved Age of Ultron <3

Chris Langston : Definitely with flaws, but that could be said since it was a sequel to the biggest comic book movie of all time, overall a little underrated in my opinion.

Julie L : This may movie may be underrated based on your interpretation

GLa DOS : i think avengers age of Ultron was good but probably doesn’t hold up now.

Charles Aquarist Ph : love what you did here. great analysis. mind stone theme. i didnt catch that in the movie. maybe some but yours is really good.

NATsoHIGH ! : I wonder if the Mind stone can take Wanda's powers? Or are they a permanent part of her now ?

Devin Delaney : This is an extremely good analysis, gave me new appreciation for the movie

Michael Apao : damn this episode went too philosophical way too quickly.

Rashad Majied : Wow you gave this movie more meaningful questions of interest. Great job !!!

Sammy Lane : Can you imagine HULK listening to either S.O.D. or Slipknot?? Haha!! He'd be raging out on his own mosh pit,haha!!

LiLTailormade : Great informative vid man subscribed!!

Avinash Mahabirsingh : I always thought AOU was great, and truly scary, The Vision, more than Ultron, scares me. Because Ultron was the very definition of predictable. Vision, well, he's like a literal God, and for whatever reason, that God has chosen to play nice for the minute, Why? Well that's what's scary, Vision never explained why he didn't side with Ultron, "There's grace in their failings" is not a good enough excuse, The Nazi failed in a spectacular way, fighting right up until the enemy was at the gates, Does that justify the Nazi?! Not nearly all humans are deserving of being saved, and Vision, for whatever reason, has decided to undertake peacekeeping duties, without thinking about what he's protecting? His motives for helping us does no line up, and for that reason alone, he's scarier than Thanos.

keshava allu : This is more like a Avengers:Age of Ultron Review than explaining MInd Stone.... LMAO

gentrii the tree : This is age if ultron explained not the mind stone

Mitch Kettles : Btw everyone's asking where's Hawkeye in Infinity War? He's taking some time off work to spend time with his family, like a good dad!

nothingodot : You did not explain the mind stone dude you explained the whole age of ultron..

Channel NerdGasm : I thought Age of Ultron was better than the original. Talked about so much more.

mlasko74 : So Thanos just gave Loki an infinity stone?

Daltira : I learn't so much about age of ultron, but literally nothing about the mind stone.

Lord Jeff : It's the conciousness of the entire universe giving it's user complete psionic abilities such as telekenesis telepathy and mind control

Fisher Theo : "We're all just puppets, tangled in strings."

Hawkeye Stegosaurus : I personally thought Age of Ultron was a great film.

Kaden Downs : I think AoU was like the prequels (but not as bad). I mean it was brilliant in the planning stages but wasn’t executed in the best way possible