Daichi Hara double backflip FAIL

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Alex's Gmail : A fail? That was no fail. That was the greatest recovery in skiing history.

bufIIk : When in trouble tuck for double

war4peace1979 : He overrotated during backflip, realized, he would land on his head (1&1/2 rotations), so quickly pulled his feet up to increase rotation, did a double backflip to save his neck. He succeeded. This is not a fail, it's a bloody epic win.

David Steinbok : Man, he came so close to sticking that. Amazing

makkaraperunat 123 : suomalaiset selostajat

TheJackTalbot : Fail? You mean win!

Insight101 : He actually crosses the finish line first, even though he crashes. Incredible. Flying like the guys in big air.

Gwifitz : That's the winnest fail I've ever seen!

ihiminen : Finland guy speaking

TeMe Z : Same time it's scary and cool!

Okko Uljas : Reason why this video went viral is because he flew so high, but he were still able to not die

mikko kontio : when you are trouble do a double

Olavi Liikanen : Difference between a mogulskier and an parkskier can be seen here. Level of skiing is a bit different.

upreal cz : Omg knees of these raiders must be tough

Gone.Coastal : The send was respected that night. Daichi is the Chuck Norris of Moguls. “I would’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky moguls”

Spriggs Family : Wished he would have stuck the landing. EPIC.

John Sumner : Calling the win for the mogul astronaut!

Eetu Aa : Suomi!!!!

Olavi Liikanen : Johnny Moseley who?

MicBergsma : Wow that’s insane!

Angelo Guainazzi : Insane! He was frickin flying

James Hicks : Wonder what he was thinking right before takeoff...........hmmmm. Epic send.

CCTVDrainCamera : would have been epic, had he stuck the lz

yasu yoshi : こんな格好いいクラッシュ初めてみた。 選手がレベルアップしたならコース設計見直さなな。

rcguyz : They are speaking Finnish

geefreck : Watch this to "Danger Zone" from Kenny Loggins 😆😆

spraymaster : how could his knees survive?

C. Saint-Saëns : PIITKALETA

B-Rad : Sent express post

Res G : imagine if he landed that!

Kahjo Pietari : ei mitään rajaa

Mr Slog : Very fast

Арт ЮСУПОВ : Круто💪👍 эпичный финал👏👏👏

Moo Kitty : I legit thought he broke his neck when I saw this

geefreck : We all know the actual winner here

pb : Ouch!

Ghost Reportin' : Is that finnish?

Sankari • : I see that in tv

carpusbarsum : Boom!

Pelle Gangeskar : 😍

Alvar Muhonen : Torille

The Cruz Control : WOOOOOOOW

Jesse Särkkinen : Daichi Harakiri

Darren Langley : That was the biggest air I’ve seen in moguls!

かりあげ : 大和魂

VasilyTerkin : Where did you download this footage?