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Jdh87 : This was a sad episode in a lot of ways.

earp1673 : I'm not crying. No I'm NOT. SHUT. UP.

Satai80 : I know exactly how Scotty and Picard feels. My first car was -87 Toyota. Even though my current car is much better, there are days when I wish I could drive that Toyota once again. :)

Mr. Popo : This scene sums up, in a lot of ways, life in general for people that were old enough to remember watching the episode when it first aired. Even the youngest of the original TNG fans are getting old enough to sport gray hairs now. There's no going back. All we can do is go forward and look back on the past with fondness while acknowledging that these are times that will never come again.

Berke Gábor : Here's to you lads. :(

Stefano Pavone : It's good to see the bridge of the original Enterprise one last time, even if it is just a holodeck recreation.

martin manifold : we will all have a moment like this in our lives later on . ..enjoy every moment before its gone .. .WARP SPEED !!!

James Smith : I was told there were novels of Captain Scott's adventures after this....finding happiness and adventure.

TeatherFilmLtd Productions : I wish that generations had been this good....

Brandon Taylor : "Aldebaran whiskey. Who do you think gave it to Guinan?" Hahahahahahaha...

Kilo Tun : The first vessel that I served on as Head of Department was the PRESERVER. She was old, creaky, leaky and decidedly temperamental but she's the only one I think of... the only one I miss.

Erik McDonel : I think this is sadder, now that much of the original cast has passed away.

Johny Walker : Treat her well and she'll always bring you home.

LostSoul's Video-Schmideo Channel : When Scotty steps into the holodeck; and, he sees the "original" Eneterprise bridge; and the original theme music slowly builds...Can't keep a dry eye at all. 😢

Fuzzyscarfandmittens : They literally had to build the set for the old Enterprise from scratch. And it still looks awesome.

Rachael Sim : I remember being so angry at this episode when no one would listen to Scotty's stories - this scene was beautiful because Picard wanted to listen, and he could relate.

James Thong : Scotty was captain of a starship and it's unknown what was the name of the starship he commanded.

Lee Johnstone : James Doohan got along better with Patrick Stewart then he ever did with William Shanter. He said in a week I got on better with Patrick then in 30 years working with Bill Shatner

Slyguy threeonetwonine : 2:37 Real man talk there. We never forget that first woman, and we never love them the same afterwards. So try not to be so cruel towards us uh "ladies"? We don't have billions of dollars and an army of activist to catch us when we fall. We just go splat. Enjoy that protected class status for as long as you can. We will remove it from you soon. No more infanticide out of convenience, no more punishing the innocent for your life style choices. No more economic enslavement that you alone benefit from. No more of valuing your life ten fold over a male's life.

Tiwaking Tiwaking : 2:25 Scotty should be familiar familiar with the Constellation class as they were commissioned in 2285, the same year that the Enterprise was destroyed

leokimvideo : good memories, just wish they did a 16:9 reformat

Simon Willis : I kinda feel Like scotty now

Axel's DDO Channel : This scene was soooo sad. Makes you reflect on great life experiences that are forever gone and will never come again. Or dead loved ones who are gone and will never come back :(

blutojohn88 : Cuevo 1800 bottle!

Jonnie Ford : This is so sad because so many of the original cast are gone now :'(

Stimulator7 : oh man... sad. R.I.P. lads

Robert Blakemore : Does anyone think that Scott ever caught up with Spock or the very elderly McCoy from the first episode? I would like to think so.

Schwatvogel : Wait a minute, last time we've seen the Stargazer she was towed by the Enterprise to the next Starbase. Isnt it possible that she ended up in a museum too?

Roy Stoddard : V