Leslie Nielsen's Bad Golf Made Easier Good Quality (part 1 of 2)

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ftchico1 : Leslie Nielsen was best of the best. RIP

Nothaut : 13:47 "Billy, the reason the game is called 'golf' is because all the other four-letter words have been taken." This tickled me to no end.

hickoryhop : It's so funny to see grown adults acting ridiculous without cracking up.

RLS0812 : Leslie Nielsen ... How I miss you =-(

tperri123 : How am I just seeing this now???

Adrian Gore : 0:55 That look had me in stitches. Why did he have to die?

Yamini Kiran : hilarious..! "Your Ad goes here" on his T-shirt. 😀 You are really professional, sir..we miss u..!

Paul Whitlock : He was a great comedian no doubt about it, & so naturally funny, a bit like 'Inspector Clouseau', Peter Sellers both equally brilliant.


ben hollingshead : my Dad had this on vhs, it is one of the funniest things i've ever seen!

Ollie Jarvis : Not bad but disappointed to the see the golf caddy arriving safely at every destination, where oh where are the dustbins?

Nathan Justice : then the earth is charged a one stroke penalty. HAHAHAHA

TylerBeal : Everything about this screams 90s

deadbolt8706 : This is the last VHS I own, I cherish it so much! Unfortunately, I have no VHS player anymore. Great upload!

Hammerhead : redlettermedia brought me here

Reprovo a : I'll thumbs up before watching.

gwynedd1 : Had me at the chandelier.

Travis Heinze : 7:17 I guess Nielsen isn't a flat-earther.

SteppenWolff100 : Golf players should be clubbed to shambles and then left to bleed in the sweet moonlight.

J Dial : It not lost only missing. No wait, it's been stolen sometime in the future! Hilarious!

Kevin H. : that guy was on Police academy Miami Beach lol

John L : con artists

Josef007 It's : 2018 ?

therealmbassy : 13:48 LOL!

alworkedup : OMG, I remember this from back in the day!  Love it  :)  :)  :)

montanaplatinum : notice the changing pants color :)

N N : oh my I know I hit it but where did it go. oops!

Steve Anderson : LOL @ the slowmo shot in the sand trap!!!

The Lamb : Brilliant

Kevin P : The reason it's called Golf is because all the other 4 letter words have been taken. lol

john cena : directed by Tim and Eric

Well Wisdom : 00:56 when you see that face, you are in trouble, run.

rorybone100 : "There is no movement in golf that can not be made more difficult through diligent study and practice."

SjaakSchaap : 02:01 exiting left, returning right in seconds XD

Clothed Ape : Get into golf and you will never have to worry your drug deals are being recorded by the police.

Johnny Skinwalker : I had no idea this existed

David Searles : Thanks for uploading - Best quality version of this on You Tube. It must be over 10 years since I last watched this.. Still making me giggle like a school girl. Superb!


purelife : Thank you for uploading and sharing. Nice work!

Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera : Now I want to play golf for first time in my life.

Vallo Tubli : Your Ad Goes Here - I lol'd :D

Mick Brenton : I'm inspired to try golf again!!!

Shawn Barbour : i have this vhs, i bought it at a hole in the wall video store back in 2000

dobiem1 : Agreed. All the other 4 letter words were taken. Sound advice Mr Leslie :)

Alan Corns : I am serious and don't' call me Shirley.

Mścisław Chrząszczewicz : Lt. Frank Drebin on a mission

Yamini Kiran : You are the motivation to learn golf.. :) I don't play golf to feel bad. I play bad golf but feel good....thank you sir..!!

JK : he's so funny!

Steel Savior : is that Greg Kinnear?????

spib65 : Fantastic!!