Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Movie Clip - Boulan Bathor Couturier (2017)

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Leia Triplett : The funny part isn't even the scream, it's just the face the alien pulls. SHE JUST WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY AND PRETTY! XD love this alien, so sweet bless her.

Patricia Godula : I laughed so hard when I watched this. What makes the scene even funnier is the fact that she couldn't keep a straight face either. Awesome! :D

Pilar Echeverria : My friends and I laughing uncontrollably, while everyone else is giggling.

AXU : I don't really get the "bad acting" comments. Of course she's no Oscar winner, but I've seen far worse from more established actors.

mervan yolcu : Ehehehe eeeeeh heeeee he he he eh heee he

The Frithly Mariner : holy shit this is some bad acting

kahlanisntyetis : In theaters when I watched this my mom had to hold in her laugh but failed miserably

harry scott : Some really bad acting there

wendy plunk : loved this movie!! hope they do sequels: the male actor played in( the cure for wellness) star quality....

Maggnify : God that thing is creepy!

Allie Marie Meyer : Best Part Of The Movie.

acloversgoodluck : Me and my mom watch this over and over again and it still makes us laugh. And I mean we laugh hard!!! :3

acloversgoodluck : I love that ugly alien! She's fancy!

Stefan Hudson : I'm laughing so hard right now...I think I popped some nerves

lexi Jada : I was dying when i sww this

Rodimus Prime : the humor is worse than in a michael bay movie

poopagore : they need to make a movie just on that alien. or at least give it a makeover show

CodeNameJaz : Thank you Nathan and Caldwell, you wonderful draw boys.

MisterMajister : In my opinion, she was acting way better than Dane Dehaan. Not much of a script to work with. Still, best bad movie I've seen in a long time!

Gábor Joó : best funny scene ever xd :D <3

Cedo : Haha epic scene..

Mae Borowski : 0:47 When Cap tells you that you waited for something so disappointing.

lisa emm : OMG I LOVE THIS SCENE 😂

DCF : 0:49 LOL!!! priceless!! :P :D

Marko Kos : hahaha.Luc Besson like an old time !.Cant wait !

DownSouth Ninja : I don't care what anyone says,personally drawing cartoon characters and trying to give them silly personalities that alien guy cracked me up.

Allesandro Leon : I hope the abduct Laurelline and make her their Queen since their king is dead

SiliconeSlave : This scene was so funny! Just a pity the clip cuts it a bit shorter than it was.

Jeff Plissken : That is one cringeworthy attempt of a scream.

Lucas Gregory : I just died laughing on this scene! hahahaha

Jakub Kotýk : This was such a funny scene. If only Besson could make the movie in this wibe, it would be so cool.

Purple Pineapple : Jarcast

GewoonRood : JAR media send me here

Jack Ransom : The wonky, idiot handmaiden is the scene stealer here. I laughed out loud at this. I don't give a damn about acting chops. but if I did, I would say she didn't do a bad job.

stefan : Omg when I was at the cinema everyone started laughing but I laughed so hard that Coca-Cola came out of my nose 😂😂😂

Micah K : 0:34

weenascar : This scene gets me, definitely pissed myself from laughter

Fernando Ramos : Doesn't the chamber maid remind anybody else of JarJar Binks, except he became mentally ill.

Kyle Campbell : I think Cara Delevingne can be a good actress She only gotta find a movie with a good director

Kinkie Curls131 : I love the aliens laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

Tor Larsen : that has to be a practical effect

Dr Wardy : Thanks Drawfee.

maddie : yes... yes

Daniel Williamson : 0:17 and 0:27 LOL

Beatrice Neniute : This is by far the funniest scene ever (despite of bad acting). I really love this happy alien. She just wanna to make Lauraline HAPPY! >v< Reminds me of every happy dogs by her personality.

Ravedaze : That alien makes me laugh so much 🤣🤣

Alejo Valencia : I LOVED THIS SCENE

creapsmantic : This movie was good .... not perfection not Excellent not GOD LIKE just ...... good

The BrickMaster : Girl: I work fir the government okay? Alien: Hehehe... HYEAHHH??? Girl: Roar! Alien: ROAAARRR!!!

candace banks : That aliens facial expressions was the best part of the movie 😂😂😂