The Chemical Brothers - Free Yourself (Official Video)
New music video from the Chemical Brothers

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Check out the official music video for "Free Yourself" by The Chemical Brothers Directors: DOM&NIC Production: Outsider Producer: John Madsen Production Manager: Steve Elgar Production Assistant: Tom Benkins Editor: Ed Cheesman @ Final Cut DOP: Alex Barber VFX Production: The Mill Executive Producer: Alex Fitzgerald Producers: Imogen Pai Shoot Supervisors: Fergal Hendrick, Matthew Kavanagh, Pavel Mamichev Suraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra Lidar Scanning: Efficacy 4D (Duncan Lees, Jandira Guasque) Face Scanning: FBFX VFX Creative: The Mill Creative Directors: Jorge Montiel & Wes VFX Supervisors: Suraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra & Fergal Hendrick Lead Rigging/Animation: Matthew Kavanagh Lead Modeller: Ashley Tilley Lead Lighting: Clement Granjon Compositors: Declan Andrews, Pete Hodsman, Sole Martin, Jack Pond, Alfie Vaughan, Rakesh Venugopalan Rigging: Peter Agg, Mario Ercolano, Andreas Graichen, Phuong ‘Karo’ Nguyen Animators: Nicola Gilbert, Kieran Jordan, Kevin O’Sullivan, Maria Robertson, Jimmy Thomas Modelling/Texturing:: Will Burdett, Alwin Durez, Oliver Hallas, Pavel Mamichev, Anish Mohan, Bethan Williams Lighting: Amaan Akram, Max Auer, Carlo Carfora, Vaclav Cizkovsky, Kate Gabriel FX: Oleks Panaskevych, Dan Yargici Tracking: Senthil Murgan Balasundaram, Sendil Kumar J Concept: Matthew Campbell, Carlos Nieto, Sunil Pant, Ross Urien Colour: The Mill Colourist: David ‘Luddy’ Ludlam Sound Design: Anthony Moore @ Factory Commissioner: Ailsa Robertson #TheChemicalBrothers #FreeYourself #Vevo #Electronic #VevoOfficial


Camelia CB : Sorry Robots, we are still working on freeing ourselves.

Alex Mauricio Lopez Coimbra : Detroit: Become Human looks great!

Xx-errør terrør-xX : Now i have nightmares

Gabriel Shiguemoto : Watch until after the credits!

FaithInTheGlitch : I was really hoping when the robots got closer to the security guard that he'd throw his hat off and do some sick dance moves and the robots would dance round in a circle and hype him up.

Сергей Карелов : Что-то временно, а что-то вечно !!! Hey girls Hey boys Superstar djs Here we go

Turetskiy1 : Ну наконец то!!!! Что бы кто не говорил Химики легенда. Они написали музыку в 97 и она до сих пор актуальна. Спасибо за все альбомы. Ждем новый!

S K Das : Well it's hilarious and creepy at the same time

Makc K : 20 лет назад у них скилеты плясали, теперь доросли до роботов

Савелий Блохин : That's how Boston Dynamics office actually looks like

Денис Гурьянов : Братья химики ни когда не унывают)!

Chris Foster : Skynet office partys are crazy!

Fernando Araujo : Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons appear in the video at 4m37s and 5m11s as robots. Awesome!!

Алексей Трошин : Кевин Спейси в роли охранника хорош

Daniel M : The RGBT movement doesn't like this.

fidan2fast : Geez, and I thought that the Technologic video of Daft punk was creepy

Nory walls : Don't y"all think it's Hella creepy 😭🖤

eliotgillum : Thumbs up for the guy wiping a smile on and off his face

Himanshu Rawat : Show this to sophia the robot

Andrey 5637 : Выходные на заводе boston dynamics

Sergei Pikus : *Блядь, какие же у них всё таки бывают жуткие клипы* братья химики ванлов❤️

Nickolay Semenov : Ладно, не буду отставать от других. Эээ... эта песня точно должна быть в саундтреке к сиквелу "Детройта".

j Coccio P : amazing.- artificial intelligence and androids, it's a reality


USSR Films : Nice new video from Boston Dynamics.

А Х : Думаю,для торговых идиотов,для удовлетворения всех их портебностей,вот эта штучка подойдёт.

•Տcчtнε•火 *official* : Imagine waking up at midnight, very dark and listening to this "free yourself " in a scary robotic voice

Hikki Sensei : Не, такими плясками и треками терминаторы ещё не скоро завоюют мир

Svilen Petrov : Absolutely amazing !! Exactly in their strange and original style :) :)

focalpoint : no wonder amazon orders arent on time anymore...

Milly's Life : Me: I'm gonna go to bed early Me at 3 am: this video

En Todos Lados : Pegadiza. Pero los robots me dan miedo.😂😂😂 Algun Latin?

Андрей Мотенко : Прикольно вставили сирену в трек 4:08

17 subs with bad editing? : 1:47 me when i invite friends over to my house while my parents are gnne

activelink activdisc : 2098 any one?thanks u if u still love this song even robots enslaved you

Френки Маслоу : Потрясающий клип,эта анимация движений,роботы показаны на этот раз в положительном ключе.)

Не самый Умный : Много терминаторов на Одном квадратном метре!

L OL : Хорошо пока тацуют,а не истребляют человечество.

Андрей Мотенко : Все еще качаете!

Richy Moore : Ed looks weird without hair. I can remember thinking the same thing about Tom around 2006'ish.

Nicholas Hughes : New Portal game looks good! Seriously though, superb album!

Kristis Gio : I wish Fallout 76 was writen on this Engine

Алексей Смоленский : Я знал!!! )))

The Boeckfisch : Am I the only one that's seeing those dildos in that box at 2:53? xD

Drew Mittman : I love the cameo @4:38

Rashi Semwal : It's music is soo good.. I love it.. 😊😊 But just imagine of being that watchman and then be haunted by all those robots. 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

Karan Singh : What the hell did i just watch and listen

Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry : That drop is hilarious

юрий : Приятно видеть русские комментарии под этим клипом. С нетерпением жду нового альбома от братьев.