#dearMoon Project

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Tesser Act : What a time to be alive!

949surferdude : Best of luck!

Jace Jacobs : 😀 Thank you 🙏 I love this project and mission. Much love and appreciation! Looking forward to writing more poetry about the moon 🌝 #HappyMindsetPoetry ✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️☮️

Ohi Tv - Olivier Borderie : incroyablement incroyable... les etres humains commencent a quitter la terre... pour quelques jours, mais c'est le début du grand départ - incredibly amazing ... human beings are starting to leave the earth ... for a few days, but this is the beginning of the great departure ... Ohi

miratecarts ONG : Thanks for this amazing idea. I look forward to your call Mr Yusaku Maezawa. From Pico island, mid-Atlantic Ocean, I am Terry Costa, artistic director of www.mirateca.com

Simonrazer : Hey @#dearMoon , you need to consider taking @Wintergatan up there with you as musician. I am 100% certain that he is the most qualified person to transform this experience into music.

Atom - Fire : Send Wintergaten to the moon!!!

Wade Benjamin : Yusaku Maezawa: Say, did we bring anyone that knows how to fix a toilet?

Adeptus Astartes : he should invite those stupid prominent flat earth believers to fking slap them with reality

Dave Harris : I thought this was a South Park episode...

Denny Manezzi : *I want to eat a Mars candy bar on the Moon and then do the Moonwalk on Mars.* 🖖

Fred Spencer : good luck with this takecare

Joe Hinkle : Wow!

Adam Rodriguez Leon : shädman

Silenc3 : Can someone please tell me the name of the music played? I've heard it before several times before but I can't remember how it's called.

tesla guy : Maezawa, if you see this comment, I want to thank you for your contributions towards exposing more publicity to spaceflight. When I was 6 years old, and learnt that there wasn't even a manned flyby of the moon since 1972, I dreamed "How I want humanity reaching back towards the stars...". And now, with your #dearMoon project, this dream of my 6 year old self became true. It's almost impossible for me to hold back the tears of joy as to what is happening as I am writing this comment. You managed to make the dream of a 12 year old become true. I-I dunno what to say. This is perhaps a seminal moment in spaceflight - humanity finally reaching for the stars after years upon years upon years of it being forgotten. Sincere thank you, Maezawa.

RED-P 2000 : Please make a horror movie of this Mr. Yusaku Maezawa! Plot Yusaku Maezawa knows that the moon trip is a risk and signs life insurance to all moon travellers. One artist of the crew has huge economic problems. On the dark side of the moon all contact to earth disappears and things start to happen... One of the members (with economic problems) plan to destroy the rocket so his family will get the life insurance. Big turbulence happens in the rocket with the crew fighting and the rocket impacts slightly on the dark side of the moon and tears up a deep trail. Deep in that trail something former unknown black liquid enters the rocket. The black liquid is alive and kill all the crew and makes them to moon zombies. In the end we see the ground station on earth happy and celebrating when they got contact with the rocket again. The last scene is from the rocket pilot seat with the moon zombies heading to earth…. - The end -

George Pittas : You have a Fashion Designer, ok, but NOT a Poet. What a shame.

Woozie : Invite Skrillex, please!!! :D

Na No : Wintergatan would be the best candidate I know

Jeremy Rangel : This is beautiful...

Shiro Lee : Give us hope again to shoot for the moon and then the stars.

uayfay : " Adoro Ficção Científica, tudo o que refere ao Espaço ! "

thejester10276 : The sweet sound of "Clair de Lune" ("Moonlight") sells it for me. An obvious yet insightful decision for whoever chose it.

SPACETV : I'm an artist... Hint hint.

VISUALS : #dearmoon can I recommend Tim Dott the everyday astronaut? He’s a musician and a photographer.

Empyrean Kifdelk : "miles" ¬¬

Carbon : I'm an architect I'll come!

xev790 : Aliens say get the fug off the moon to Apollo 17 astronauts

Rasmus Kors : When they say "I love you to the moon and back", they can now actually prove it.

annakeye : Wow! What an inspired idea. I hope the creative individuals chosen are relatively unknown and come from many nations.

maz3blurrity 78 : Umm......okay guys time to go to college and get artistic degree

Mindz Awake Music : Marble machine X

senarutomez zz : Barış Özcan? 💜

GhaasH : the only "art" to come out of this(pretending this will actually happen) might be a cringe compilation from the journey

Hammy 90 : Send @Wintergatan to the moon

IDK : wintergatan

CurbsideUnderwood : As a writer I hope I could go on this epic voyage!

Prateesh RK : Used to dream about the space but now they're laughing at our face saying wake up you need to make money

Subscribe to me for no reason : i usually never cry but this made my eyes water, goosebumps and shivering included !!

Andre Urzua : Anybody knows in what lunar phase they are going to go? I'm guessing full moon, to take advantage of the solar energy or new moon, same concept, but they will see a different face of the moon

Tom Hoffman : @0:55 the video shows the BFS and the narrator calls it the BFR.

The Mom's View : Need a few moms to come??? We volunteer 🙋‍♀️

Lukas Vasiliauskas : Yessss. We will probably see a moonlanding ourselves. What a great time to live now

adem kocyigit : Can I go with you ? Ben gidebilir miyim seninle ?

mkhuseli veto : Future is Bright

William Bill : What a beautiful project 😢 shedding a tear for this.

Nadezhda Shevchenko Sapphire Elite : Круто🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Awesome Boy : I want to come :D