Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider | Life Story | BBC

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isaiah monroig : "Father i found you" "Congrats. Now die" "Father nooo--"

ImetGodinperson : clearly that final mantis had white privilege

Versuski : I’ve never rooted so hard for an insect

Anonymous Uploader : The camera work, narration and editing is better than most Bollywood films!

Louise Trace : When you can escape from hard level enemy , but suddenly the final boss appear be like

James Dooling : "Or maybe not..."

After Grean : Baby: Mummy, I just scared off a big spider. Can I have a hug? Mum: Sure you can darling, ur so cute I could just gobble you up. Baby: Thx Mummy Mum: No, really... *Eats Baby Mantis*

Com Bie : Spider: Oh shit. I'm messing with wrong the homie Praying mantis: That's right boy...

Squiddy Pearl : The manga is better

Mexican Monopoly : SUCH STORY SUCH SURVIVAL SUCH PLOT TWIST I can't help it to laugh at the end there 😂

Brian Tobias : This is so visually incredible, here take my money 😜

Gabriel Osemwegie : the ending killed me

ReapeatingRook9 : 2:35 Dude was T-Posing on the jumping spider. Showing his dominance. XD

Darrell Harris : 2:27 Hi, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior?

Nathan Smith : That sleek red and black skin tone is sick!

Van Damme's Frosty Mullet : *Directed By M.Night Shyamalan*

Sealand Relevant : 3:40 mike i swear to god 3:43 noooooo

Nyquillus Dillwad : I remember this from the top 10 anime betrayals

Jaden Espinosa : 3:42 When you try to get cocky scaring off people

Kawaii Animations : The new Kung Fu Panda's looking great!

Sam Sung : Kung Fu -Panda- *Mantis* 5

Wenwen : This reminds me....have y'all seen the spiders on drugs video yet? That's some funny stuff right there

Tony Danatop : So glad I'm not an insect/ arachnid 😨

CaptainJohn5 : This is fake, The mantis is a paid actor!

Edgar Escobar : "Or maybe not" haha

Eryn Sullivan : Top 10 anime plot twists

ThisisKertz : Kung fu mantis: yea you better run *feels something* *turns around* White bigger mantis: Oh hello there!

Kashish Jamal Hashmi : 2:50 Chinese music starts playing

Viktor Tesliuk : 3:00 spider left a chat

Imperial Waifu : That orchid mantis was like "Boi you done screwed up"

Oh fuck 69 : 2:22 Mike Tyson vs Ip Man

Alex Whiteman : Kung fu mantis: Yeah run off spider! *5 seconds later* orchid mantis: (burp) that was one delicious baby mantis!

RufusLeakin : Oh ho ho hoooo! Everybody was Kung Fu fighting......

Eduardo Colina : 3:26 Epic!!!! :D 3:42 Fale :'v

Adam Ferello : how is t possible to get the cameras sooo close to this little spins etc. thats crazy

[RPR]King : Wait... But Master Mantis from the Furious 5 is green!

theCrpldOrphnPrjct : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( at least the spider didn't get him, and everything's gotta eat

Alina Harris : The mantis looks like the incredibles

RhazYT : Top 10 Saddest Anime Betrayals 3:42

PopukoLemon * : Kung fu can't always save your asses....

Martyn McMurray : Imagine a human version of this happening, something like a young barefoot nomad traveling the world and is being followed by a Bengal tiger during his trip through India.

ilovemakingcatgirlscry : Orchid Mantis "You should admit your situation, there would be more dignity in it"

NUKE DUOS : That big white mantis wont be fooled by his technique

Briannie123 AJ : Lucas the spider....is that you!!!???

Sachin Prakash raj : Wat camera you guys are having .mind blowing

Rj Rony : Lucas in real life!!he just want to make a new Freand..

olga maria : John hammond's brother and poor littlle mantis .....unluck.. was eaten....by other from your own speech........

GameHype17 : *Top 10 Anime Deaths*

Lil birb Studios : omg im dying

Pokemon Gym Battles : This is like a movie 💖