Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider | Life Story | BBC

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isaiah monroig : "Father i found you" "Congrats. Now die" "Father nooo--"

Versuski : I’ve never rooted so hard for an insect

Anonymous Uploader : The camera work, narration and editing is better than most Bollywood films!

Robert Henderson : 3:42 saddest anime death ever 😂 just ate his ass without warning like damn

Louise Trace : When you can escape from hard level enemy , but suddenly the final boss appear be like

James Dooling : "Or maybe not..."

After Grean : Baby: Mummy, I just scared off a big spider. Can I have a hug? Mum: Sure you can darling, ur so cute I could just gobble you up. Baby: Thx Mummy Mum: No, really... *Eats Baby Mantis*

Com Bie : Spider: Oh shit. I'm messing with wrong the homie Praying mantis: That's right boy...

Darrell Harris : 2:27 Hi, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior?

Ein Hurensohn : They are so cute!

Brian Tobias : This is so visually incredible, here take my money 😜

Gabriel Osemwegie : the ending killed me

lorenzo jackson : The young kung fu mantis was new to the world, with danger at every corner it fear begin to swell. As the mantis slowly looks around hopeing to find safe haven ground , but though he could not see a threat in his mind he knew he could not rest. In the shadows a stalker stalks with eight legs traveling lightly on it walk. The spider eyes were like jewel to beholder , trapped in it sight the next meal with delight. The kung fu mantis could feel the chill as the stalker in pursuit was stealing it will. Desperate to flee to afraid to see what hidden beneath the hidden leaf. At last it was cornered his all but broken he makes his last stand in the way of the mantis. The spider stop and tries to freeze the young mantis soul with harsh reality, yet the mantis stood strong his soul becoming bravier as the spider no longer steal , it fades back to shades. The young warrior was drained to tired too go on when right before him a Orchid mantis stood tall. Accepting his fate he knew it was the end his story cut short by the cruel hands of fate. "Little mantis u was strong but your will is all gone, become part of me and you will be reborn anew so then you can carry on". So is the story of the little kung mantis the bravest soul of us all.

ReapeatingRook9 : 2:35 Dude was T-Posing on the jumping spider. Showing his dominance. XD

Nathan Smith : That sleek red and black skin tone is sick!

Edgar Escobar : "Or maybe not" haha

Squiddy Pearl : The manga is better

Van Damme's Frosty Mullet : *Directed By M.Night Shyamalan*

Nyquillus Dillwad : I remember this from the top 10 anime betrayals

Jaden Espinosa : 3:42 When you try to get cocky scaring off people

AdamFerelloVEVO : how is t possible to get the cameras sooo close to this little spins etc. thats crazy

Sam Sung : Kung Fu -Panda- *Mantis* 5

Sealand Relevant : 3:40 mike i swear to god 3:43 noooooo

Tony Danatop : So glad I'm not an insect/ arachnid 😨

Wendy Sue : This reminds me....have y'all seen the spiders on drugs video yet? That's some funny stuff right there

Imperial Waifu : That orchid mantis was like "Boi you done screwed up"

RufusLeakin : Oh ho ho hoooo! Everybody was Kung Fu fighting......

wakzz 75 : 2:22 Mike Tyson vs Ip Man

Alina Harris : The mantis looks like the incredibles

Gurosama Bltch : 3:40 that is so terryfing.

PopukoLemon * : Kung fu can't always save your asses....

Hlias X : This is voice is epic!

Eduardo Colina : 3:26 Epic!!!! :D 3:42 Fale :'v

Briannie123 AJ : Lucas the spider....is that you!!!???

Shrek : Everybody goes Kung fu mantis! HIIIYAAHHH

Pokemon Gym Battles : This is like a movie 💖

Eryn Sullivan : Top 10 anime plot twists

NUKE DUOS : That big white mantis wont be fooled by his technique

Talisman Skulls : Lol, or maybe not.

Brian Orr : :P cool footage! And great suspense.

Sachin Prakash raj : Wat camera you guys are having .mind blowing

king of death : " Or maybe not.."😂

ilovemakingcatgirlscry : Orchid Mantis "You should admit your situation, there would be more dignity in it"

Der Eskapist : The ending is just epic xD

This Is not My Name : "or maybe not"

Kawaii Animations : The new Kung Fu Panda's looking great!

Warrior Mindset : Wax on,wax off...... Mantis-Son

Milo the Alpaca Boi : Top 10 Anime Battles

thebloom : my fav video on youtube