Gender Attraction Differential

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Dinkelstein Kerman : The top 20% of males get 4 females per male. While the bottom 80% males have to fight 4 guys per 1 woman.

GimR's Lab : Did you ever ask why with the data? Men and Women's roles are different in the dating scene. Women have their pick of the litter where as men need to approach. This social dynamic most definitely affects how men and women rate each other. Women get to choose who they want so they can be now honest and blunt. Men have to approach do they're more likely to be more cordial and nicer to women they don't find as attractive. Also on Tinder it is common for men to swipe right without looking because they get so few matches it's a waste of time to look through each person. It's easier to swipe randomly and then come back later and choose who you actually like out of the matches your eventually get. Women get so many matches it makes sense for them to use the the app as intended

interreligious dialogue : What I say may offend. Warning. Where was this study conducted? Because I have been living in Eastern Europe for 3 years Poland Ukraine and visited Russia many times. My analysis is this. Eastern European women are disproportionately hot whereas the men are less then average. When you travel to more western countries the women get uglier and the men get handsomer. That is, I got chubbies every second in Poland but once I crossed over to Germany Austria Holland or England it was nonexistent. In fact most Germanic people’s have this feature good looking men, ugly women. Whereas Slavs have ugly men amazingly good looking women.

Smoking Horsey : It definitely seems to be the case that women are, on the average, much more selective than men in terms of what they consider to be an optimal partner. However, one thing I would say is Tinder and OKCupid force people to make judgments based on how a person appears on paper. We all know instinctively that the average looking man is not considered attractive, but the average looking girl is. We know this from sitcoms and romcoms. If a scene features an average looking guy in his underwear trying to be sexy it is seen as humorous due to how un-sexy it actually is. Whereas if an average looking girl is in her underwear acting sexy it doesn't seem so funny because to most guys it actually is sexy. Despite this, when you meet a person in real life there is a multidimensional analysis that takes place as opposed to the more uni-dimensional analysis that occurs on apps like Tinder. For example, girls like funny guys. Yet, it is difficult for that to come across simply from your Tinder bio. The issue is, no matter what aspect you make the subject of attractiveness the same pattern follows. Women like the highest ranking men in that domain. For IQ it is even harsher than looks. Male attractiveness to women peaks at an IQ of 120. That is smarter than 90% of the population. However, the upside is you may not be high ranking in all aspects of attractiveness but you could still be high ranking in some of them. That is, you may be an average looking guy who is far above average in intelligence and pretty funny. This may put you on a higher position of the curve than you would have been based on your Tinder profile due to your average looks. The real troublesome situation is for those who rank low in all aspects of attractiveness. But even then, if you happen to come into money one day you'll be seen as attractive too...

Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Feminists: "Stop oppressing us with your oppressive beauty norms!" Also feminists: "ewww most men are ugly"

Saad : This video just rapes my self-confidence

Michał Szczuryk vel Szczerba : Nothing but evolution in play. Females can have a few children maximum in their lifetime, while males can produce dozens of offspring. Women have to make it count. It's really fascinating. If you are interested in immunology, I recommend reading about "Major histocompatibility complex and sexual selection" on Wikipedia. If you don't, just skip to the "empirical evidence" section

John Scarce : this video is 100% true. the divorce problem is just as bad even in places where the court system isn't as rigged

Stasoline : As an average guy, this is pretty bleak.

KAILOONE : Robot women will solve many problems.

Pinpoint Pear : time to go gay

Gareth Battersby : Financial or social level are a massive pull for women. I was on a dating site a few years ago, got talking to a woman, very attractive, intelligent and very open and chatty. We would message a few times a day, to the point where she would say how she looked forward to getting my messages on her way to work and then reading them on the way home etc. She remarked how I was exactly the type of guy looks wise she went for, my sense of humour was bang on, typically ticked all the boxes she had and "Couldnt believe she'd managed to find someone like me on a dating site" She was a lab technician, and she found it refreshing that we could talk about her work and I understood what she was on about and would ask questions and share my own stuff I had learned from general knowledge. Now, here comes the crunch. She asks "I never asked what you do for a living?" at the time I worked nights at a supermarket, it was good money paying for all my bills with ease and was stress free. That was the last time I heard from her after I said where I worked. It didnt matter that I ticked every strict box she had set, I wasnt earning enough money and she couldnt tell her friends that I was some high flyer making them envious in the process. It happened many times there after, going well until I said the word supermarket. Despite owning a car, having a house and no debt I dont have the bragging status so I was dead to them.

SWIFTzTrigger : So men's self esteem needs to drop to a catastrophic low for them to see themselves the way women see them? wow...

Brett : Take off their make-up and photoshop filters and the curves equal out

iFeeva : in a nutshell, women are crazy.

Matthew Rabon : There are many things wrong with this analysis, but most of them have already been brought up in the comments. But how has nobody brought up the fact that most women are wearing makeup in their profile pictures as a reason for why they are rated as more attractive (on average) by men? Both men and women probably have a warped perspective of beauty thanks to airbrushing and makeup being so prevalent in today's media, but women tend to get closer to that via cosmetics while men do not. I guarantee that if men also wore makeup for their profile pictures, the stats would be a lot more equal.

Andrew Tidey : One of the few times I’m glad I’m gay

The Diamond Net : You're looking at female attraction through the assumptions inherent to the lens of male attraction... understandably so since you're a man. I've noticed that, men tend to be more objective in their attraction requirements where emotions need not weigh into the attraction that much in the initial stages. So, men tend to see a woman in the initial stages of attraction as being precisely sum of her parts. Basically, if the boxes are checked, then men will decide with their minds whether they're attracted or not and to what degree. Women on the other hand, tend not to size men up in an objective way. And if they try to and create a checkbox list of objective qualities that they're looking for in a man, they tend to be very unsatisfied and tend to become perfectionistic and not settle down with anyone. This is why I don't think that Tinder or other dating apps are that good for finding a compatible mate for women. Women need to be able to have face to face interactions to use her intuition properly in romantic situations. Based on my past experiences, a woman who is in touch with her femininity will use this intuition as the main factor in determining whether she wants to be in a relationship with a man or not. So, female attraction comes in the form of a Cupid's Arrow, with little rhyme or reason to the attraction. And being attracted to a man is one of the most pleasant experiences that there is for a woman. That's why she can't shut up to her friends about it. She's not attracted to him for looks, or money, or any other quantifiable factor. But when she is genuinely attracted to a man, it is the effect where a man is seen as more than the sum of his parts. And it is incredibly rare. But it isn't rare because women have unrealistically high expectations of men. It is rare simply because genuine female attraction is rare, and pointed toward one man at a time. All other men are just other men. They aren't positive or negative. They just aren't that one guy with the light inside of him. So, this is why female attraction is rare. And it's also important that male attraction is a bit more "equal opportunity" than women's, otherwise relationships would be very rare. But it's also good that women are more picky, because it would just be tons of hedonism all the time. I can't give any statistics on this... but it is true.

Entrepreneurs in Cars : Great assessment. What happened to the "meet mark" video? Link goes nowhere

TriceratopsUnicorn : If she breathes, she's a thot.

Ser Stormcrow : Women's entitlement knows no bounds.

Vale Sauce : you don't seem to understand how female narcissism works and how our society feeds into it like never before. we have a society of princesses who think they all deserve to marry god, that leads to them being unhappy because they're not getting what they think they deserve, when in reality the average quality of women is going lower and lower with each generation as the more you think you already deserve the less you feel you should have to earn anything ie be a desirable partner. most women can't even cook these days let alone look good and behave decently. has nothing to do with biology and 100% to do with the programs they're having installed in their brains.

V A N I L L A S A D B O I : I really don't get why I was recommended this. I am really confused.

Deimos Impact : maybe men need to wear more make-up?

McStabbyPantsジェイソン : Makes sense in the context of an overpopulated society. Less need to reproduce pushing towards higher standards for reproduction.

ⵢⵓⵏⴻⵙ ⴷⵓⵎⵉⵍ : Disagree. The divorce rate in my country is 10%. In America and Europe it's 50%. Difference in culture, in my culture once you settle down it's for life. In Anglo-European culture it's considered normal to have multiple partners over your lifetime, and also marriage isn't considered a lifetime thing (you can divorce for trivial reasons).

Fugl Featherbird : Found the incel side of youtube

Dener Witt : Really cool info, I hope more people study the human behaviour because damn we need to figure out lot of things before most people can have healthy relationships.

L L : maybe he's a 3 when you first meet but becomes a 10 when your in love - also you mentioned societal pressure for women to look good, maybe thats why their being rated higher, because they put more effort into their appearance maybe you start at a 3 but with the power of makeup end up an 6

thebusiness70 : I am telling you males out there that are single or divorce it’s not your fault!! Something terrible is happening to our USA females in this country! They have been brainwash thinking their is a perfect man out there for them and then end up hating themselves and listening to feminism! It’s a lie. Disney movies aren’t true, but these USA women or western women think they should have Prince Charming when they look like a 4 or 5 on the attractive scale, but they think they are a 9 or 10! This is a tragedy for LONG term relationships in the future. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Reinis Miks : trying to rationalize female thinking is impossible

Moleo : Taking Tinder and OkCupid as good examples of 'real world data' may be unfair. This is because we don't know if those platforms are collecting a random sample (or, at least, that the skew is similar regardless of gender). For instance, what if women are equally likely to be on OkCupic regardless of how attractive they are, while handsomer men are less likely to join OkCupid than uglier men? Or what if the men that join Tinder aren't as good (on average) at making a profile as women that join Tinder? Now, I of course can't know that either, but that's my point - we don't know either way if some systemic feature of the data collection contributes to the skew. (Nor do we know if it is is any number of different possible explanations, or combinations of such explanations, for the data seen from those two platforms).

Starstruck : lol its just makeup. If guys used makeup, more of them would look hot too, its not that complicated

xwinglover : MGTOW

polemikful : May be is for the best, in terms of genetic quality, that only 20% of males reproduce with 50% of women. Of course that's not what is happening, but may be we are psychologically inclined to it species wise. Very frustrating for 80% of males and half of the women but in a couple of generations of only genetic attractiveness going through those percentages would drastically change alongside most of the frustration. Just a thought, possibly wrong, partially..

funkycrunk : There is no data to back up the conjecture that women see themselves as more attractive. All we can tell from the data stated is that women on average think most guys are ugly, and that men think its a normal distribution for women. For example, do we have any data to suggest that women don't think other women are also ugly, or that they themselves are just meh? Its a subtle difference, but its kind of like laying a logarithmic graph on top of a linear one and then trying to extrapolate based of that. You might have a bad time.

Kevin Mahaffey : Wow, as a guy, this is depressing.

Og The Barbarian : Next time you're on a first date, ask her how many sexual partners she's had. See how defensive she gets. And remember if the answer is greater than 5, she's statistically unsuitable for wife material.

Luca F : The interesting thing about it is that we usually say that women hold the power of attraction in society, which is true in most cases, as they are seen as more attractive while the men are usually seen as less attractive, meaning more demand for those women (leading them to have their 'pick' of men). Yet an attractive man therefore has a HUGE 'pick' of women, as most women will be attracted to him, and they won't go after other men as they are 'below their standards'. Thus, an attractive man is in the best position in society dating wise, having a large sector of the population attracted to him and with very little 'competition', while all these other men are vying for the attention of those women, and those women are only interested in a handful of men.

Anubis_X64 : I find that most women only interested in a man once he is taken. if a guy is unattractive but yet is dating a women that other women they think looks "uglier" then them they will pursue the male in attempt to beat the other women and fill their ego.

Martin Hübinette : It also could be a case that females don't think most random men are seriously attractive. Then when they get to Know people they find them more attractive, there have been studies that suggest that people( gender neutral) are more likely to find a " unattractive" potential mate more attractive the longer they know them. Rather than thinking women are hypocritical you can view it as them being more inclined to analyze the potential mate rather than just going with them based on looks alone. Men don't want "awful" offsprings but don't have to care "too" much about it.

Felipe Vanegas : This was so interesting. Where's this video been all my life?

Harshit Madan : If some of the men go MGTOW, it will increase the demand of th e remaining ones. Econ 101.

Hugo Lindum : $65,000 is in the top 10% of US salaries!? Edit: Top 10% is 90,000.

woosh me : Are we just going to ignore the fact Texans dont really say "yee haw"?

Infinitus : you seem to draw quite an aggressive conclusion out of few site data.

*1.25Speed on everything : That really sucks... luckily I've got a fairly chiseled body with abs. I realized as a freshman in highschool that I won't get women fat lmao

BlackHorse Teck : Ban make up and see the real women.

Paul Wilson : It's like high school. 95% of the girls are looking at 5% of the guys.

vecernicek2 : Great video. I think there is one important point missing in it, which is that females can trade their youth for social ranking of their mate, ie. the younger a woman is, the higher up the male ranking she can marry. Part of the problem with unhappiness in the society is that women delay marriage and then have to settle for a less attractive male.