John Mulaney Explains Back to the Future (WITH CLIPS FROM THE MOVIE!!)

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From his Netflix special "The Comeback Kid," John Mulaney notes the oddities of Doc and Marty's relationship. --- Like Ferris Wheelhouse on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ---

Comments from Youtube

John Gray Atkinson : I was molested by a disgraced nuclear physicist too. The 80s were such a weird decade

samotbrandon : 1:16 Ferris Bueler's Day Off was released a year After Back to the Future.

Ryan Robertson : Such an original concept. No one has ever ragged on how weird this film is. Thanks John!

Caesar Denovio : It's called BACK TO THE FUTURE because it's about.... Marty... wait for it... trying to get BACK TO THE FUTURE.

David C. : Doc had a big white windowless van. Isn't that how most young boys meet old men?

Michael Pipkin : Do Big. That's a weird movie.

Randy Ellis : This is the first time I’ve heard John Mulaney drop an F bomb

Lawson Box : In the opening scene we can assume Marty is friends with Doc because he has a big ass amplifier.

Dharmavid Francis : Lest not forget that they leave a young lady sleeping alone in a porch during 2 of those movies

EMC Video Productions : No wonder we all love this movie so much.

legofan370 : Time to deconstruct this joke: 1:17 Back to the Future came out in 1985, Ferris Bueller came out in 1986. 1:40 Considering that he is in two different time periods, he is technically both. I always assumed that Doc was in his 40s and then in the then-present, he was in his 70s. According to Lloyd's age at the time, he was in his 40s. So, my theory is correct. Also, if they're pitching a movie idea, they would have a clear idea of who they want the character to look like. 2:23 Clearly Mulaney didn't watch the movie recently because the sole reason that Marty went back in time was because it was an accident because he was y'know, being chased by terrorists. He goes back in time and again, accidentally stops his parents from meeting and causes his mother to fall in love with him not he with her. He is actually really disgusted later in the movie that not only does he have to go on a date with her, but when she kisses him, he is EXTREMELY freaked out. Also, just because she likes him doesn't necessarily mean straight up fucking. Yea, it usually ends up becoming that but that wasn't really implied in the movie. 2:57 In actuality, when Zemeckis and Gale were pitching the idea, they were turned down over 40 times to get the movie made because Zemeckis' recent film Used Cars, was a flop at the box office and didn't trust him enough to film the movie. So, he went off to make Romancing the Stone, which was a huge hit and only then did people actually start agreeing to make the movie. Also, it wasn't the plan to make 3 of them. They only intended to make one but a few years later did they decide to make a sequel, which in actuality was split into two movie because Zemeckis and Gale realized it would be too big for one movie. 3:06 But Marty is trying to get... Back to the Future. That's the whole point of the movie. Is to get Marty, back to the future. Clearly I don't have that much of a life since I am deconstructing a comedy bit but whatever.

Gento Nightcatha : My god....Incredible. Just incredible.

Mabatch : This was really funny but I think the reasoning for Doc and Marty being friends is a simple father/son story. Although Marty had decent parents, both him and Doc were social outcasts so they befriended each other. Maybe I’m overthinking it because it’s my favorite movie but I do agree, when one breaks it down there’s some weird premises going on.

SmexyRula : Is no one going to mention the straight up footage of the Kennedy assassination?

Craig Goetsch : How is it implied that a white man wrote "Johnny Be Good"? Marty only knows it because Chuck Berry wrote it. That implies it was created by a temporal paradox. Johnny Be Good wrote Johnny Be Good, the song created itself.

Aaron Ruesch : When your watching a movie where the characters go BACK IN TIME it's not so hard to suspend your belief and not take things so seriously.

Peter M : Love it but it’s back to the future, well because, they need to go forward in time to return to present day / the future from the time point they’re in

Julian R. Dene : Everyone getting mad because a comedian embellishes a story, for ya know, comedic effect

S1L3NT G4M3R : Um, actually, that really big speaker... and electric guitar setup was all it took... Not to mention all those little inventions... it was the 80s...

firsttimecaller longtimelistener : Marty Mcfly was playing a chuck berry song but chuck heard it from Marty 🤯

Oliver Palafox : Birth of pitch meeting

Aaron Ruesch : The future becomes the present once Marty goes to the past.

Jay douglas : Who needs an explanation of this?

Brandon Cargill : John Mulaney looks like the lead singer of a Weezer cover band.

Emmett Brown : Its a movie, with make believe characters, stop "looking into it" so much. Doc made that face because he knew it qould change George. Jeez.

Mark Mayberry : He just ripped off the first episode of Cracked After Hours from like ten years ago

LaReece Osborne : Maybe my favorite comedian

Tgaud82 : i dont even think the fact that hes a disgraced nuclear physicist is weird its moreso the fact that hes like 55 and martys 17

achanwahn : Yeah, but he's trying to get back to the future. 😋

Insert Clever Username : "Is he cool like Ferris Beuler?" "No."

Mustle Man : The music at the end had me waiting for dragon ball z to start the next episode

David Perez : So true. I laughued cause I lived it.

Jeahav Valentin : Back to the past would've been a lame title for the movie. It would've been as lame as Spaceman From Pluto

John James : einstein goes to the future by one minute

Mike Cronis : Yeah, but Lea Thompson though. She's like a bowl of strawberries and cream. Sweet n' sassy. Yes, please. She's all that and a Pepsi Free.

Aarpoon Waify : Marty’s mom tried getting it on with him, not Marty trying to screw his Mom. Marty also acknowledged that the song was an Oldie at the beginning of the song so....

Firstname Lastname : Whats his deal with incest?

Lauro Garza : This bit is like when someone tells you, I have the exact same shirt as that except mine is green and short sleeves.

Chris 2000 : This is my favorite movie

roger peet : I have never seen that movie and (best part) I never will.

hoyit : I like John Mulaney but I just don’t think this is that good. Yes when you analyze and dissect back to the future it’s a Bizzarre movie but his take on it isn’t particularly interesting nor accurate let alone funny. And the name “back to the future” is actually pretty clever and is the point of the entire movie.

Patrick : Mulaney is quite a funny fellow, and while the joke works, timeline is off on joke r/t Ferris Buehler(1986) and the first Back to the Future(1985)

chris Prato : Still the best movie ever

Xixolindo : I find no humor 😏

mystery8guy : this is a stolen bit

Scooby MiKE : 2:18 for some reason his delivery here reminds me of Norm doing an impression of Rodney lol

Derek McCumber : I'm pretty certain Back to the Future was inspired by a 1972 Chris Miller story in National Lampoon Magazine called "Remembering Mama" about a boy who goes back in time to fulfill his fantasy of fucking his mom, does so, starts to disappear from existence, and then has to desperately hook his dad up with her to save himself.

John James : disney turned it down cos of the incest thing

Ryan Niland : wow breaking down movies...there's probably 70+ podcasts devoted to this. Very very original comedy premise.