John Mulaney Explains Back to the Future (WITH CLIPS FROM THE MOVIE!!)

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Michael Pipkin : Do Big. That's a weird movie.

Anthony Nicholson : Joke doesn't work. Ferris Bueller was released in 1986 while BTTF came out in 1985.

Shawn Milochik : He simply gets too much wrong for this to be funny. First, he says they both go back in time. No; just Marty. Then they built a time machine. No, it was built first, and not "they," only Doc. Then Marty tries to get involved with his mom, when it's the opposite. He's trying to avoid her.

Gento Nightcatha : My god....Incredible. Just incredible.

JDMC Music Aus : Hey it's Andrew from big mouth

EMC Video Productions : No wonder we all love this movie so much.

Bobby Boca : It was a was a great movie because it was the 80's and the 80's was the last great decade!

Dharmavid Francis : Lest not forget that they leave a young lady sleeping alone in a porch during 2 of those movies

Carl Meyer : this isn't funny in the slightest.

redeyesmark : is this guy supposed to be funny??

Ura Snotball : Where's the funny bits?

Josh Thomas : I was wondering if anyone was soon going to make this and I was right. Also, John Mulaney is a fucking great comedian.

jussts : ...yeah.

Adlin Ling : The flux capacitor will have to function as a teleporter also because if Marty Mcfly traveled 30 years in the past, he wouldn't end up in a cornfield. He would end up dead in the vaccum of in space because Earth is not at the same location at two points in time.