Super Dave's First Stunt

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evelkidnievel : Suggestion: Pls change the youtube thumbnail as it's kind of a spoiler! (you can see ahead of time where he is) otherwise, brilliant.

MarkH10 : Magnetic boots saved his life!!

luuke luketer : 'Some gold plated chains would make a nice retirement gift for a very, very good slave'..........

Metemi : Thank goodness his helmet had that shock resistant plastic alloy.

John Dwyer : I always enjoyed the hell out of Super Dave. His humor was always funny without being mean or dirty. He was just funny.

Lee G TV : Super Dave a total legend

Sam McBride : Bob's low-key delivery of his lines is absolutely perfect.

Joe Mixon : wind resistant asbestos lol

jpowell180 : So sad he lost his nephew, who flew off to Spain with a prostitute and was killed in the running of the bulls....stupid pickle jar.

James : I'm dying to know where he gets his ideas from!

Aesthetic Trump : Our phones are always listening because there is no way this should have just popped up on my recommended videos. Myself and some coworkers were talking about super Dave a couple of days ago and here it is...

Twenty ØnePiløts : Super Dave is so funny

Gravydog316 : LOVE SUPER DAVE LOVE BIZARRE I have been watching these & peeing myself ha ha

Jim F : Why watch--you gave the joke away in the thumbnail. FAIL.

supergolfdude : So glad to hear Curb Your Enthusiasm will be back! Super Dave Funkhauser!

Cy Brunel : God I loved watching him back in the day...the goofy comments were as funny as the stunts, legend .Thx 4 posting :)

Maxie Pattie : I spent two years looking for "Danger Dave" then "80's stunt man Danger Dave" nothing. Super Dave! All these search.... Google cant gobble my noodle

Lord Motorsports : Thank God his capsule didn't fail and the legend Super Dave would live another day for another stunt!!

jay parry : The kid Super Dave is sitting with is priceless...

shesnailie : No Saskatchewan sealskin bindings?

GamerZero : He got off light with this one.

Hillary Trump : He's a legend...

Pelican1984 : Thanks for the memories, Super Dave!

Guillermo Garcia : I was waiting hear his rusty voice and BAM!!!

Rkk O'Tilley : when all the other people got on the ride...was funniernhell

Oliver Mitchell : Great video. Thanks. but 1 thing, Change the thumbnail. It's a spoiler.

TPHVICTIMS : This is the days before computer generated videos. The Super One risked his life every time he stepped into the stunt arena. Never attempt these stunts on your own. The Super One trained hard for many years.

Logan Troxell : The Funk man!

Will Warden : Super Dave has the ultimate poker face

tomitstube : he was so brave, a hero to us all.

Simon O'Conor : The nuns in the background.

Christian Campbell : Sounds like Al Bundy.

indiglo1971 : 3:28 only one person has to have a ticket?

Glywnnis Wells : i found this so funny as a kid

Myron Kapetanakis : This is a really bad experience but not as bad the holocaust.

Jamal Methlouthi : Still not wrinkled.

The Vanilla Godzilla : The all time know it all over confident daredevil idiot! So original. So funny.

Redose : John Byner

johnny llooddte : magic mountain..always loved their rides

elciscozamora : Use to love that ride. The Revolution in. Six Flags Magic Mountain when they still had the dolphin shows. Damn that was so long ago

dicbyrd : I was sitting on the edge of my chair. Glad he was ok

The Freakers Films : This reminds me of Saturday Night Live. Take a ten-second joke and beat it to death for ten minutes.

Vantheman 12 : Marty Funkhouser

Bob Diaz : DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, just go to Magic Mountain to try it!

T. Gorbach : I remember watching Super Dave when he was on the John Byner show back in the 80's. He was hilarious.

Scot Osborne : Funkhauser

Anni C : I shouldn't have done this.

Tina Ludwig : woohoo

R Paz : Hilarious.

Albert Stinnett : I had seen this as a boy 45 years ago. I thought he was a total idiot then and still can't for the life of me see how he made a career of being an Idiot. I've never found anything funny about any of this stupid shit.