Fire Alarm Jam Session

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Human Abstract : The fire alarm later died of a heroin overdose, his wife has sued the band for royalties.

kwijung : sadly the fire alarm launched a solo career and made it big while the other members of the band remained in obscurity

Jasmine Styles : their band was so lit it started a fire

emilko62 : we didn't start the fire.

KatamoriENG : And then, the alarm has started his solo carreer

Tweekitus : You guys sound pretty good... Except the singer.

JDHalfbreed : Ten minutes later they all burned to death.

Flaming Dudes : Your tune was so lit the fire alarm went off

l2ELLIK : Later that month the fire alarm was signed to a million dollar album contract and went on to go double platinum. Later that year he was found outside his beverly hills mansion dead. Overdosed on cocaine and red bull.

Douglas Wentworth : that is a sick riff at 00:37

Pappa Rauter : 10/10 would burn to death

Kikiapina : Have you ever thought about recording a studio version of that song because I would legit buy a copy or ten

Mason Peterson : I cannot express how much I love this

PixelOutlaw : Man I love Smoke Core, there are just so few bands that play it anymore.

Swoost : if i could choose anything to burn alive to it would be this

AC Alarms : The fire alarm acts like a flashing disco light with the beacon base

Cielo Pachirisu : Little did they realize that it was wailing thanks to a legitimate fire happening in the other room.

The Tyttuutface : "Sir, the building's on fire! Get out!" Me:

Sgt. Salty's Only Hearts Club Band : Sound like an electronic organ! Great use of sohnd guys!

Lunar Flare Studios : If you ever form a band call it "The Wailing Warning" or something like that.

chasebh89 : i feel like this is like the titanic : school is burning but the band kids stayed behind to give her one final sendoff o7

Headset Guy : Oh my God, it's still up. And it's still awesome.

Mane M : This should be a band The Alarms

VFSCHANTZINATOR : Sounds like music compilations brought me here.

Life Tourist : That was awesome...... Apart from the singer

Sollirep : Nek minit house burnt down

Resident Evil Games Lover : guys i want the tune right now!!!

Gedoens TV : imagine everybody else run out of the building but they are still playing :D

RandomRansom : this is so metal its unreal

*_Scooter Waffle_* : _Is this on iTunes?_

SuperWorldFan360 : AsTark - Fire Alarm Jam

GamerHD555 : The UK fire alarms are so much better than the American ones

GoodNeuroScienceNow : cables!

Darkie Animations : *_Firefighter joins the band_*

MarEpor : no wonder why the fire alarm sounded the song was too hot

Andrew Church : I like how the drummer keeps looking up at the alarm like it's the 'singer' and he's watching it sing or something.

Batabii : what country has fire alarms that make that noise?

unknownconfig : This is my new ringtone!

BNSF1995 : The fire alarm complemented them perfectly.

steven pratt : this is still my favourite video of all time

Joe Zeimantz : wicked ALARMED

saikinmania : ヽ(^o^)丿

Samuel Moon : 2018 and i love this jam!

arcticridge : RIP Chester.. :(

MrRaving Rabbid : this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to goood to be true omg :O

iiLlamacat_YT : this at my school now

micro Graham : noice

Rodrigues x : "Mother please forgive them, cause they don't know what they do"

kaitlyn zuniga : literally within the first 10 seconds i died laughing bc i can imagine being their neighbor and then hearing this

Grab a meme on the go : found it after 60 years