The ULTIMATE Endurance Challenge ~ 96,000+ NOTE SOLO MEDLEY

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JasonParadise : Full stream VoD is on Twitch and starts just after 2 hours into the broadcast. Quite a bit of the audio is muted due to policies. Link here:

TheNerdySimulation : Interesting. Not many Streamers would decide to stream their suicide...

BandiPat : Jason you absolute madman I applaud your dedication. I would have nope'd right outta there if I saw the length of that chart

U1GX : Jesus, Jason... are you okay? Do you need a break from these challenges? Get some rest, you’ve earned it.

Jeeves Anthrozaur : Really grinding XP to level up your hands here

Filip Varga : Now FC it.

Ren : "He missed 2 thousand notes..." "Haha, what a loser" "Out of 96 thousands" "O.O"

Zombie_Hugs : OwO what's this, a Jason sound compilation? nearly 15 minutes of Jason making noises while fingering? Juicy.👌

DaREY297 : Missed a note Jackass!!

Jimbob Joe : I could probably hit a good chunk of these in isolation, but there’s no way in heck I’d be able to do it for 3 hours. HUGE props Jason, killer run. Now go for the fc Kappa

tetsuraryuuken : Jason no longer reads the notes, rather his fingers have mastered Ultra Instinct.

PixelJanosz : Wait, since when do you bleep?

Jawunleashed : But can you survive Slow Ride... *ON E A S Y?*

AmbassadorArt : I was privileged enough to have seen this live, no audio mutes or cuts, and man was it EPIC! Gotta remember folks this is a >3 hour sightread< this man just got 97% accuracy and nearly 23mil on. THAT is godlike!

Scotty W : So when is your carpal tunnel surgery scheduled?

Cole Boye : Yeah but can he use his fingers like that _elsewhere?_ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And by elsewhere I mean ON THE HOLY BIBLE PRAIS JUSIS

Nicholas Norton : I mean at least take me out to coffee before we start suckin fingers..

RisingJericho : >break's over >immediately hit with Symphony X This chart maker is a monster. I love it.

Eli McCuskey : This is the audio-visual equivalent of walking by a spicy chili contest but one guy just swallows an entire vat of the winning chili and starts shooting fire out of every orifice on his face to fight a bunch of demons that were summoned by his pain, and by the end of it he's standing on a pile of the dead demons with a face looking like Harvey Dent and suddenly you turn to walk away but you just fall on your ass because your legs fell asleep just by standing there watching it all go down.

Restless Sheep : Dude how are you alive ?? ARE YOU ALIVE ?

ArtusWalker : They say, if you get touched by Jason's fingers you'll achieve inmortality.

Sheeepman : Now all you gotta do is that 2 hour dragonforce solo medley :D Also someone in twitch chat called your end score and percentage...

Dude Lmao : This is probably the best I've been seen Jason play! My hat's off to you Jason!

Maskiller 29 : When she asks what those fingers do

MAJONEZIK : I love this part when Jason is playing on plastic guitar...


Miss Moo : When your sex life has those before and after pics you know you had a good time

kackers : I love how each instance of Jason swearing is bleeped out but the "Oh shit!" from the Satch solo medley is still there

esme553 : Some day after people get bored of FCing Soulless 12 on 150% speed someone is going to decide to FC this and when that happens it better end with a Pete Townsend guitar smash and a lot of pterodactyl screaming.

actuallyasriel : Rejected name: Carpal Tunnel Hero Solo Medley Medley

Night Wolf : A handful of those solos just sounded extremely messy to me, which was not enjoyable for me. Also, I think I lost track of the notes at least a dozen times, and I was just watching the video.


KingSlayer 426 : God has finally blessed us with the ONE TRUE GUITAR HERO!!

Matheus Felipe : "Wow!" -Paradise Jason, 2018

Quiet College Pon : is it just me or most of these solos sound like the flight of the bumblebee?

Makre : dude are your hands ok

Chaotic Neutral : We did it reddit Poggers

The Great Azal : “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”

Friitshii : Imagine playing and your mom says ok one more song honey

Étienne-senpai : Jason has ascended.

Jesse GD : Since when did Jason censor himself with a cat icon?

Dale Boxsell : Impressive but I think playing a real guitar is easier.🎸

Tigerlizzy : Behooold! The undefeated Endurance Challenge champion!! Man that was a fun day. Except for the state of your hands, probably not such a great day for them. But you completely nailed this, it was amazing to see you tackle this challenge! Also: If I had been able to perfect my time machine (WIP), I would have gone back in time just to make sure you drank water before the timer went up mid-solo medley. That was painful.

max camargo : I just played this song for the first time and I got 15.4 Million + 5 stars.

CosmicGaming: Call Of Duty : I wanna see the full thing

Amy Carter : Damn, that's hardcore. Soulless 4, eat your heart out, lolz

Watchyourprofanity. : I bet the walls were melting like crazy after you finished this song. 😆😆

Dmitry Litovka : Why does the Rhapsody of Fire part sound like the 3rd movement of Moonlight Sonata? 😂

AngryGamer 1703 : He is very good in fingering, i think

SharpnelBoy : This whole thing had to have been a nightmare for you, dude. Congrats on making it from beginning to end. I have nothing but mad respect for you on attempting this nightmarish chart.