State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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MerkRampage : Well, this is a weird porn setup.

Lord Zordid : That poor stenographer.

ImmaPopo : "How is this a fair trial?!" "Our judge is a Morty!"

Pudge : Let me clear something up, laughing WAS in the transcript, for the judge/ Morty, but the laugh for Rick/ The defendant while threatening to kill his children, wasn't. Justin Roiland even said during the panel at comic con that he lost it at that point.

quito85869 : This is literally how everyone on the internet talks.

Cactus TV : "He asked me to eat his ass for a bag of coffee"

RobinMelons : This is glorious, even without animation.

SinovageN : 4:48 , 4:58 , and 8:34 Rick's and Morty's giggles and laughs. Thank me later.

Cheikhouna Gueye : Crazy how Denver was white and kept calling the judge a cracker.

Metal Man : "Take off the cuffs!" "How many hands do you have to have to do it?" "Take off the cuffs!" "No no, JACK OFF." "This is Kangaroo court!" Comedic gold

Cold : This will never not be funny

yake222 : How the hell is a four page indictment the only paper work they have for a murder trial that's happening in a week?!

Just Emily : God bless Justin Roiland.

savagepinksock : this is probably a tv show in an alternate dimention episode

Stacy Mitchell : I never get tired of hearing Rick's laugh XD lmao

rasghoul : The guy sitting there writing everything down got to earn his paycheck that day.

quoe1 : "I hold myself in contempt" lost it

That Random Freak : 8:44 - Rick's giggle is adorable

Francis York Morgan : Was the laughing part of the transcript, or was that the voice actors legitimate reaction to all this?

Alex Lopez : Bring back the animation one. It was so much better

ThatNinjaEBAY : wtf, this was a real transcript LMFAO

rory g : I love how the judge is the one who first brings up "butt boys"

Teskmestar : The guy who wrote the transcript of this case must have had the time of his life

Nicole : Ricks laugh gives me life

TacoTaco Burrito : Basically my 106th watch. No kidding.

Lily Valentine : This is based on a REAL situation that happened in a Georgia courtroom, word for word. The reason they break character and laugh is because they can't believe what they are reading.

Butter With Wings : It's amazing how much the transcripts resemble an actual Rock and Morty episode.

Adam Lapidus : I thought this whole thing was just a bad attempt at humor. Then I learned this really happened & now I love it. XD

Violet K. : *Law and Order theme plays*

MushroomMan : This is hilarious. The judge is garbage, and the defendant is surprisingly witty and self-aware.

Mars Junior : This literally seems like they wrote it.

journ¡¡ : I love how beautiful Justin Roiland's laugh is!! 😂😂💀

Rice Ball : RickMorty Fanfics in a nutshell

Myles Hoglund : Me and a couple of my friends are recreating this in school. Wish us luck!

SinovageN : Roiland is too good for this world.

Richard Surpris : this is a kangaroo court sir

not the danger : 8:33 That laugh kills me

HiphopNinja : thanks for removing the fan animation after two years damn you youtube smh copyright really !!!!

Celestine Buendia : I love it when the VA just bursts out laughing.

Rick Gates : Ah. To have experienced this in real life...

Jared Prather : this sounds like a YouTube comment section

BinarySecond : Definitely needs subtitles for deaf people!

Emma Hooper : I'd just like to point out that here in Australia, when in court, our kangaroos do indeed jack off on the judge. Thank you and good night.

Nico Kuczinski : This is literally the 38th time i've watched this since it's been released. It's still funny as shit.

Tristan Bellman-Greenwood : Bring back the fan-animated version!

Noahtheastronaut : I seriously can't believe this was an actual exchange in court.

G : what does kangaroo court mean?

Joe Masters : I had no clue that kangaroo court was an actual term XD

Mr. Clean : I came back to watch this. This is just f*cking hilarious.

Nuno Valadas Cardoso : the rick voice actor was starting to lose it when he was talking about killing his babies xD