State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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MerkRampage : Well, this is a weird porn setup.

Lord Zordid : That poor stenographer.

ImmaPopo : "How is this a fair trial?!" "Our judge is a Morty!"

quito85869 : This is literally how everyone on the internet talks.

Pudge : Let me clear something up, laughing WAS in the transcript, for the judge/ Morty, but the laugh for Rick/ The defendant while threatening to kill his children, wasn't. Justin Roiland even said during the panel at comic con that he lost it at that point.

Cactus TV : "He asked me to eat his ass for a bag of coffee"

RobinMelons : This is glorious, even without animation.

savagepinksock : this is probably a tv show in an alternate dimention episode

SinovageN : 4:48 , 4:58 , and 8:34 Rick's and Morty's giggles and laughs. Thank me later.

yake222 : How the hell is a four page indictment the only paper work they have for a murder trial that's happening in a week?!

Mars Junior : This literally seems like they wrote it.

Francis York Morgan : Was the laughing part of the transcript, or was that the voice actors legitimate reaction to all this?

Stacy Mitchell : I never get tired of hearing Rick's laugh XD lmao

Just Emily : God bless Justin Roiland.

Metal Man : "Take off the cuffs!" "How many hands do you have to have to do it?" "Take off the cuffs!" "No no, JACK OFF." "This is Kangaroo court!" Comedic gold

Jared Prather : this sounds like a YouTube comment section

TacoTaco Burrito : Basically my 106th watch. No kidding.

Teskmestar : The guy who wrote the transcript of this case must have had the time of his life

quoe1 : "I hold myself in contempt" lost it

rory g : I love how the judge is the one who first brings up "butt boys"

Cold : This will never not be funny

That Random Freak : 8:44 - Rick's giggle is adorable

Nicole : Ricks laugh gives me life

Adam Lapidus : I thought this whole thing was just a bad attempt at humor. Then I learned this really happened & now I love it. XD

Butter With Wings : It's amazing how much the transcripts resemble an actual Rock and Morty episode.

Richard Surpris : this is a kangaroo court sir

Violet K. : *Law and Order theme plays*

Alex Lopez : Bring back the animation one. It was so much better

not the danger : 8:33 That laugh kills me

Myles Hoglund : Me and a couple of my friends are recreating this in school. Wish us luck!

rasghoul : The guy sitting there writing everything down got to earn his paycheck that day.

journ¡¡ : I love how beautiful Justin Roiland's laugh is!! 😂😂💀

Rick Gates : Ah. To have experienced this in real life...

MushroomMan : This is hilarious. The judge is garbage, and the defendant is surprisingly witty and self-aware.

Rice Ball : RickMorty Fanfics in a nutshell

Kyle P : Is this what Twitch chat would look like during a mock trial session on stream?

SinovageN : Roiland is too good for this world.

Joe Masters : I had no clue that kangaroo court was an actual term XD

Emma Hooper : I'd just like to point out that here in Australia, when in court, our kangaroos do indeed jack off on the judge. Thank you and good night.

Celestine Buendia : I love it when the VA just bursts out laughing.

moriya2k2 : Wait... this REALLY happened?

Nico Kuczinski : This is literally the 38th time i've watched this since it's been released. It's still funny as shit.

BinarySecond : Definitely needs subtitles for deaf people!

HiphopNinja : thanks for removing the fan animation after two years damn you youtube smh copyright really !!!!

Noahtheastronaut : I seriously can't believe this was an actual exchange in court.

Lily Valentine : This is based on a REAL situation that happened in a Georgia courtroom, word for word. The reason they break character and laugh is because they can't believe what they are reading.

G : what does kangaroo court mean?

King Of Spades : "He asked me to eat his ass for a bag of coffee."- LMFAO

Jay : I've worked in Floyd County, even directly for that judge. He's a hoot out if work. Attended a couple of cookouts where he was present. I never thought ill of the man at all. This is just hilarious.

Augusto Vasconcellos : Think about it, this shit actually happened, they are reenacting an ACTUAL court transcript. Word for word, no less!