Drop Bar Forcible Entry " The Irons"

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This video covers conventional Irons work forcible entry against commercial outward swinging doors that are secured with a panic bar and a drop bar. We are able to demonstrate the power of leverage using a set of irons and hopefully convince you that these doors can be handled with hand tools and a set of trained firefighters. No Gimmicks, No Tricks, Nothing New.....Just time proven basic firemanship.

Comments from Youtube

Дмитрий Прокин : Thanks for video. I'll firefighter from Russia. And it was very interesting how the U.S. Counterparts. Well done guys))).

Nick Carpenter : I really like the communication technique between each other.

last chance blueprint : Firefighters are so badass.

THE MEDIC : Grind the bolt heads off and you're in!

World Peace Deathray : what if you just cut the hinges?

TheWtfnonamez : I found this video to be very informative and helpful. Why all the mean comments?

Ronald Allen : I noticed the lack of glasses right away also. Even with glasses I have had eye injuries, but lessened because of them.

Eventually Sa : This video is pass on controlling center

colonel fire : A great technique for FE with a drop bar.

Onyx : They didn't try before they pry

madmanmatt73 : Yeah! Take that, door!

xxbryan715xx : This might sound like a silly question but why do you guys wear different helmets than the rest of CSFD?

Lotfi Habib : I'm a thief and I'm learning , thanks

Benevolent_Tyrant : What is the difference between cops and firefighters? They both wanted to be firefighters

Anthony Hochstetler : I love the content and "spirit" of your videos. Humility and knowledge rolled into one. Keep doing what you're doing. We all need this stuff. Stay safe. 

marine4Legion : men¡¡ i wish to do that just for fun¡

Nick Salemno : Smooth leathers 

xMoose338x : Those belts are great! I bet they give good back support too kinda like a work out belt!

W J : yup... as long as you know where is this drop bar...

Jebu911 : Is this simulating a forcible entry into some sort of meth lab

OPBjorn : Imagine a 120 pound little femle firefighter do this...

Riding Tailboard : Great training, I had also seen a training video where the same door was used in a Forcible Entry video where they plung cut the door and used a T-Square thru the plunge cut and activated the crash bar. I think that method could also be used in this situation and minimize the work/damage to door.

Chris K : Awesome video, never doubt the irons capabilities.  Stay safe out there brothers 

IISAVI0NII : Someone needs a slamagan

Brad Reed : very good video. the communication between the two is simple, clear and affective

PepsiCO Advertisement : i by no means am i a firefighter but in case i lock myself out my own house, i have an idea as to what i must do. lol

Third Rate content : Very interesting video. Thanks for the upload👍 I worry about the amount of protection that US fire service helmets provide tho 🤔

thephantom1492 : I seriously expected it to be harder than that. A steel door with an iron drop bar... And even if that bar was 2" thick, it wouln't have been much longer to open it up. In fact, it might have been faster as they 'lost' their time bending the bar instead of driving the bolts out... Conclusion, if you want to make something 'theif proof' reinforce the outside! But then they will just use a grinder on the bolts...

Donovan Hill : Great to see how you guys attack buildings to knock down fires and save lives. Keep up the excellent work!

Roger Overson : Great video guys. Interesting, because you only used basic tools, not powered equipment, which probably would have made entry faster. But you may not have power on hand in all situations I guess. Moreover, it helped highlight security door faults. Oh, and pretty sure LiliLee meant perpetrate, but in any case crims are not going to gain entry using these methods, they will just bust down an easy door, so lock up well.

Greg Billingsly : great job, but a gas cut-off saw / quickie saw would cut right through the board and lock very quickly...with less effort

Againsthell1 : If you have scba on on dont pull back on the halligan like that or your team is gonna be calling you a turtle for a long time when you fall

chris77777777ify : If the mount was welded things would be different

Lem0nsquid : well placed strikes

speedbuggy16v : note to self, never stand within 5 foot behind a firefighter with an axe, and if you REALLY want to tear stuff up......bring a halligan

Semper Fi : I see where 1/4" steel plates need to be mounted over bolt heads. Those drop bars can be pinned into the frames and the brackets with removable bolts also.

ferna2294 : Training looks funny. Can´t say the same from a live scenario. Good job ♥

sun Tao : Fascinating! I had no idea fireman were such natural thugs, explains a lot of behavior:)

Lee Christofferson : a cordless angle grinder with a cutoff wheel will zip through bolts pretty fast too

BRUCEY VERY EASY : I think maybe its time issue the firefighters some det cords or shape charges

Mark Hanenberger : Thanks for the refresher!!!!

james vogel : That was very well done. I found this video a great refresher.

Red Baron : Second one was actually 1 minute 35 seconds.

smokeater435 : Great video.  Keep em coming.  Be safe

Free Fire Sims : For learning sake, what would the next step have been if the door wasn’t able to be forced when it did? Do the same technique on the other carriage bolts? Also, what are your feelings on shaving off the bolt heads with a K12?

Mr Wylis : Fantastic video. Thank you for your work.

D F : I'm not sure why you don't keep your forcible entry techniques videos private for the firefighters or security professionals. You are teaching all the thieves how to break in record time thank you for your free training, very responsible on your part.

EdCourney : Now these gents seem like they've done this dance before...excellent demo...excellent comms….verrrrrrry well done technique AND vid demo. Awesome.

Road Glider : DanDantheFireman brought me here!! 💥