Drop Bar Forcible Entry " The Irons"

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Дмитрий Прокин : Thanks for video. I'll firefighter from Russia. And it was very interesting how the U.S. Counterparts. Well done guys))).

Jeff Trevor Dickson : It's not often you get straight forward good video footage put together like this. Thanks for sharing!

Nick Carpenter : I really like the communication technique between each other.

Lotfi Habib : I'm a thief and I'm learning , thanks

Benevolent_Tyrant : What is the difference between cops and firefighters? They both wanted to be firefighters

last chance blueprint : Firefighters are so badass.

TheWtfnonamez : I found this video to be very informative and helpful. Why all the mean comments?

THE MEDIC : Grind the bolt heads off and you're in!

Chris Waterman : That ax guy needs glasses

Anthony Hochstetler : I love the content and "spirit" of your videos. Humility and knowledge rolled into one. Keep doing what you're doing. We all need this stuff. Stay safe. 

frostlion93 : why not use c4 or tomahawk missile?

World Peace Deathray : what if you just cut the hinges?

Joshua Granados : i by no means am i a firefighter but in case i lock myself out my own house, i have an idea as to what i must do. lol

Kelly Tedder : so what about on a door like mine? i have a solid metal fire door. i have two drop bars also steel that drop into place between center and top and between center and bottom. BUT the mounts to hold it are welded on the inside. so from the outside you cant tell where it is. and the drop bars drop in place and then have giant pins that go at the outside of the bars, theres eyelets. as well as eyelets mounted the the wall. then theres two more secure points where just the big bolts drop in securing door to inside wall. and on the outside theres a 2 foot plate so you cant pry anywhere near the knob/deadbolt areas. (keep in mind i know with 100% confidence, if the fire department needs to get in, they will. im just curious about how..? btw what might seem as overkill. its a machine shop with very expensive equipment tools and electronics. some cutting bits alone are multiple thousands. and we have had a lot of break-ins in our complex. they hit our door trying when we first moved in. it was the hollow metal door, with just the two bolt things on the inside and plate covering bolt area. the plate was slightly pulled out. and top and bottom of door was pryed about an inch. now these guys would not have mad any more progress that time. but scared me enough to take major precautions. our roll up door also has anti ramraid bars and a few other secured points just in case. hell even if they started. id get the notification. and be there as they are breaching with police. slowing someone down enough is sometimes all it takes

Jebu911 : Is this simulating a forcible entry into some sort of meth lab

supercalifragilestic : Makes me a bit concerned about my elderly neighbors. If something ever happens to them and they need outside help, none of this banging would help versus the damn vault front door that they've installed. An armored concrete building, steel frames, thick metal door with at least 2 intergrated slide bolts and some sci-fi keyhole.

Derek Farman : Maybe I'm dumb, but this whole time I'm thinking they should just Dremel the bolts off and those drop bars will just fall right off... is that slower? Am I overestimating what a Dremel can cut?

Onyx : They didn't try before they pry

dakota schuh : Lila lee are you a fire fighter? I am guessing not because if you were you would know why firefighters make these videos. To help other fire fighters learn the correct way to do it. I used YouTube to learn tactics for fire fighting before I had all of my training. So to answer your question yes fire fighters do know how to do this, but a new trainee may not. So don't hate on something you don't understand yourself.

Sam Aryan : How do you deal with the heat of your body? Dont you just wanna take off your clothes and pour water over yourselfs? How can you hold for that long in a fire brigade clothes???

whatiwant : after thieves got in doing the same thing to the bolt heads, we put huge washer on them, so you cant knock them in.

Chris K : Awesome video, never doubt the irons capabilities.  Stay safe out there brothers 

Road Glider : DanDantheFireman brought me here!! 💥

OPBjorn : Imagine a 120 pound little femle firefighter do this...

W J : yup... as long as you know where is this drop bar...

IISAVI0NII : Someone needs a slamagan

Riding Tailboard : Great training, I had also seen a training video where the same door was used in a Forcible Entry video where they plung cut the door and used a T-Square thru the plunge cut and activated the crash bar. I think that method could also be used in this situation and minimize the work/damage to door.

xMoose338x : Those belts are great! I bet they give good back support too kinda like a work out belt!

marine4Legion : men¡¡ i wish to do that just for fun¡

Lem0nsquid : well placed strikes

Brad Reed : very good video. the communication between the two is simple, clear and affective

Ronald Allen : I noticed the lack of glasses right away also. Even with glasses I have had eye injuries, but lessened because of them.

Bill miller : Safety glasses

chris77777777ify : If the mount was welded things would be different

colonel fire : A great technique for FE with a drop bar.

Nick Salemno : Smooth leathers 

madmanmatt73 : Yeah! Take that, door!

SundownTE : Holy shit that looks like a ton of work

xxbryan715xx : This might sound like a silly question but why do you guys wear different helmets than the rest of CSFD?

Don Palmer : from drag racing to this o.0

bjtaudio : gee, see the trick is to brace the outside of the door with a 10mm thick ar500 plate weight about 110kg, you can thread not weld, high tensile 12mm bolts into the sheet steel , the wood door acts as a spring to absorb energy, while the Armour steel make it extremely hard and strong, obviously a heavy steel door jam and strong locks, and hinge with anti jemmy bolts, it is impossible to smash bolts out, and further a neat trick is to cover the steel and the bolts with a zinc coating, so it's impossible to see where the fixings are from the outside. Even further bogus honey pot fixings and locks can be used to "waste you're time" so secure means secure.

tacticalgamer777 : great video guys your really cool. what's that tool called?

Roger : Great video guys. Interesting, because you only used basic tools, not powered equipment, which probably would have made entry faster. But you may not have power on hand in all situations I guess. Moreover, it helped highlight security door faults. Oh, and pretty sure LiliLee meant perpetrate, but in any case crims are not going to gain entry using these methods, they will just bust down an easy door, so lock up well.

Phillip A : i like how you don't shy away from the actual effort it takes to do it.

Christopher Corrar : that guy needs to learn how to swing an axe like man

Awesome Things : Shot gun, job over.

wb5mgr : Two much faster methods for entry of the first door... 1. 18v portable angler grinder use to grind the head off the two bolts. Then use the irons on the panic bar. 2. Hinges are on the outside of this door 😂 drive out the hinge pins with a screwdriver and pull the door open. 15 seconds with an 18v die grinder and cutoff wheel zip bottom plate off all three hinges... while partner grinds four bolt heads off. Door comes right out in 30-45 seconds... die grinder can cut hardened chains and locks like butter in seconds, hinges would be like paper to it.

Blackdays : This is dumb, they never seen any video of physical security hackers?

XxMotoGuyxX : Why don't they just use the Jaws alive from law enforcement to open cars on this door and it just rip it open right

aserta : For whatever reason, i feel that first i'd check if i can't simply walk through the wall with NA style of buildings. Here in EU, doors can take a lot more clogging to get open. That is not to detract from the efficient work presented here, quick and easy.