Mom catches daughters Twerking

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un know : The power of the sandel

5 subscribers with No videos : When you at your mom's *AND SHES MEXICAN*

Roselyn Medina : Should of lock your door

Lindamarie Martinez : Dam your mom was pist

kcpoynter : FEAR la CHANCLA

jesus christ : Someone on ig put sicko mode over the mom beating them with the slipper.

Jeo carrillo : Mom was like aww heeelll naw

The Rebel : That's gold ! Love it. Go mama !!

Nancy Garcia : Does anyone know the girl's Instagram?

GachaPastel Xoxo : No.. Not the the.. CHANCLA

Amelia B : i saw this on insta

Jaiden Peters : Ultimate thot punisher

TOP 10 OR 5 WORLD world : Lol🤣🤣🤣it's clear his mom make her back red

StrikerXsarge27ツ : At least they actually got an Ass


RX3 KAN : 😂Yes Mama 💪😡

Carmine Lewis : Hit you with the chancla

Shahrookh Sorkhabi : Song name ???????

Ni No : Word, waiting for part 2. Surprised this clip has not hit 1Mill yet

Theisonmcvyson : BEGONE THOT

Lewis : Straight to the chancla

The Keep : Hahahahahahahahahahahaha omg

Joker Hahahahahaha : Proper mum that is!

CHRIS L : Lil fast ass in the back has alot of practice!

Jacob Riak : 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mememaster Nate : BEGONE THOT!


Toxichammertoe : Its a Run by chankla!😂😂😂😂😂

The_tiny_potato _will_save_the_day : The power of the sandele >:D

slime city bitch #2 : When ppl say when I see you its on site

Daniela Rodriguez : Ya they should get that

Muhammed Makarfi : They got busted!!!!

Xtremist 54 : LMFAO

• KEγLA • : Mexican moms be like

azmildman : Child abuse!

Rahul H : Name of girls?

zeke_ boss_YT : Lol but nice job

ary marie : AH AH

RIMSK : WOU WOU WOU Oh naaaaaaan

Clubber Clumsy : The power of chanclas

bobby ornelas : They got the chancla!

Neito Monoma : They definitely rethank their career choices

Satanist : 😂😅 i cant take more of this

Tynasja Red : my mom would whoop my ass if she caught me but with the belt or extension cord

Eliana JR : Soooo... Why is this age restricted?

Justin Hernandez : Lol

franklin samuel : Song name please!!!!

The_tiny_potato _will_save_the_day : XD

Frankie Monos : Bad mom

Rusty Shackelford : Don't act like little whores then...