Tom Green Christmas Special - Dec 21 1995
The Tom Green Christmas Show 95

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This special was shot for The Tom Green Show for Canadian public access TV. This aired live on a Thursday night from 11pm until midnight. This experimental episode is part performance art part complete insanity. The idea was to create a live Christmas special where in the early introductory moments it's host, Tom Green, suffers a meltdown of sorts, but continues broadcasting a under improvised spell for the remaining 55 minutes. Doesn't get much weirder than this. You may want to watch the entire episode. But only if you dare.


Nobody0Important1 : Ahhh classic Tom Green comedy, I rate this 12 out of 10

VGScreens : Thanks, Tom! I've really been enjoying your consistent weekly uploads!

Nattwenny : Imagine being some older person in Ottawa and turning this on. "What a nice young man" The he starts losing his shit over a candy cane.

RandomVideoCircus : I am so glad that this is The Tom Green Show, and not the Green Tom Show.

AgentXRifle : Glad to see this 23 years late... happy I can see it now lol

PUDD1N TA1NE : Undercutter's Pizza.

Andy Conda : We don’t even have to wait until x-mas!? Thanx Tom!

Hayhoe Studios : I would love to be a fly on the wall in a room with anyone who changed the channel and started watching halfway though in 1995

Bone : Andy Kaufman would be proud.

Stewart the Sock : This was on tv. Think about that for a minute.

Judd Altman : I miss the old webovision live show! You were the pioneer of that shit like everything else you've done

Paul Fender : is a new wave of webovison coming? Nothing today comes close.

Qurco Procedur : This is unreal. I though i lost you.

PolAndDazShow : You will always be acknowledged and recognised by myself as one of the greatest entertainers of all time

Michael Fabian : OMG yes!!! Tom the world NEEDS YOU!!

w here : wow tom green footage ive never seen

timtrainage : Like an angel atop a tree... With cat food

Jenifer Gibbons : I am so happy you were on earth in my lifetime!!!

w here : im gonna put this on a loop all christmas day like the yule log

Sam Merriam : Watching tom green with a nasty case of the flu - tradition.

Luke Kendrick : And people say “wtf did I just watch” nowadays...

NeoVoodooTech : Tom do you mind if I pull the high pitched frequency from this? I can fix it for you pretty quick in audacity and remove it. This is to good to not be preserved.

EmeraldCityRiz : Tom Green has gone full Tom Green in this “Christmas special”. Somehow I didn’t see it coming but it goes full Tom Green in record time.

DirtyRottenInsult : You had a nice haircut in this Tom.

G32 : You can't possibly imagine how much we, the fans of yours, thank you for uploading this ♥ We love you Tom! And we owe you a lot for making us laugh and happy!

Principessa23 VooDoo : Tom Green finally put me in the Christmas spirit!!!! Awesome upload Tom!!!!!😂😂

Andrew Fitins : I enjoy the little green bulbs tom, the little green bulbs

Paul Ward : Oh lawd.. Here we go again. *unzips pants*

DancinRic : You are one of the most underrated comedy geniuses in history. Thank you for all that you did and thank you even more for what you do in the future.

Falshion : I was really hoping he would trash everything, then try to fix it at the end and act like it never happened.

michaeljamesmccabe : Thanks for posting this Tom. Had not seen this one before, and I like to think that I've seen basically 95% of your stuff. Time to bump up that percentage now. I understand that sometimes you second guess some of your decisions back in the day, now that you're an "adult". But the truth is that the really weird, "go with your instinct" stuff, was and is the best. I didn't think it was "classic" or all that special at the time. I was wrong about that though. Considering how things went, and where we're at now, this kind of thing is more golden than you could've ever predicted. For lack of better advice, I'm gonna go with, "UNLEASH THE FURY!"

tronus98 : Heck yea!.. Bring back the Webo-vision switch, please! ... and Larry!

Sinister Studios : Thanks Tom, I'm gonna make my whole family watch this on Christmas Eve 👍👍👍

Rage Face : lol I search Tom Green after watching an inter view, and here Tom uploading 9mins ago.

Tomer Grinberg : I miss your old crazy stuff.

Matthew Campbell : Welcome back my dude!

Reg Geronimo : And that was the last the world ever heard of Dan (R.I.P.) edit: Hootie: Every time I look at you, I go blind... Tom: *goes blind*

Bryan Moseley : Tom. I must say there are times where you have me on the ground. This was just an hour straight insanely random AD-LIB. Good stuff.

ShoeBakka1 : I needed this.

Mark Thompson : No one has the balls to do this type of stuff on television. He makes me laugh hysterically nearly every time I watch him.

Trey Barton : Yes! Well played Sir, and welcome back :)

MDM4tay : First thing I ever bought off the internet was the 1999 VHS tape, The Best of MTV's The Tom Green Show: Also Includes the Bum Bum Song(Lonely Swedish)bonus music video.

Leave:Me:In:A:Little:Log:Cabin ? : I missed the real intro song. 🎤🎼this is the Tom Green show it’s not the Green Tom show, this is my favorite show because it is my show.... if this was your show, you’d probably like it more, but maybe that’s just because it was your show But it’s not your show It’s the Tom Green show🎬

mrmgl01 : saw this live. been looking for it ever since. thanks for putting this up.

Mr. Tim Rankin : I love it, it's just great!

Liberty or Death : Wow, senior year of high school.

dahabs123 : wow this used to be so funny. i still feel like im 16...geez im old now . wtf?

TheAmericanNomad352 : Nice one tom we all love you and happy early Christmas to you too tom wish i could give you some xrays and mri you would love to look at from your fans

reallycoolguys : I haven't seen this since it was on your website 15 or so years ago!