DISTURBED's David Draiman explains the band's cover of The Sound of Silence

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Lynette Harris : Well David a real Disturbed fan doesnt label or judge!!! I've been a fan since the second I heard "Ou-wah-ah-ah-ah"!!! Your vocal talent combined with the bands talent, EPIC!!!!!! In the beginning with your first album (which is when I fell in love with Disturbed), I would get sideways looks for liking your sound. It just didnt matter to me at all what-so-ever either!!!!! Coz I am Disturbed in the best way, I am my own person too!!! I am SO ready for the new album too!!!!!!!!!!! \m/\m/

Trudy Hill : I am 65 yrs old, never cared too much for the original, but I cannot stop listening to your version !

SN : Without this song, I would never have discovered Disturbed.

Primordial Being : Rest In Peace David Draiman Chin Rings ;-; Gone but not forgotten

Jen Vaughn : It is that quiver I get when I close my eyes, listen to his voice, and open up my soul. I can feel the raw emotions pulsate through my veins. Every time I actually have to stop and catch my breath. I can't explain how captivated I am from the power behind his tone and force! Each time I hit repeat, it feels just like the very first time it levitated my feet from the ground and grabbed my heart from my inner core. Thank you for taking a moment to recognize this strong and influential rendition of a timeless classic! jen

Tanya Poe : I am an old school Disturbed fan but I absolutely love their cover of The Sound of Silence.

Darkless4X : Disturbed is basically by far one of the greatest bands ever existed & The Sound of Silence is one of their most beautiful covers they've ever did so far. And for those who are complaining, they did NOT sell-out, they wanted to change their sound a bit different, definitely nothing wrong with that. I was pretty open-minded when Disturbed announced that their new album "Evolution" is gonna have different sounds into their music, of course it's gonna be Hard Rock & Heavy Metal still. "Are You Ready" was a brilliant song I've jammed out to numerous times than I care to count, "A Reason to Fight" was pretty good as well, to me it sounded like something you hear from a Christian Rock radio station. Both singles were amazing & I am looking forward to get the new album to be released on 10/19/18. Then again, DISTURBED RULES!! \m/

Anthony Smithey : David's voice has similarities to another of Jewish ancestory and that would be Gene Simons. He totaly nailed the sound of silence.

Andrew Meyer : Just do what you do, I've been a fan from the first time I heard Down With the Sickness, and one of the things I truly love about Distrurbed is you do this Frank Sinatra esque your way. Keep doing that, we'll respect you to being you.

May weed : Probably my favourite version of this song. I find it completely haunting. Really got me to look at Disturbed in a totally new light.

Armydude300 : Would have been great if during the video their version of the song was very quietly playing in the background.

James Dowling : Did anyone else notice he's not wearing his piercings I was wondering why I felt something was off

Lorrie Oldham : I would love to hear Pink Floyds song " MOTHER" by this band. Syd is gone but remembered on and on. Also another Simon and Garfunkel Song with "The Boxer" give it a try.

frissonic : The thing that I love about Disturbed's cover is that it actually captures the angst and depression encapsulated in S&G's original lyrics. At its core, The Sound of Silence is about people simply not paying attention to each other. We hear, but we don't, you know? We're all just waiting for *our* turn to talk ... so no one will hear us. Screaming at the top of your lungs to be recognized, and it all falls on deaf ears. And while the lyrics that Paul Simon provide are perfect for that generation, Disturbed captures the actual *mood*--dark, depressing, haunting ... depressing, and ANGRY! I've listened to thousands of covers. This ranks in my top 3 of all time.

A Cat Called Miaw : R.I.P chin ring thingys

Dutch van der Linde : Where are the hooks?!?

xDreamMonsterx : The naked chin makes me angry 😵😭

Sierra Night Tide : Thank you Mikey & Danny!

Don Avan : I'll be honest. First few times I heard it over the airwaves, I was meh, and compared it right away like I do with any other cover when it comes to classics. But after letting this version sink in for a bit, WOW!! This one's a monster shot, couldn't have hit it out of the park any further.

mehrzad khaksar : I was a Disturbed fan since nfs most wanted

Lisa : Not a fan of this track! I respect what they did with the cover!

Austin Kelman : How is it a sell out move? Because its something different then the normal Disturbed songs?

Vicki Sterling : Its beautiful

TheHeadforthehillsdi : Thank you

Spoodermanalex spoods : Disturbed is the best metal band

Sam ytdjtdmhndf : The inside story to one of the cringiest, corniest cover songs of all time. His voice is awful and sounds auto tuned. And they literally ruin the entire point of the song by making a pompous version that sounds like a worse evanescence version

Ts s : Well you got my family with this song, my husband at 54 is more into your usual style, I am more a big vocal rock ballad fan, my 17 year old daughter likes all kinds of music this brings us together!

Vineet Honkan : In this interview Draiman looks exactly like a guy who used to work out at a gym I used to go to...

Peter Toth : I never heard of Disturbed, until a few years ago someone told me to view their video. I knew well the original song, and wonder how would a metal band treat it. I cried. I still cry every single time I hear it. The beauty in the song the way they chose to cover it, can not be described, you have to feel it. Most people do feel it, which is why it brings so many to tears. That song was the doorway to the band Disturbed for me, and I would say millions of other people world wide as well.

Lord Mordecai : I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel as my parents loved them, and sound of silence was always a song that spoke to me, when i heard that they were working on this I was expecting their usual style of doing metal covers of songs like land of confusion, but then I heard it for the first time and it knocked me off my feet, by far the best cover i have ever heard and truly shows how powerful David Draiman is as a singer in more than just a metal context. Truly awesome.

John Green : David's vocals are what keeps me a fan; I don't care if he sang "Mary had a Little Lamb."

Dakota Essink : my grandma even absolutely loved this version. awesome cover David! still gives me chills every time i listen to it!

Teddy Hatcher : David I wish your my vocal teacher

Hugo Hormazabal : Mr. Wonderful, is that you?

KEITH HERBST : He looks wierd without the claws

Sean Baggen the imperial Dragon : Fukin Lame .