DISTURBED's David Draiman explains the band's cover of The Sound of Silence

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Lynette Harris : Well David a real Disturbed fan doesnt label or judge!!! I've been a fan since the second I heard "Ou-wah-ah-ah-ah"!!! Your vocal talent combined with the bands talent, EPIC!!!!!! In the beginning with your first album (which is when I fell in love with Disturbed), I would get sideways looks for liking your sound. It just didnt matter to me at all what-so-ever either!!!!! Coz I am Disturbed in the best way, I am my own person too!!! I am SO ready for the new album too!!!!!!!!!!! \m/\m/

Armydude300 : Would have been great if during the video their version of the song was very quietly playing in the background.

SN : Without this song, I would never have discovered Disturbed.

Primordial Being : Rest In Peace David Draiman Chin Rings ;-; Gone but not forgotten

Darkless4X : Disturbed is basically by far one of the greatest bands ever existed & The Sound of Silence is one of their most beautiful covers they've ever did so far. And for those who are complaining, they did NOT sell-out, they wanted to change their sound a bit different, definitely nothing wrong with that. I was pretty open-minded when Disturbed announced that their new album "Evolution" is gonna have different sounds into their music, of course it's gonna be Hard Rock & Heavy Metal still. "Are You Ready" was a brilliant song I've jammed out to numerous times than I care to count, "A Reason to Fight" was pretty good as well, to me it sounded like something you hear from a Christian Rock radio station. Both singles were amazing & I am looking forward to get the new album to be released on 10/19/18. Then again, DISTURBED RULES!! \m/

Tanya Poe : I am an old school Disturbed fan but I absolutely love their cover of The Sound of Silence.

Andrew Meyer : Just do what you do, I've been a fan from the first time I heard Down With the Sickness, and one of the things I truly love about Distrurbed is you do this Frank Sinatra esque your way. Keep doing that, we'll respect you to being you.

Jen Vaughn : It is that quiver I get when I close my eyes, listen to his voice, and open up my soul. I can feel the raw emotions pulsate through my veins. Every time I actually have to stop and catch my breath. I can't explain how captivated I am from the power behind his tone and force! Each time I hit repeat, it feels just like the very first time it levitated my feet from the ground and grabbed my heart from my inner core. Thank you for taking a moment to recognize this strong and influential rendition of a timeless classic! jen

James Dowling : Did anyone else notice he's not wearing his piercings I was wondering why I felt something was off

Austin Kelman : How is it a sell out move? Because its something different then the normal Disturbed songs?

Nut : Where are the hooks?!?

Spoodermanalex spoods : Disturbed is the best metal band

May weed : Probably my favourite version of this song. I find it completely haunting. Really got me to look at Disturbed in a totally new light.

A Cat Called Miaw : R.I.P chin ring thingys

Sierra Night Tide : Thank you Mikey & Danny!

Mary Crush : Oy Vey. This Zionist needs to saw down that hook nose