Unspoken Telepathy Gun Fight | Spaced

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Zero Ninety : This scene is the most perfect scene of any TV show ever.

Tuna1989 : I've had imaginary gun fights with my friends. But I really have to force them to join in when we do, they're always pretty unsure about joining in lol. I'm 25.

Caitlin Carrigan : Nothing tops it. Must marry a man who will enjoy a woman who also suffers this telepathy, despite not having a willy. :)

Mike Tomlins : Mike: "shall we show him Tim?Tim " Mike, I really am not in the mood..OH SHIT!"[commences telepathic gun fight]Next level COD there

Jonathan Pizarro : DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA

ben garland : The sound effect he makes when the knife goes in his head is genious.

angeltosome : Today my friend pretended to shoot a complete stranger and the guy grabbed his heart like he was hit with a bullet and fell backwards. This clip speaks the truth.

Censored Bits : I'm sad you didn't add the part where Brian says "That's never happened before. . . "

Karsh11 : Does anyone else here think that Simon Pegg can do the most epic pistol sound effects include the Vvvvvvvvt... slow-motion action draw, and Nick with his reload when before he gets shot by brian?

Santatonline : its so true men acutaly do this and it works

Jin Kazama : crazy how a mustache makes someone look older and without it makes him so much younger. The soldier outfit and raybans exacerbates it a lot too.

bEnE_94 : Bang.

86Fallowcp : Inuyashiki in a nutshell.

Katelyn Garrison : I can't believe they cut that last bit out!

SQUIZZLER24 : i love the bit where tim throws the grenade and mike says "mother fu---" in slow-motion. best bit.

LoveMeSomeSarcasm : Ka-chk..... tits!

Spavlush Alorne : UKRAINIAN FLAG7

Claire Petersen : Tim running out of ammo and reloading the gun makes it more realistic than 90% of actual action movies

Astroman9991 : 1,000,000 times better than CoD, Halo and Batlefield put together, Win!

Koehlinger90 : a friend did this to me last night. it is totally real lol he jumped up like he had a laser and was saying pew pew and jumping behind the couch. i couldnt help but play along lol

death96969 : hahaha try to work out the part that is in hot fuzz XD

KINDLE : WHY didn't they do a third series like Black Books did?

Ghost Boy : This show is amazing.

SirCraigius : I love the bit where Brian pulls the knife out of his shoe and throws it a Tim's head before Tim can shoot him XD

TheSoulMan8 : it's funny because it's true...

Xander Crease : And this is why I'm single 🤣

garyfagan123 : haha laughed my ass off at this part nick frost is a funny dude

PoweredByFlow : This two guys are the best!XD

Michael Mitchell : Greatest show ever, wish they couldve made more seasons, it's kinda too late now but the 2 seasons are brilliant

graveheart1138 : Exactly!!!

Leap Of Faith : Lol @ Daisy standing there, totally unimpressed

winchuni22 : @mimidec67 Same problem for me mate, fuck knows

Bradley Gray : This sends shivers down my spine and as a previous comment said, my life has become a warzone

Douche Bag : no he was lying on the floor in front of the sofa. Right at the very end you see his head poke up from underneath the camera.


PunkFictionProdction : LOL the sound effect at 0:22 is PERFECT!

Conor Films : Cool

NGstalagmite : the final sound effect with the knife.... its the icing on the cake XDDDD

Caitlin : I'm a girl, and I tried this with my girlfriends.. didn't work =(

James Aggas : Best. Knife to the head sound. Ever.

Alleycat Productions : I have to admit, I had never heard of Spaced before but when I saw the DVD box art and the title I thought it was a sitcom set in space

Nathan Robert Harkins : Me and my friends will sometimes just give each other this look, and it just turns into a telepathic bloodbath...

Skatinmonk : Ever since watching this scene in my house. It's become an imaginary warzone.

Micky Baeza : tdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdttddthdhdhdddddTTTHDHHHHDHH.

Mark Alldridge : Comedy genius!

NexusWulf : @icehaven3 i understood you are dead ?

MaeJuno : Basically where Tales of the Borderlands got there finger guns scenes

Nogert : at 0:22 is the sound of a ww2 rifle clips flying out

Irishyoda141 : moooother fucccckeeer