ultra instinct guy dodges a dodgeball with INSANE move

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I don't deserve subs : Why are people complaining about dragon ball super's animation quality? This is realistic af

Faker The Legend : Don't worry,he can go even further beyond!

Baby Shenron : Looks like after goku dies he takes over some bodies

PsychoWolf LovesCake : His power was over 9,000

Spartaximus : The guy that fell over in awe in the background? Definitely Vegeta... 🤣

Xerus : Morpheus: He's beginning to believe

Aymen Sahal : How to make a viral video: 1. Take someone else's cool video 2. Add a Dragon Ball reference and music 3. Get 7x more views than the original video

Exzay : Beerus: Whis Whis: Yes Beerus: He reached it hasn’t he? Whis:Yes

speedy 702 : Legend says that man got the hottest girl on the cheerleading team and had a amazing night

Gaming Moments : I need that guy on my team 😂

Specter Eye : Random Kid: "Heh, you're nothing" *Throws Ball* Mr. Ultra Instinct: "Oh am I?" *Music plays, does moves* Random Kid: "NANI?!" *Gets hit*

ThE dOoDs : what it feels to chew 5 gum

Zuzu : The next day he received a scroll under his bed and invited to a secret temple to learn the way of the ninja

Just a Youtuber : Imagine the guy catches his ball flips and takes down other opponent.

Dm Walter : Truly a God amongst us unworthy mortals

Ciel : *so this is the power of ultra instinct*

YouDon'tKnowNapitanumul? Bitch!!! : 0:36 that guy is overwhelmed by the power he begin to lost control of his body

Bryan Anderson : Piccolo:see,gohan, that's how you doge. Gohan:Mr.piccolo, he just have to doge balls, I have to dodge lasers. *Mr.piccolo looks at gohan. Mr.piccolo:DOODGE!!!! Mr.Piccolo hits gohan Gohan:AAUUUGGH

Simon Phillips : His p.e teacher better be happy about that

Awesome mewtwo dude : Go to 0.25x speed and go to 0:33 and you will see the real beauty of ultra instinct

Gawafaman ! : 0:35 *utter devastation*


GrowHaxx : And Girls Panties Fell off

Éthós : The work of the coach ends here.

Its markules : Universe 7 vs Universe 9 basically

Zani mations : *ultra instinct* *uses ssj2 aura for thumbnail* 👏👏👏👏👏

escape african monkey : When your crush is watching you play

Arkham night : When you say ultra instinct but the aura is ssj

EpicZEVEN : 0:34 his power level is OVER 9000!!

Panda Parade : Shortly after, he was knocked out

Toniyo XOXO : Can you *not* repeat it 1,000 times? Thanks.

Rowlet Inc. : That moment when you don't study for a test and get a 100

Life : This is not even my final form.

Santad Seejuntra : It's like when goku knock off kefla

Version Tale Sans : 0:16 the moves are real Edit:Holy shit is Goku real

Killerkanejr856 : Legends says he is surpassed ultra instinct

Ruben Rodriguez : GOKU IS THAT YOU :O!!!!

TheIPAD Gamer : It was so amazing that is was replayed 7 times

Sexy Pug : So this is the power of ultra instinct.

Chaitanya Singh : _God has entered the server_

NoTaKayn Main : sign up to goku real life anime

Ghost Of Sparta : Too bad his opponent caught the ball causing the UI guy to lose

little N : Someone got laid that night

Shadow : Coach... he's finally achieved it hasn't he.

Jessica aikatsu : Woah... This dude should be called Sans cuz Sans also dodges attacks until you Rage Quit Undertale and smashing you Keyboard Until you relized that you can do the Pacifist Route (;-;)

haz : This is my favourite anime.

Just a dude who likes Dbz : *_Top 10 Characters that can beat Thanos (even with the infinity gaunlet) in seconds_*

Senton Smacker : So this is the power of ultra instinct

Suman Roy : Unbelievable has he really mastered the ultra instinct