Tour de France 2015 Stage 3 crash - OGE Mechanic Cam

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Alejandro Chavez : This guy is a beast!! Wow he's 100% efficient at his job as a mechanic! I'm so impressed and inspired by him, he speaks 4 different languages in this video! So smart

Jesse Reith : The screaming of the hurt riders horrifies me

Sergii Raspopov : Big respect to this people!!! Mechanics really know the way to resolve any difficult situation!!! Bravo!

MyBestBUDDYIsAGoat [Rose] : What an insight this is to us spectators, hope everyone is alright!!! You all are so inspiring <3

Brover Hood : Is it the trailer for the new Call of Duty ?

Jason Parrish : The moaning is disturbing...

Jack Harley : For some reason this is one of my favourite vids of yours of all time. Love it (not the crash though!)

Gizem Unsal : That was so cool to watch! Well done mechanic! Hope everybody feels better soon.

Geoffrey Dapper : Even with all the chaos of team cars, mechanics and media running around- he still is polite and excuses himself for bumping into someone. OGE this is why you are hands down my one and only team to follow. Best wishes to a fast recovery to the OGE crew. Love you gents.

howard9110 : GREAT Upload guys. That is mahem!

Bike Hugger : Stage 3 crash with Mechanic Cam

santiagobenites : Is that Michael Matthews staggering around, looking a little dazed and confused, searching for his bike? Amazing that he even got back on, never mind finished the stage!

John Freeman : I haven't followed cycling in more than 15 yrs. This is incredible to watch. I think I counted 3 languages from the mechanic and a pretty decent lap time car to ride and rtn. Hope your riders heal well. Thanks for sharing.

Harri James : This mechanic is a hero, absolutely on it throughout the mayhem #OGE

Colspex : He is like a bike medic during bike WW2.

RicoH : Amazing mechanic 100% leader

Grégoire Greg : Vive Le tour de France et vive la France! Cocoricoooo!!!!

Chris Simpson : Fantastic use of French and Spanish while unde pressure as well. Shows how talented all involved in sports fan be :)

Sbflamme : You guys are impressive. Riders, mechanics, staff. These insight footages make the the race so real and unfortunately so sad as well sometimes. Thank you for sharing these images

Jack Kane Custom Bicycles : Amazing footage.  No new helmet??

roostewrum : Thanks for the video Dan. We cringe when we see a spectacular crash, but this video lays out what is really happening in the aftermath.

Toby Evans : A real eye opening insight into the professionals who work for the teams, not just the riders. Orica consistently raise the standard for communicating with the audience, this was closer to war reportage then sports coverage. Well done to all involved

Team Steam Racing : Please keep uploading videos from the tour, as bad as this event was, the on board footage is amazing!

Innis Mor : Spartacus is the man ... L3 and L4 are cracked and he gets back on his horse .... "Sorry folks, but I got to get this Yellow Jersey to the finish line, even if it is for another rider going forward."

footlappen : This man is not only a mechanic, hes a Hero! Running up and down , fixing bikes , consoling the riders, speaking 3 languages, all in a days work!

BaconBaconBaconable : I felt at any time the camera wound pan down to the right and there would be a rider with an outstretched arm screaming i.e. that scene from Saving Private Ryan

Paris Parle : On se croirait dans un putain de FPS !

Andrea Roll : very interesting insight, all pro sports should follow this examples

jhrdn : The sights and sounds are horrific.

David Genest : A true guardian angel !

Peter Pasieka : Horrible crash, just horrible. Hope everyone recovers quickly. Great video from the mechanic view. What a different perspective then seeing it from the helicopter TV view.

gérard Delautel : bon rétablissement a tout les bléssé et surtout au francais de la francaise des jeux qui est parti a l'hopital bon rétablissement a tous a bientot sur le vélo vive les cycliste du tour de france

Asgaro : RIP!

Heather Deacon : A very unique video. Thanks for posting.

timmothey : I saw the stage today, the crash was mental! Get well soon you guys. Hopefully it's not too bad.

Supa Flask : Wow this guy can run faster than most tour de France competitors.

Pan : Love seeing the important supporting staff behind the podiums! You do a great job taking care of your guys.

Masaaki Sakaura : こんなに大変だとわ知らなかった

ashleyy : I've seen this video like 15 times and I think that's Daryl like crying in pain ?

xi IMPULSE - 5000 Abonnés : Yoooo' Abonne toi a ma chaine, j'suis hyper marrant ! :D

Mark Ferguson : Thanks for doing this guys. Great insight.

Starfishrider : Good job and really interesting new aspect. 10+

Mattéo Blachère : c'est de la merde ils ne tombent même pas cette bande connards !!! 😎😎😎😎

ร้อยเอ็ดทีวี : Great job Mr. mechanic hope all team are ok soon!!!! good luck.....

Gyodofer : EXCELENTE VIDEO QUE BUEN TRABAJO, SE OCUPAN DE TODO, SERIEDAD, PROFESIONALISMO, NO HAY DESCONTROL.....lastima el golpe, espero no sean heridas graves, pero parecio excelente el trabajo de este mecanico...

Daniel Henriques Salgado : Es impresionante el vídeo. Vaya papelón tiene que los auxiliares, aunque normalmente no se les presta atención. Y los corredores desorientados y los gritos de fondo... Bufff

VALETUDO : Vaya estrés del mecánico el pobre...

Macaminator : El mecanico hablando en español? Una pena el acidente, que no sea nada y haya una pronta recuperacion.

Innis Mor : Fabian Cancellara (aka 'Spartacus'): ... (with L2 and L3 fractures from going over the handlebars at 60kph, and landing on his back) ... "Get me a new bike, quick! I've got to get this Yellow Jersey to the finish line."

Rob Hendriks : Staying that organized in such a situation.....great great respect for you all!!! Shame Simon is out..... Drama is a part.....but this Tour, luck and happines will come......absolutly. Grtz from Holland.... Rob