LED Light | Sculpture Light with Wood, Resin & LED

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Mind Made Design's - DIY : Nice made

Conrite Wing : I like the video. Great first attempt. The best way to learn is by doing. One thing you might try on something like this is a wood stabilizing resin like cactus juice. It would really help with your air bubbles problem. Just some food for thought. Keep up the good work!

Andys Holzkiste : Hello, the lamp has become fantastic. You have my respect and I take my hat off to you. Greetings from Andy from Germany

Микро Тех : Мастеру респект!! Молодец!

rhampton67 : Beautiful piece! Now on my project list. What brand of resin did you use?

Oliver Meissner : Echt klasse gemacht sieht super aus 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

The Restroom : I'll sub for a cool lamp and super watchable diy instructions, thanks for sharing :)

jason sanders : Excellent idea well done subbed to see what you get upto in future good luck

Andi Setyaki : Is the beutyfull art

HIPHOP TELETUBY world of josh : Truly amazing work subbed right away 😀

Kyle Kurek : 4:09 I wad waiting for you to fix that. Awesome video

صلاح الكندري : 👍👍👍👍

Koroba Gor : Big pour. Minimal cracking. Well done. I find vibration & a plumbers torch reduces bubbles. Did the 'glow powder' settle? Lovely effect. Wonder if it's possible to get the swirl effect u envisioned? I might let resin cook a little b4 adding it. Look 4ward 2 other projects.

JHDeery : Awesome project! How were you able to pour so much rain so quickly with minor cracking? And how does you dye it? I love this project. Thanks for sharing!

TheOski40 : great job... !!!!


Loren Nason : Great job.

Lars Turner : Nice job!

Jonny Darke : I have to say I really love the organic and modern feel to the piece, Good work!

Jb B : Very creative!  I too think LED lights are pretty cool.  I may give this an attempt next summer when its a bit warmer.  Thanks for sharing

derot Iseng : U're doing good

UCanDoIt2 : Nicely done...  Thanks for sharing!!!!

Белогоръ Ѩ : Пойдёт,хозяйка!

Sam Dowie : Nice project. Thanks for sharing 😊

BLAQJAK3 : Love it

Claudine Riduet : Sublime !!!! Magnifique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Dee : Nice job!!!

Caren Barnet : Thank you for sharing your intriguing lamp. Loves your ideas...

Juarez Castro mattar : Muito ,Bonito e nos faz lembrar da TERRA...um pedaço da TERRA!

Kimberly Young : Would love a link for the strip of lights that can be encased in resin

Shasta Kennon : You should visit woodprix website if you would like to make it by yourself I think.

Cara ` Bullock : I just want to live in your shop.... come with tools and dog.... lol .. seriously so jealous over tbe shop. Is your last name Freeman?

Bruja solitaria : Estaba muy bonito ese tronco y le diste en la madre con esos cortés

Doberman : пропилы нахуя??

Виталий Дубаносов : Hello! Ok! Ok! Оk!

Steven Fosbrook : I attempted to turn a rotten piece of wood into a cross with led lights set in. Would have been really cool but it went horribly wrong. Took a few tips of you in this video, thanks. I think we both realise now to pour in stages and/or to coat the wood so it doesn't absorb, yet to find out what I can use for this, I am going to try to brush a thin layer of epoxy on and add several layers poured into mould every 4 hours. It's really fun isn't it :)

Arif Zen : 😍😍😍

Nancy Scheneman : Just caught your view, finally a video your learned as you went ,LOVE IT !!! Lamp was great. I myself have been using reclaimed wood for most and all my wood projects. I learn as I go Sometimes works great and other times it just takes a little bit more creative. Most my work Or projects are flags but I do have two projects on hold that I made with lights into a lamps With resin, of course bubbles is why I stopped,waiting for a little bit better weather. But I am going to Check out your other videos.

Kaye Findley : This is very cool. I use a heat gun to get rid of the bubbles, and it does the trick for me, and also pour in layers, and let it set for a few hours before pouring another layer. Some people use a chef’s torch but I prefer the heat gun. I hope you will do more projects with resin, you’re lamp is lovely. New Subscriber by the way. 😉

John Collette : well done!

Amkr da Luciana Henrique Henrique : Bealtiful work.

Davi Jou : rrrrealll coool!

oooooggmm : Wow sorprendido con su trabajo. Saludos desde el Salvador. Wow so impressed with your work. From el salvador

Felix rivera gonzalez : So beautiful art, I will do it without cutting the angle saw. My respect for you! Thank you.

Stéphane Perret : Franchement, c'est très laid!! Il y avait moyens de faire bien mieux!! Une horreur!

Johnson Chong : Idea is good, but result don't seem to be great though. You probably want to add more thoughts into it before making it.

Caren Barnet : Thank you for sharing your intriguing lamp. Love your ideas... From Caren in South Australia.

Seckin Turkmen : 4.40 what did you use

Wendy Koopman : Beautiful!

mike smith : Was this your first epoxy project? Have you tried other epoxies?