LED Light | Sculpture Light with Wood, Resin & LED

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Mind Made Design's - DIY : Nice made

Andys Holzkiste : Hello, the lamp has become fantastic. You have my respect and I take my hat off to you. Greetings from Andy from Germany

The Restroom : I'll sub for a cool lamp and super watchable diy instructions, thanks for sharing :)

HIPHOP TELETUBY world of josh : Truly amazing work subbed right away 😀

jason sanders : Excellent idea well done subbed to see what you get upto in future good luck

Jb B : Very creative!  I too think LED lights are pretty cool.  I may give this an attempt next summer when its a bit warmer.  Thanks for sharing

صلاح الكندري : 👍👍👍👍

Loren Nason : Great job.

Lars Turner : Nice job!

Kyle Kurek : 4:09 I wad waiting for you to fix that. Awesome video

Andi Setyaki : Is the beutyfull art

Микро Тех : Мастеру респект!! Молодец!

TheOski40 : great job... !!!!


Jonny Darke : I have to say I really love the organic and modern feel to the piece, Good work!

Oliver Meissner : Echt klasse gemacht sieht super aus 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

rhampton67 : Beautiful piece! Now on my project list. What brand of resin did you use?

Koroba Gor : Big pour. Minimal cracking. Well done. I find vibration & a plumbers torch reduces bubbles. Did the 'glow powder' settle? Lovely effect. Wonder if it's possible to get the swirl effect u envisioned? I might let resin cook a little b4 adding it. Look 4ward 2 other projects.

JHDeery : Awesome project! How were you able to pour so much rain so quickly with minor cracking? And how does you dye it? I love this project. Thanks for sharing!

Modustrial Maker : This is really cool!

UCanDoIt2 : Nicely done...  Thanks for sharing!!!!

dibio depaint : Very nice

Davi Jou : rrrrealll coool!

Steven Fosbrook : I attempted to turn a rotten piece of wood into a cross with led lights set in. Would have been really cool but it went horribly wrong. Took a few tips of you in this video, thanks. I think we both realise now to pour in stages and/or to coat the wood so it doesn't absorb, yet to find out what I can use for this, I am going to try to brush a thin layer of epoxy on and add several layers poured into mould every 4 hours. It's really fun isn't it :)

Chestnut Ridge Workshop : That is a cool lamp!!

Stéphane Perret : Franchement, c'est très laid!! Il y avait moyens de faire bien mieux!! Une horreur!

Sam Dowie : Nice project. Thanks for sharing 😊

Doberman : пропилы нахуя??

Seckin Turkmen : 4.40 what did you use

Mike Canaris : Very cool,you need more led lights..that tube needed to go all the way up.

Arif Zen : 😍😍😍

John Collette : excellent!

dirtdiver59 : impressive work! congratulations!

Felix rivera gonzalez : So beautiful art, I will do it without cutting the angle saw. My respect for you! Thank you.

Johnson Chong : Idea is good, but result don't seem to be great though. You probably want to add more thoughts into it before making it.

Nancy Scheneman : Just caught your view, finally a video your learned as you went ,LOVE IT !!! Lamp was great. I myself have been using reclaimed wood for most and all my wood projects. I learn as I go Sometimes works great and other times it just takes a little bit more creative. Most my work Or projects are flags but I do have two projects on hold that I made with lights into a lamps With resin, of course bubbles is why I stopped,waiting for a little bit better weather. But I am going to Check out your other videos.

Caren Barnet : Thank you for sharing your intriguing lamp. Love your ideas... From Caren in South Australia.

Patrick Schultka : Well done. Nice job

Caren Barnet : Thank you for sharing your intriguing lamp. Loves your ideas...

Brandee Wright : That's awesome. great job. Would you sell it

Kyle Henry : Cool project. Did you think about drilling the hole after your resin set? Also maybe drill it almost the way thru, that should help with the light issue.

nnamdi chris ume : It has an otherworldly effect something from magic land.

Виталий Дубаносов : Hello! Ok! Ok! Оk!

Wendy Koopman : Beautiful!

Mohamed Seeker : You are a wonderful artist and I am very impressed with you, great work

fabio stesicoro : I just want to marry you!!!!! no jokes

oooooggmm : Wow sorprendido con su trabajo. Saludos desde el Salvador. Wow so impressed with your work. From el salvador

صلاح الكندري : 👏👏👍

Claudine Riduet : Sublime !!!! Magnifique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shasta Kennon : You should visit woodprix website if you would like to make it by yourself I think.