Bezos' divorce announced when Amazon is looking like the more stable of the tech companies: Tech...

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TJC1337 : I guess their marriage was past its Prime

Muhammad Sadiq : 69 billion!!!! Nice number 😂😂😂

Idiodyssey87 : If a billionaire can't keep his wife satisfied, then it makes no sense for any man to try.

Nez Ram : Man builds empire, a women destroys the man and his empire.

justshady : The soon to be richest woman in the world needs child support ?

joblo1978 : The worlds most expensive prostitute.

DANIEL AGUILAR : Hire hookers, it's so much cheaper

Brain With Limbs : The most American way for a woman to become the richest woman in American/world, from a divorce.

WINSTON SMITH : What's her phone number?

Marty Marty : her portion huh? so much “gender inequality” there. War on women? Sure sure..lmao sucks for the guy though regardless if he’s another liberal

Abby Leonard : It means even the richest man in world cant get laid from his own wife. He had to start looking elsewhere..

Tony Cooper : Another great man cut in half.

Open Mind : why aren't women marching on the street protesting condescending payment of men from divorce as if they need men's help at all, when they can open the door for themselves?

chetan : Even world's richest man can't make a women happy.

arlrmr : She drove while he wrote the Amazon Business Plan ... yep ... Sounds like a 50-50 effort. She should get $70B.

Mike Lee : Yup, another female sucking off from the genius of men. Jeff built Amazon with his brain. And that's why men will always be better.

Observer : Feminism is cancer. Perhaps only president Trump can do something to the feminist witch infested family count and save Jeff's money right now. XD

CUM2america : Men, how many times do you have to see this before you start protecting yourselves!? It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor make her sign that prenup!

Ibn Muhammad : I used to praise Bezos for his intelligence, not anymore.

Mickey Andres : Expensive piece of cheap tail bezos, not a very bright decision dude

Dominic Uri : Don't forget to add... the Bezos are leftist who fund a lot of these protest and Democratic campaigns. The Left can't even keep their house in order much less a nation.

Glory Lane : MGTOW until I Die 🧨

Goh Kee Khai : Spent too too much in work till no energy for family Top 3 wealthiest person in earth, only bill gates still marries the same lady

Deal With It : This is going to make the mgtow movement really grow. Don't marry guys. It's not worth it. No benefits for the man.

HumbledByGreatness : No wonder the number of men getting married is down. Bezos deserves this though, can't stand his laugh or his crooked eye.

Guli West : 25 years. 😢

krisskross : You enjoy spending that hun.

Amber Byrd : That dress looks awfully MAGA ready

Tabesh Khan : Is gonna do wonders for the gender pay disparity... Just sayin...

_ _ : She's getting a million dollars for each time she spread her legs. That comes out to about 50 billion dollars. That's vaginamony!

Utkarsh Anand : Why didn’t she get equity right at the start, when the company was founded, if her involvement was really that important? There must, at least, have been some conversation about it, if she was actually contributing. Simply “being there” isn’t something that proves your contribution. But, I do agree that her educational background and performance at previous jobs should not be overlooked.

Chris C : She about to cash out

teebone 21 : She is taking half lol she has been with him since before he begin. Alimony and child support she will be paid millions a month for years to come

R O : Honey you desrve 50 percent of your company.

PRODUCTION KELLER : No it shouldn’t be 50/50 cause it’s his business and he’s the one that owns it, even if she’s gone. So if anything happens to his business now all the money is gone. And she probably doesn’t even have a business so she should not be making all that money. I would tell her she gets about $70million and that’s still more then enough for life.

StopPayingUnionDues : Hey Jeff, Can I get your wife's number? She's available right?

Western V : lol she probably got her self a pool boy good for her

LexDiamonzz : She shouldnt get a penny from Bezos, complete pre-meditated divorce, he built that business himself and even if he had another woman it should not be a reason to get money from him. Money should only be awarded to a spouse for domestic violence or abuse and nothing more. Sick of how this country and its courts always screws people during divorces. We need to do away with alimony, lawsuits and other bullcrap like this. 😤

Patrick M : Now he only owns half foods

topred143 : They started the business by selling books out of their garage in Texas. She was packing boxes and carting them to the post office right by his side. In fact, they both had "day jobs" until she quit hers to work full-time on THEIR company, Amazon. They both helped pack up a uhaul trailer to move the business to Seattle. She deserves 50% of the whole thing!

Bob Taco : She DESERVES half, and monthly payments of 1 billion

jermain amburayan : Most men when they are starting from scratch, their wives support them and uplift them. when these guys become rich, their wives arent good enough for them suddenly. other women seem more attractive. why cant you men be faithful to the women who helped you.????? MacKenzie, get everything

Verne Fits : True she was in the early days but what really make Amazon skyrocket was amazon web services and that is the genious of Jeff and his sheer ruthlessness and effort. She does not deserve half the money.

maryan jelle : A woman should just take what she came with while leaving.if she came wit a knife she only takes a knife only. Am wondering with this why split a whole business

Michael Truth : Apple makes more profit than Microsoft, Google and Amazon combined.

Antione Berry : this story sounds like another case of welfare capitalism!

Antione Berry : marriage is tolerating american women's crap💩.

fairy princess or something whatever : My thought is that the B creep is going to go down for something !I don't know what? watch! All this creeps devorse before so she gets the money and the government can't touch it !!

xanthanx : MGTOW sounds most appropriate here. 😃😃😃

Don DoDat : I like the woman dressed in green legs, actually a lot 😘🥰😘